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Germano on 4chan
Ma che ooooh?

Germano Mosconi is a Venetian sport journalist who worked for a crappy unknown Italian TV Channel, in 80's and 90's.

He became famous around 2005, creating a really lulzy meme in Italy: his off-the-air were uploaded by some religious guys on YouTube, where we can see all his Blasphemy.

TOW once removed and blocked Germano's page, because they were too stupid to understand that he will be the new Prophet, but at last they saw the light, repented, and decided to keep it.


  • Chissà che non mi incazzo, ahe! (Goodness knows I don't get pissed off, ahe!)
  • Porco Dio! (God pig!)
  • Dio cane! (God dog!)
  • Ma chi è chel mona che che che sbatte la porta e che chiude urlando! (Who is the asshole that shuts the door and closes it while screaming!)
  • Diocaneee! (God doooooooooog!)
  • Dioporco se venite avanti ancora vi do un pugno! (Godpig if you come closer i'll punch you!)
  • Ma che ooooh? (What the hell ooooh?)
  • Diocane! E non si riesce a capire un cazzo! (Goddog! It's not possible to understand a fuck!)
  • Vaf-fan-cu-lo-dio-porcoo! (Go-to-fuck-your-self-god-pigg!)
  • …va in mona, cortesia, simpatia, porcodio, vai in casino, vaffanculo! (…go to hell, please, funny guy, godpig, fuck off, fuck yourself!)
  • Dio schifoso can (Shitty filthy God dog)
  • Ma è possibile, portanna la madonna!? (Is it possible, bitch the Madonna!?)
  • No "nessuno", Gesu' Cristo, no "nessuno"! (Not "nobody", Jesus Christ, not "nobody"!)
  • Dio porca Madonna di Dio! (God pig Madonna of God!)
  • Dio cane, a ghe le carte con la colla attaccata! (God pig, there are sheets with glue sticked on them!)
  • Madonna di Dio Caneee! Mi tocca di rifare tutto da capooo! (Madonna of God pig! I have to do it all over again!)
  • Se trovo quello che mi ha distratto gli do un pugno che gli spacco la testa (If i find the guy who distracted me i'll punch him and break his head)
  • Anche nella nostra città, infatti, ci sono............................ *urla* DIO PORCO! (Even in our city there are......................... *yells* GOD PIG!)
  • Madonna Putana (sic)! (Bitch Madonna!)
  • Ghe mia ‘na foto, Dioboia, non torno mia indrio (That's not a photo, Godkiller, i'm not going back)
  • Ma cos’è ’sto telefono, porcodio!? (But what's ringing, Godpig!?)
  • Se non bestemmio guarda… (If i don't say any blasphemy, look…)
  • Dio cane, ag son le carte con la colla qui, che se attaccano! (Fuck god, there is a lot of paper which is sticked with glue)


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