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Victor will do anything for coin. ANYTHING.

Gimmeabreakman (aka Gimmeaflakeman), represents the quintessential lolanus hub of every tortured weeaboo. When he is not busy showboating his disturbing love for Superman, Victor can be found: pretending to live in Japan, whoring for attention on YouTube, and fantasizing about his IRL friend Applemilk1988. Essentially, Victor is a renowned internet narc and drama whore. Some argue Victor's not that bad of a guy; which is FALSE. Victor is a duplicitous douchebag. Victor was notable for being a part-time pal of anonymous, and can be currently found bawwwwwwwwwing in his emo corner with Rickrollers googling himself and bitching. You can halp by reminding Victor that "復讐は冷まして食べるとよい料理". The guy claims to be fluent in japanese, spanish and english, skills that come to doubt considering he can't even use correct grammar or pronunciation in spanish, while claiming to be peruvian.


another unfunny photoshop by Victor. Basically Victor is the internet police.
Victor with his dog

Most of Victor's YouTube videos are either about hackers or drama. Gimmeabreakman is notable for lacking a sense of humor, and his inability to comprehend the rules of the internet. Victor claims to be a teacher as well as having a real life friendship with Applemilk1988. Victor (Gimmeabreakman) claims his entire existence on YouTube is to "promote other Youtubers" whilst at the same time providing no discernible talent or value to justify his subscription base, which is of course misleading in the first place as he was put on Youtube's signup page in early 2007 (he was also made Youtube's guest editor in March 2007). He is one of the more notable subscriptions whores on Youtube as he was was a reformed "hater," who used to attack other users (most notably Blunty3000 and Ian Crossland) purely for numbers and attention. While it remains unclear how Victor's make-believe wife feels about all of this, it is clear that, unlike Applemilk, Victor is far from even being internet famous.

Forunately enough for Victor he has several fans, such as TheFriendlyGeek. He also has a potential girlfriend, Lisa the biblegirl7.


I am an American (douche bag) living in Japan. I make videos about Japanese language & culture, my life, the YouTube community and other random stuff.


—Victor from Japan

I hope you get raped by an old man with a wrinkly penis, attacked by a hungry coyote, hit by multiple cars, and then die of blood-loss after a day of lying in the street bleeding to death with everyone watching you slowly die.


—one of Victor's fans

victor keeps plugging Trevor's site, and that gives trevor a boner. that site is sooo fail



It is always interesting to me how sure people are about their opinion regarding comedy. Jeez! There are so many different types. Beavis and Butthead, Benny Hill, Jerry Seinfeld, Rich Little, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Woody Allen... all appeal to different groups. All arguably funny!


—Gimmeabreakman on his serious lack of humor

Reaction to Wikification[edit]

Victor youtube 3.jpg


Victor's best friend ever, TheFriendlyGeek'

Did you know that:

  • Victor got religion in 2007 and stopped his "hater" act, this hasn't stopped him his machinations though, or from having flame wars with GregSolomon and Fakesagan (that ones still going).
  • Gimmeabreakman has a Superman fetish.
  • Has a rare narc account on YouTube along with several other socks he secretly spams and flags with.
  • Is one of YouTubes' biggest control freaks, his surreptitious machinations often involving mass PM'ing of other users simply because he doesn't like how they act or if they happen to disagree with him.
  • Has a lonstanding beef with Trevor Rieger and Mikeskehan
  • January of 2008, Victor was implicated for potentially hacking yourtubeadvocate and then blaming 3 other groups to gain sympathy and to position himself to become the next advocate.
  • uses various sock and anonymous accounts on the internets, such as "actionteacher" and VictorBoggio.
  • claims to have lived in Nagoya, Japan.
  • Is still butthurt about drama from 2 years ago.
  • Victor is widely believed to be able to smell cancer in dogs. This is hotly debated as no proof has ever been found of him ever successfully identifying cancer; it is theorized that Victor just has a zoo fetish and gets off to dogs based on their smell.

Victor' TL;DW clips[edit]

unfunny photoshop found on Victor' photobucket

<center>Victor usually latches on to any breaking drama to either whore views
or to make himself feel more important. (ie. see his Chanology vids)</center>

<center>Victor explains his purpose on YT admits he doesn't have one</center>

Victor on theboringdispatcher[edit]

"Victor Boggio"

Gimmeabreakman vs. Fakesagan[edit]

After Fakesagan got banned from YouTube it seems he chose continue "pownage" from afar at his new home(s) on revver (and TAA's website) and had some thoughts on Victor...

<video type="revver" id="1717280" width="420" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>

YouTube Suicide[edit]

In his latest drunk video (and sad attempt at attention whoring to get views), it seems like our favorite Peruvian is retiring. Basically, he pretended to give out his password, and "anybody who gets his account, gets it". He's really just whining about not getting enough views. For real.

Some new, has-no-subscribers-yet-is-better-looking-than-Victor dude with straight teeth is in control of the Gimmeabreakman account now. WHICH IS A FUCKING LIE, because Victor was always in control. If anybody believes this isn't a cry for attention from Victor to simply get more views... they're idiots and should an hero.

Victor's Award[edit]

Victor is a jerkoff. In fact, he's such a fucking jerkoff, that he is now the biggest jerkoff, and has thus won an award for it.


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