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Godfrey got banned from Twatter for being a meanie!

Twitter-favicon.png GodfreyElfwick is the unofficial spokesperson of male feminists, SJWs and the transracial people on Twitter. Describing Xirself as a "demisexual genderqueer Muslim atheist", Xe fought for their rights for many months before the Rachel Dolezal scandal brought them to the public's attention, leading to the creation of Xir Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin hashtag and articles about Xem on Yahoo, USA Today and The Mirror among others while others falsely accused Xem of being a troll.

Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin[edit]


Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin (or otherwise known as Transblackness/Transnigger) was the result of the suffering that Xe has faced as a transracial genderqueer. Xe managed to make #WrongSkin a worldwide trending topic.

Twitter-favicon.png #PregnancyForAll[edit]

See also: Mpreg

Spurred on by the success of #WrongSkin, Xe decided to focus Xir amazing ability to control Twitter on an even more important subject: Transpregnancy.


This hashtag came after Feminist Frequency rightfully complained that the new Fallout 4 mobile game has you defending defenseless women, when GamerGate retards had the idiotic idea of making the men pregnant. Of course being a complete whore, Godfrey quickly jumped on this, and coined yet a new hashtag. But like all unfunny Britfags, this is of course from an old Monty Python "joke", so Godfrey isn't even original.

BBC World Service: Star Wars[edit]

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Successful trollings[edit]

Exposed Way Back in 2014[edit]

Back in 2014, way before Godfrey was even born, the retard behind it was already trying it out, with little success. Under the name Spongypissflap, he pretended to be a black woman. It was because 4chan (so now you know why he is unfunny) created the so called Operation Lollipop where the goal was to pretend you were a SJW, and preferably a colored bitch. In an unexpected move, it turned out that at least one SJW knew to ask someone how to do a Google Reverse Image Search, and so all the 4chan retards who used the first image they found when searching for dumb black nigger fat bitch, were quickly exposed under Twitter-favicon.png #YourSlipIsShowing. And of course Godfrey was stupid enough to get caught.

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