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Gatwick Drone Troll
Name: Unknown, but most likely DiggDejected (/u/DiggDejected).
Nationality: Unknown, possibly British (more likely a polack or a nigger).
Age Unknown.
Occupation Unknown, likely unemployed
Current residence Unknown
Motive Lulz, ruining Christmas, pro-Pewdiepie faggotry

The Gatwick Drone Troll is the name given to one - or perhaps multiple - rogue drone pilots and professional IRL trolls who operated at Gatwick Airport in London, UK, from the 19th to the 22nd of December, 2018. They are currently on the run. The Drone Troll(s) has/have been causing mass outrage starting on December 19, 2018, by flying multiple drones onto the airport grounds, causing the airport to close its runway for safety reasons. For two days, Gatwick Airport remained shut down, and tens of thousands of people were stuck there. Although it previously seemed likely that the Drone Trolling would cause people to miss Christmas, this seems to have been prevented, resulting in lesser lulz. The police called in the British Army to help deal with this threat, but both police and military refused to shoot down the drones as they were scared someone could be hurt by stray bullets (never stopped the British Army from busting off on Iraqi/Afghan villagers in the not too distant past but we'll let that slide).

The remains of one of the drones has since been found.

Airport Reopens[edit]

On the 21st of December, Gatwick Airport reopened in a limited capacity after the drone had not been sighted in over 12 hours, but then shut down again after the drone was sighted once more. On the 22nd of December, the airport was operating semi-normally again. The disruption had lasted 36 hours. Over 1000 flights were cancelled and 140,000 passengers were affected.

The police and military are still searching for the pilot. They arrested two suspects, but these were since released without charge.


Paul Gait (47) and Elaine Kirk (54), both drone enthusiasts, were arrested on suspicion of being the Gatwick Drone Trolls. However, they were released without charge. Despite this, the police disseminated their identities all over teh internetz, resulting in them achieving worldwide fame and much hatred. In a statement to The Guardian, they said the arrest had ruined Christmas. It is possible they may decide to end their lives. The chief of Sussex police said he felt sorry for them, but felt their arrest was justified. It is possible Gait and Kirk may sue Sussex Police for 100 million billion pounds.

Although so far the police hasn't positively identified any suspects afterwards, a Reddit incel faggot going by the name "Digg Dejected" (/u/DiggDejected and /u/Digg_Dejected, the former is his main account) has came out and claimed credit for it. He alleges that he is part of the group behind the Gatwick incident whose motive is to ouch, pumping up Pewdiepie's subscriber count.

"Digg Dejected" has been involved in numerous dramas involving so-called "mod abuse" on subreddits he controlled. Couple that with his Reddit admission you can get why he's the main suspect in our opinion.

Here's his admission in full display:

Today I and my mates had flown a few of drones at Gatwick as a prank in order to help Pewdiepie to increase his subscriber count to 80 million and fuck T-Series.

As long as 80 million is not reached we plan to do another one at Heathrow soon.

Happy Holidays!




—Digg Dejected, Source


The British public were shocked and appalled. This incident will likely result in the UK government treating drones the same way it treats knives. Right now, however, the police are in deeper shit than anyone else, as they have so far failed to find the cunt that did it, and are thus rightfully being shamed and ridiculed by the politicians. You can help by telling them to kill themselves. Yea... it's been weeks and you still haven't arrested the bastard.

Airport Sale[edit]

After a solid week of people telling them to kill themselves for being so useless at their job, the people who ran Gatwick Airport decided they wanted nothing more to do with this steaming pile of shit, and so they sold it to the French.


On the 3 January, 2019, the military withdrew from Gatwick Airport. The police are still oddly unable to find the culprit, despite a claim of responsibility being posted on Reddit in the immediate aftermath. TL;DR: They have given up. As of 27-01-2019, the stupid pigs are still clueless as to who is responsible for the incident. It can hence be considered no longer a current event and thrown into the garbage bin of history.

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Merry Christmas!

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