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The Great Mother was born on /x/ and is worshiped there. If you do not worship her, her moron minions will debate with you and make reasonable arguments for her worship. Alternatively you can tell them all to suck your cock.


The Original Post[edit]

The Great Mother in /i/.

Let's talk about her, /x/.

She is reviled, you find her repulsive, she is put alongside anything "creepy."

But open the picture. Yes, it is a .gif, but if you aren't a total newfag you know it isn't a screamer. Look at the grandmotherly way she tilts her head and looks at you. That isn't malice or evil in her eyes. It is concern.

You hate her because she is fat, because she is ugly, because her eyes are black. But if she is fat, it is because she is heavy with the burden of your sins and fears. If she is ugly, it is because you have refused to see her beauty. If her eyes are black, it is because they reflect the blackness of your soul and mind.

She is more than a drawing, she represents the fears you had as a child. She has taken up the dreadful duty of being a symbol of things you hate and fear. She protects you, she loves you, she wants you to be happy and so she suffers.

She belongs to all of us, she is a part of all of us.

Now open the tab with her picture, and tell her thank you.


The Aftermath[edit]

All the tripfags of /x/ read this and fapped furiously to their new nipple-lacking mother. Rule 34 was applied within two days.


The image of the great mother is in fact a drawing for the kids and tweens book "Scary stories to tell in the dark". Which is very proper considering that is how /x/ acts always all the time. There are three books, and the image is related to one of the stories, specifically the one called "The Dream" in the third book, about some chick who is told not to go to a certain town by the Great Mother in a dream, so she goes to a different town, where she meets the Great Mother in real life and then leaves the building she moved into.


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