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PVPGurl = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Gigi or PVPGurl a parody artist who plays World of Warcraft and has been posting her work onto youtube and such since 2007. And while most of you might be asking to yourself why you should give a shit, remind yourself that you shouldn't. Gigi is proof that girls do play WoW, and that they can also be pretty damn disgusting! Gigi, despite the fact that she posts nudes, she still continues doing what she loves and continuing her music.

The Happening[edit]

Gigi, is a slut as most of you know. She posted pictures of herself naked on the Internet, 4Chan found it and trolled all her 9-year-old fan boys with it. Being the WHORE she is, she went to a friend, another Wow-rapper and said "OMGZZ THEY'RE FAKE", immediately alerting him to their presence. The friend then decided to make a video explaining exactly what happened with her photos.

The nudes[edit]

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