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Yahoo! GeoShities was a free webhosting service founded by David Bohnett and John Rezner at least 100 internets ago as Beverly Hills Internet. It had nothing to do with Beverly Hills, and everything to do with 16 year old girls, soccer moms, Your Uncle Steve and everyone who wanted a free webpage with no bandwidth or storage.
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Apple guy.gif7upspot.gifIt turned into an overly bloated crapfest within a few years.Bikini.gif Anybody, and I mean anybody could have their very own webpage yippiee yay 7upspot.gif lol which made the place slow as fuck, since everybody was crammed onto like 3 servers in somebody's basement. Some argue that it's amazing that Geoshitties lived as long as it did as it clearly was not Web 2.0 and as such was old.

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Despite all this, the company managed to go public and get stocks and everything, which made Yahoo! crap its pants cause that was their job. So they bought out Geocities, and made it even worse somehow. The price? $3.57 billion. Yes, that's Carl Sagan billion with a B.

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Cube.gifThe service was the perfect place to put your fanfic and slash and stupid shit nobody cares about... until Portal of Evil linked to it, and then it craps out every hour on the hour until Yahoo!Cube.gif got off their ass and gave you more bandwidthCdrom spins.gif. Of course, you could always buy bandwidth for your free service, which just made you fucking stupid. Th animated dancing lady.gifAnswering.gifFunstuff.gif





The sites were divided into "neighborhoods" Americanflag.gif with fun names to ease in finding content and people with similar interests. This aspect was Floppy.gif Floppy.gifretired pretty quickly, but old sites were left alone because what ice eater's websites wants to lose their precious, precious Pagerank? PC.gif Spinningearth.gif

Point.gif Area51 and Vault Underconstruction.gif

Point.gif Athens and Acropolis Enter-skull.gif

Point.gif Augusta Spinningearth.gifSpinningearth.gif

Point.gif Baja Counter.gifEmail.gifCheckmark 2.gif

Point.gif BourbonStreet2 computers.gif

Point.gif Broadway Counter.gif

Point.gif CapeCanaveral and Lab Checkmark 2.gif

Point.gif CapitolHill Counter.gif

Point.gif CollegePark and Quad

Point.gif Colosseum, Field and Loge Checkmark 2.gif

Point.gif EnchantedForest

Point.gif Eureka Windows95.gif

Point.gif Fashion Avenue

Point.gif Heartland and Plains Frames1.gif

Point.gif Hollywood and HillsCheckmark 2.gif

Point.gif HotSprings Enter-skull.gif

Point.gif MadisonAvenuePC.gifBill Gates.gifBill Gates.gifBill Gates.gif

Point.gif MotorCity

Point.gif NapaValleyFloppy.gif

Point.gif Nashville


Point.gif LeftBank

Point.gif Pentagon Checkmark 2.gif

Point.gif Petsburgh

Point.gif Picket Fence

Point.gif Pipeline Checkmark 2.gif

Point.gif RainForest 7upspot.gif

Point.gif RodeoDrive

Point.gif Research Triangle

Point.gif SiliconValley, Heights, Park, and Pines

Point.gif SoHo and Lofts

Point.gif SouthBeach and MarinaCheckmark 2.gif

Point.gif SunsetStrip, Vine, Alley, Palms, Studio and Towers

Point.gif TheTropics and Shores

Point.gif TelevisionCity PC.gif

Point.gif TimesSquare and Arcade

Point.gif Tokyo

Point.gif ViennaBill Gates.gif

Point.gif WallStreetBill Gates.gif Windows95.gif

Point.gif Wellesley2 computers.gif

Point.gif WestHollywood

Point.gif Yosemite

None of these neighborhoods lived up to their names or actual purposes.

The Comprehensive List of Proper Uses



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The End


2 computers.gif Yahoo announced on April 23, 2009 that they would finally be dealing with their three and a half billion dollar mistake. On October 26, 2009 management removed every site on Geoshities. The service has been taken off-line for good. The only people taking exception to this are niggers. Why? We don't rightly know.

And nothing of value was lost. GOODNIGHT, SWEET PRINCE.

The Geocities spirit of shitty pages covered in animated GIFs, embedded music and eye-searing color schemes lives on at thousands of profile pages on MySpace and Freewebs. AOL.gifAOL.gifApple guy.gifAOL.gifApple guy.gifAOL.gif Also, it still lives on Japan, who's suprised?

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Point.gifGeoshities Homepage

Point.gif"GeoCities Will Close Later This Year"

Point.gifMake Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 Year-Old In 1996 with Geocities-izer



Point.gifArchive today-ico.png Geocities Is Dead, Long Live Geocities

Point.gifGood rant Data packrat nerdraging over the loss of GIGABYTES OF PRECIOUS GEOCITIES CONTENT

Point.gifWebArchive is now storing tons of precious geocities content

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