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Moar info: Zoe Quinn.
Already it looks and sounds like a shit comic.
Her audience is, of course, her army of LGBTQ+ orbiters.
Dear /co/,

She's YOUR problem now. If she's noisy or starts breaking things, just put her next to Diversity & Comics until she tires herself out and they both calm down. Sorry about Vertigo by the way, can't be helped I guess.

Sincerely, /v/


—/v/ giving the Zoe Quinn adoption rights to /co/.

On June 7th, 2018, DC Comics dug up the corpse of the DC Vertigo comic series and calls it a returning comeback with DC Vertigo comics containing more social justice, political correctness, diversity, and LGBTQ+ horrors. And out from a sudden smoke bomb suddenly comes out Zoe Quinn jumping into a new career as a writer to promote her already-terrible DC Vertigo comic book Goddess Mode with her new allies Spider-Gwen's Robbi "Don't Lewd My Daughter" Rodriguez, Rico Renzi, and Stjepan Sejic. This got the sudden attention of ComicsGate, /co/, Kiwi Farms, and the rest, while her journalist cuckfriends praises Zoe Quinn and her Goddess Mode comic. This forces /co/ to have adoption rights to Zoe Quinn since /v/ had enough of her bullshit and literally her mounds of bullshit. But why would Zoe Quinn want to career jump into comics for DC Comics? To play the ComicsGate victim card because her GamerGate victim card expired! Duh!

The first 32-page issue of Goddess Mode comes out December 12th, 2018, for a price of $3.99. FOR MATURE READERS ONLY! Wait until someone pirates it for free so you don't have to give her your money.

In a near future where all of humanity's needs are administered by a godlike A.I., it's one young woman's horrible job to do tech support on it. But when Cassandra finds herself violently drawn into a hidden and deadly digital world beneath our own, she discovers a group of super-powered women and horrific monsters locked in a secret war for the cheat codes to reality.


—Yeah, this is going to be shit already.

Robbi Rodriguez's Butthole Postings[edit]

Don't forget your basket gift from Frank Cho!

It happen around August 2018 where Zoe Quinn's new partner and cuckfriend Robbi Rodriguez was sperging over ComicsGate and its supporter Ethan Van Sciver, a professional comic artist much better than Robbi himself. He thought it would be a good idea to sexually harass Ethan Van Sciver and his personal army of ComicsGators by posting images of his bearded choco-starfish to them. After Ethan save a couple screencaps of Robbi posting images of his hairy asshole to him and post it for the internet to see the true colors of Robbi Rodriguez, Robbi literally purged 99.5% of his tweets on Twitter and edit his Twitter profile to be called a parody account, just to literally cover his asshole and get away with it. Unfortunately Zoe Quinn approves of Robbi Rodriguez's asshole to Ethan & ComicsGate they think as haters. For some reason DC Comics has been silent about Robbi's asshole posting, most likely not enough people got DC Comics' attention, or it's the work of Zoe Quinn's white knights and orbiters sicking anyone opposing them with DDoS to make sure they don't report it to DC Comics.

Robbi Rodriguez may have purged everything on his Twitter page to anally cover his anal tracks. But little does he know that once his asshole's saved on the internet...


Post-Comic Previews[edit]

Comic related.

(Hey, Goddess Mode could use some Rule 34 and DeviantART related fetish art)

Several preview pages of Goddess Mode is submitted on October 18th, 2018. Like the same playbook from High Guardian Spice, everything about the Goddess Mode comic is already going to be a target audience for special snowflakes, social justice warriors, LGBTQ+, and the hiveminded Tumblrinas they call mature readers. In other word, it's going to be shit with colors.

And here's a more accurate edited version of Goddess Mode for your lulzy pleasure.

Did Goddess Mode Sell Well?[edit]

With Nu-Vertigo comics dropping and canceling, Goddess Mode dropped the hardest.

Of months and months of torturous gloating, smugging, and sperging on Twitter about that shitty comic Goddess Mode coming from Zoe Quinn and the anus of Robbi Rodriguez, sale results has finally come in. And how did Goddess Mode sell?

Most Nu-Vertigo comics like Hex Wives ended up cancelled due to the comics being shit, ending up with Get Woke Go Broke. Goddess Mode on the other hand, had the lowest sales rating of a -53.55%! Congratulations Zoe Quinn! Your lazy writing and partnership with Butthole Rodriguez really paid off! Not even the LGBTQ+ drones will have enough money to pleasure your greedy lying fatass.

Twitter-favicon.png A Twitter user name Doug who works at a comic shop shows the real sales behind Goddess Mode. Like most pussies afraid of getting bullied by Zoe Quinn and her drone of allies, Doug has the big black balls to tag her Twitter username and the ComicsGate hashtag, Archive today-ico.png showing screenshots of unsold Goddess Mode comics including video footages.

Russ Pitts GamerGate Escapist Article Meltdown[edit]

PROTIP: When confronting Zoe Quinn, don't be a spineless cuckold like Russ Pitts.
My mentions are trashed, I have to get to work, I don't want to leave on such an angry note, and I'm tired of GamerGate being the thing that defines me to too many people!


—Zoe Quinn throwing her typical tantrum of attention on anything positive about GamerGate.

Around early February 2019 Russ Pitts of The Escapist wrote a neutral article about GamerGate until Zoe Quinn found out and banshee wails on Twitter for everyone to hear. After being harassed by her orbiters and confronted Zoe Quinn, without growing a pair of balls, Russ cucked out and cucked out of The Escapist with a cucked apology letter to Zoe Quinn.

Zoe Quinn Killed DC Vertigo[edit]

At least her comic can finally rest in piss with her father.

After months and months of Nu-Vertigo DC Comics failing to sell and pulling it off shelves, Zoe Quinn finally made updates linking her comic series to her dad's death while using his corpse to increase people's hate against GamerGate, but still has Issue #4 of Goddess Mode pinned. Then suddenly after her dad's death, she announces that she's "Officially done with this arc of Goddess Mode", knowing that the sales were bleak, canned, pulled out, and literally sucked ass due to her laziness like her other past careers. The multiple vaginal diarrhea diseases that is Goddess Mode, is what killed the DC Vertigo comic series and not the fact that Zoe was outed as a sex offender long before she dumped ass to create her Goddess Mode series. And what about her anally co-host Robbi Rodriguez? Last we heard he's still hiding in a hidden safe space somewhere after he submitted his asshole to Ethan Van Sciver and his followers of ComicsGate neckbeards.

But to give her credit, this is the first project since Depression Quest she saw to completion, except she just wrote some ideas down in toilet paper and let her orbiters do the heavy lifting for her. The funniest thing about Goddess Mode is, like her other past projects, expecting to claim a harassment campaign and nothing materialized. The bottom line, nobody gives a fuck. And that’s how terrible and lazy Zoe Quinn's writing is, and her 15 minutes of fame are up. People are tired of her, even the GamerGate neckbeards themselves.

Who will Zoe Quinn fuck next to career jump and suck its money dry? Tune in next time! Same Zoe time, same Zoe channel!

What do comic YouTubers think of Goddess Mode?[edit]

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