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Golimar Man

Golimar is a lulzy Indian version of Michael Jackson's music video Thriller which consists of brilliantly made costumes, music and dancing of the like. The song originates from a movie entitled Donga which is about sandniggers. The current whereabouts of Golimar Man are unknown.


  • Fantastic acting from the Indian sub-continent.
  • An entire 3:38 of curry-munching.
  • Shit echo effects, HAHAHA Disregard That, no echo effects are present.
  • Amazing production values.
  • Lyrics that when translated properly have nothing to do with the original Thriller
  • Zombies!



You should probably learn how to dance like this as it will get you unlimited vagina at any club. GUARANTEED.

Youtube Variations[edit]

The video has over 9000 remixes including reversed, sped up and slowed down versions; it should be noted that Golimar Man fails at trying to be like Michael Jackson largely because Michael Jackson stopped being a nigger a long, long time ago.

Lyrics in English
Fart Remix
Double speed

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