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Puddi Puddi (also known as Giga Puddi, Giga Pudding, or just Puddi/Pudding) was a brilliant idea the internet had never seen before that was suddenly and unexpectedly stuck to 4chan's banner around November 30th, 3:40PM, 2010, replacing the "Message from Christopher Poole" banner. Right now, it could be many things. Maybe a l33t hax0r somehow hacked into a site, butthurt about a ban, and decided to troll the hell out of everyone. Maybe moot is sick of /b/'s faggotry and either decided to kill his own site or make probably the most glorious attempt at chemo for him to ever do (ironically enough, though, it just made it so it's nearly impossible to have any discussion and the only non-cancerous threads that can really be posted are straight porn dumps, which moot hates). Maybe Snacks is back, and wants to mark his return to 4chan in a glorious fashion. Most likely, however, it's just moot trolling his site as always, and he's lying back fapping at the panicking newfags.

It all started when moot put this video (now protected from embedding) on every board in 4chan to permanently stay there. Other board's reaction to it died down after a couple minutes, but /b/ moaned about it and wouldn't stop, due to their lack of originality. Since moot felt like this wasn't enough fail, he programmed /b/'s wordfilter to make every post say PUDDI repeatedly, effectively obliterating /b/.

As a response, Anon began to mercilessly raid Jewtube, posting PUDDI repeatedly and flagging the video for sexual content. After over 9000 comments were posted, the video was set to private, and the raid was over. /b/tards took refuge on the /x/ board to plan their operation and post MOAR CP. Images of the wounded in the PUDDI invasion can currently be seen throughout the board.

Collateral Damage[edit]

Forced rule is forced too.

Most other boards were affected by the chaos of the war. The Japanese Culture boards like /a/, /c/, and /po/ were mercilessly raided with porn, nudes, and cp. Valuable /c/ threads from months before were 404'd in minutes. Meanwhile the Otaku Culture board, /jp/ was suffering the all out /b/tard raid, due to the newfag's beliefs that they were somehow responsible for the chaos. Most small boards such as /ck/ and /fa/ were completely unaware of the war and its raids. /x/ was chosen to be the refuge and command center for /b/tard forces, effectively creating the /xb/ alliance and creating rule 48. /v/ was mildly raided as well, though the effects were temporary and harmless. Pretty soon, the butthurt mods from /a/ and /jp/ announced their complete hostility toward /b/tards, putting 30 day global bans into effect for any raid threads, while the nicer mods of /c/ simply deleted raid threads as soon as they were seen to avoid banning. At the moment, only /x/, /b/, and /v/ are affected by the PUDDI war.

On the same day as the Puddi Puddi outbreak, cataclysm came with it. Boards began shutting down, with the base of operations on /v/. /b/ was attacked and downed momentarily, /jp/ and /x/ had suffered huge losses too. As everyone at the command center was sitting together and holding each other tightly, they rejoiced as they watched all the boards begin to revive. They had feared for the death of their beloved website, but seeing as it was only m00t trolling them, they all rejoiced.

Actually, no one cared. Anyone using NoScript or somesuch simply blocked Youtube and resumed their normal activities. Nothing of value was lost.

While all the newfags were still scrambling round on /b/, the non-cancerous former /b/tards migrated to /x/ creating the /xb/ alliance. Rule 48 was then created. Many tits were posted, and arguments were had. It was decided if the puddi chemo was ever lifted, that /x/ would not be raided due to their non-faggot like hospitality.

Puddi Boobs![edit]

Once /b/ had adjusted to the worldfilter chaos that had taken hold of the site, rendering them unable to say anything but puddi, they realized there was only one thing they could do, and that was post nudes. A femanon posted a picture requesting puddi nudes and 4chan was ready to go. Soon enough the imageboards were full of nothing but ass, boobs, even the mythed vagoo with Puddi written all over. /b/ had finally become intolerable and so puddi covered that the puddi nudes thread relocated to /x/. While puddi may be a forced meme, who can argue with nudes?

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Source of the Madness[edit]




asshole of the internet

4chan on lj, oh and dont misss out on the pillow on head, pillow and shoe on head and shoe keyboard on head epic scenes! Can watch from start with puddi, but most starts about 1:20


My entire life has led up this point. Everything I have striven for and accomplished through

years of hard work has culminated into one beautiful night of listening to puddi for six hours straight. The walls are now melting around me and I can finally find solace in leaving this world forever.


Punch455 some cool guy

End of the PUDDI war[edit]

/b/ forces taking down the infamous PUDDI statue on December 1st.

As of 1st of December, 09:25PM (Uk time, fags) the PUDDI wordfilter was gone, leaving only the title "WHY SO PUDDI?" /b/tard forces were able to find the source of the cancer and take it down, achieving victory, and saving /b/.

In other news, some fag posted his actual address at the fucking exact moment the wordfiler disappeared, many believe this is the single reason the wordfilter lifted. One Policer of /jp/ ragequit over the faggotry and nothing of value was lost.

Now there is a schism, whereby many newfags pretending to be oldfags want Puddi brought back, thinking it a cure for the cancer when it is in fact a worse kind of cancer.

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