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Good Guy Greg or GGG (See: Tautogram) if you are a cunt, is the name of an image macro that was posted anonymously onto Canvas by some wankstain that couldn't spell, adamantly claiming "This i good guy greg". A few captions later and a challenger had appeared against Scumbag Steve. And standing in the beautiful humming glow of his own niceness, Good Guy Greg was born.

Unfortunately this "meme" is only funny if you are severely retarded. The purpose of the macro you can probably estimate from the ingeniously imaginative name, is that he is a pretty cool guy, participating in such activities as giving you one of his beers, or letting you use his pen or some shit.

In addition, this is unfunny because he is plainly not a good guy at all. In fact, his self-satisfied smug look shows anyone who is not a complete dolt that he is not interested in being your friend at all, but rather gaining your trust so you won't notice as he sleeps with your underage sister.

Despite all this some lulz did manage to be squeezed out of this sickeningly positive unfunny macro, through the internets incredible ability to destroy all that is pure. The beginnings of which is believed to have started with the Good Guy Greg caption Heard you recently came out of the closet - lets you fuck him in the ass. The meme then span into a tornado of Greg's captions always ending with you fucking him in the ass. Not only is this a brilliant way to troll the steadily growing faggot fan-base for Greg, but it slowly makes his caring warm gaze look more and more sexually unsettling.


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Good Guy Grog[edit]

Last Thursday, paleantologists took a break from their busy schedules of growing beards, farting around stroking rocks with little paintbrushes and jizzing over the long dead, dried up old bones of diplodocuses and boring shit like that and managed to unearth fossilized evidence of Good Good Greg's prehistoric ancestor, Good Guy Grog, who is marginally more entertaining than Good Guy Greg by virtue of being a caveman, but sadly seems not yet to have evolved his modern descendant's penchant for buggery.

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