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With Jews, you lose!


—Some unfunny Britfag on Youtube who jerks his dick off to drama 4 the lulz

Our whore turned out to look more like a sandnigger.

GradeAUnderA or Rawbre (AKA Ram Karavadra), born on August 4, 1988, is an oversensitive, unfunny, cunty half-indian britfag on YouTube who has no clue what the fuck he is talking about. He is, as you might expect, a self-proclaimed comedian who is just as painfully unfunny as his idol PewDiePie. His fanbase is pretty much one single group of unintelligent idiots who also have no idea what the fuck he is talking about but still hails him as the next Messiah. He is also known for creating a ton of drama related videos, but will go apeshit insane if you call him a "Drama whore".

His Ego[edit]

When he became more of a famous Youtuber, Grade became filled with unwarranted self importance to compensate for his small indian/british cock. In 80% of his videos he complains like a bitch about who you shouldn't take seriously on Youtube and that people should donate him some money like the Jew that he his. If you even DARE to criticize his absolutely hilarious videos on, let's say, Reddit, good ol' Grade being so intelligent and all will try his best at insulting the shit out of you for giving him actual fair criticism .

GradeAUnderA Real Life.gif

Grade before, during and after every video

Proof that he is in fact a Drama whore[edit]

One fateful day, a random Youtuber called out Grade for what he really is: a Drama whore. Grade got butthurt when he saw the truthful comment and, instead of just ignoring the comment and moving the fuck on, he uploaded a screenshot on Twitter, called him "a retard" and used it later in a godawful and unfunny Youtube video were he claims that many people called him a Drama whore, DESPITE SHOWING ONLY ONE PERSON DOING SO. The video simply titled 'THE YOUTUBERS COMPLAINING ABOUT DRAMA RANT (Exposing Matthew Santoro)' also addressed a drama that just ended about a week or so, but thanks to Grade, it appears it has risen from the dead. Some viewers raged when he called Markiplier, "a complete fucking retard" (even though he is one) and made fun of his ugly dyed hair like an 8th grade leveled bully. Some of them tried to tell Grade that Mark has ADHD (like it was a good excuse), dyed his hair because of charity and for a friend who an hero'd. But little do they know that Grade will only listen to someone if they give him lots of money first.

Grade Sugar Daddy Keemstar.jpg
For example, look at what DJ KEEMSTAR did; paying Grade to become his little friend so he will never call out Keemstar's bullshit in front of millions.

Don't believe it? Then check out the Drama videos down below and see for yourself if you can spot anything being said towards Keem by Grade.

Can you find anything?

You can't.

Uh oh, someone's mad[edit]

Once you upload something to the internet, you can't delete it, right. Because someone WILL have downloaded it.


— Grade in his Nicole Arbour EXPOSED As A Liar video.

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Fantards being mad[edit]

Despite all the proof showing how much of a fucking hypocrite Grade is, there are still more than 2 million retards supporting this guy. And of course, being the fantards as they all are, they will do anything to defend their own Youtube God no matter what happens, or how many times Grade himself refers to them as "fucking losers" on his Twitch. All of them can by found in the comment section of his videos and "his" sub-reddit.

Keep in mind, this was just a small example.

So if anyone dare's to criticize the holiness that his Grade then his fans will do their absolute best at defending him by never making any valid arguments and just click the "thumbs down" button on the Youtube video or forum post:
Just look at that amount of dislikes
Even Becky Boop doesn't like him.
And so does Gilbert Gottfried's cousin.
But this guy is just reading sentences from this article. Also, dem tags.

Grade telling bullshit, again[edit]

Do you see how fucking ridiculous that is? How any random asshole can make some accusations and it can be taken so

fucking seriously that a Youtube as big as a millions subscribers has to address the issue. So do you see how the viewers can create drama all by themselves. And not just normal drama: pedophile allegations! It doesn't get much worse than that!



But for this loser to tell me that you shouldn't like someone who offered you a six-figure deal because they called someone the N-word in the past and

then falsely accused someone for being a pedophile for 3 hours. I don't give a fuck, my parents don't give a fuck, they would have taken that money in 2 seconds.


— ...Alrighty then.

Tell that fucking whore that's a mod on my fucking subreddit to link you to what I said to delete. It's not bad at all!


—Grade referring to a mod who is a 16-year-old girl known as 'Emily'. Keep in mind that this guy used to be a teacher.

Lol, I've always been a cunt!


— Grade believing this to be a good excuse for his behavior.



— Despite hating plagiarism and Donald Trump, he stole the idea of this hashtag from Doug Walker's #WTFU. And when the CEO of Youtube responded, he took all the credit for it.

Stop being so sensitive!


— Grade to his own viewers, while he fails to follow this advice himself.

I don't give a fuck what Keemstar's done or said to other people


— Grade not caring if his friend makes innocent children or old men cry.

What a loser you are chainsmokerx, seriously.


Something you'd expect a 28 year old ex-teacher to say, right?

Grade finally explains why he won't make a vid on Keemstar[edit]

Use scrollbar to see the full image

I can't get the taste of his cock out of my mouth

TL;DR - iDubbbz made his video for views, I still love sucking Keem's dick, anyone who criticizes me is a LOOSSEER™.

Wait, who is he friends with again?[edit]

...Oh that's right, a big fucking asshole.

Abuse of the YouTube Guidelines[edit]

9 Things I Hate About The Barbershop.jpg
Girly Drinks vs Manly Drinks.jpg

In another case of hypocrisy, Grade collaborated with the Prank Reviewer to 'expose' YouTubers who had been abusing misleading metadata. Unfortunately, Grade must've forgotten this abuse was what helped him be discovered in the first place, with his first wave of videos leeching off the names of larger YouTubers.

Among other things, metadata added in an attempt to game search algorithms will lead to the removal of your video and a strike against your account.


— Grade, not realizing that he deserves two strikes as well.

Breaking news, Grade now hates Keemstar[edit]

(Skip to 8:33.) So despite what everyone on the fucking planet has said about Keemstar to Grade just to prove what an asshole he really is, THIS is how Grade finally realizes that Keemstar may not be the sweet little angel he depicted him as.

Rule 34[edit]

See also[edit]

  • PewDiePie - Possibly the inspiration for his "comedy" (fun fact: not even PewDiePie likes him).
  • DJ KEEMSTAR - His butt-buddy who he give the succ because he is a gay ass burger. Now his ex-boyfriend.
  • Nicole Arbour - Grab attention by making fun of her. Ask Grade!
  • Vegan Gains - A guy he both likes and dislikes.
  • Unfunny - What he his.
  • Drama - If it were a woman, Grade would fuck it silly, and then pretend not to recognize it in public.

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