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The cancer of humanity.

Greeny Phatom is a shitty web cartoon created by a shitty web animator "Greenyphatom2009." When it was first created back in 2008, the show entertained millions of severely autistic children on the internet hypnotized by the stupidity of the Greeny Phatom creator who's name does not deserve to be mentioned because it's too fucking complex and retarded, when these children should be watching 2girls1cup and Boku no Pico. In fact, recent studies have shown that children who have watched Greeny Phatom can no longer be able to function normally in the real world, no matter how hard you can get your children out of this Greeny Phatom state as they are often diagnosed with the "GreenyFag Virus" which is an incurable disease which infected thousands of millions watching it. The creator of Greeny Phatom also gives credit to companies like Sony Wonder and other companies that have absolutely no involvement with the show whatsoever, let alone trying to make people believe this show aired on TV in the 90s. Greeny Phatom is notorious for copying content from other shows and media, such as Blue's Clues, Shitblox and even Bananas in Pajamas.



The main character is this stupid rittle Chinese worker called Rittle Guy.
Dr. (Soviet) Beanson, the other main character.

The characters in Greeny Phatom are a bunch of mentally retarded ants who go on shitty nonsensical adventures destroying every little Americunt in the world.

  • Little Guy (voiced by Moon Man) - The self proclaimed "King of 123 Greeny Phatom". He can't speak correctly and is probably on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list after attempting to kill the president. He's a dick to everyone he meets (especially Russians), even someone who accidentally splashed water on his Butterfinger, and his favorite pastime is planning terrorist activity. Although the world around him has advanced scientifically, he's one of those 8 year old faggies who are sexually aroused by VHS tapes and logos.
  • Dr (Doctor) - A Russian music artist who's Eduard Khil songs annoy Little Guy. He has his own sing along called "Sing Along Songs with Doctor". He is Russian so if you translate what he is saying, it is a subliminal message on plans to take over the United States and kill Obama. Contrary to popular belief, he actually is a doctor (specifically a gynecologist).
  • Dr Beanson - A "10-year old" Veteran Soldier of the Soviet Russian Military who lives in his mother's basement making secret plans to take over the United States of America and bomb the New World Trade Center. His introducing quote is "Hello, I'm Dr. Beanson, the one of a kind soldier, that brings you this message." He is the Soviet mind responsible for accepting Osama bin Laden's mission and bombing the World Trade Center using his Tetris skills.
  • Dr PBS - Dr. PBS. This bastard was named after PBS. Fucking beautiful.


The admirable Sainted Sailor, property owner of Beach Park.
  • Santed Sailor - The main villain of Greeny Phatom, and the property owner of Beach Park, Santed Sailor is a sailor luring little children in the park in his desperate attempt to rape them which is why he has his own floating amusement park. He plays a role on trying to destroy everyone in 123 Greeny Phatom. It is a plaza in New York City and thus it involves not only the New World Trade Center but also the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and any other shitty buildings built by the fellow retarded Americunts. He is the best character in the Greeny Phatom Series because he is the only one who is not part of the Anti-Gree City Army.
  • Gangster Sailor - A nigger version of Santed Sailor, despite being orange like most other characters.

Other Retarded Characters[edit]

  • Greeny Luigi - Luigi's retarded autistic unknown brother.
  • Little Guy 5 AKA Robert Stainton - You might not notice, but it was voiced by the faggot creator who's mame is Robert Stainton, who is over 20 years old, has an IQ in the range of 60-75, and still lives with his parents under the absolute horror of unemployment.
  • The Double Characters - That's right. Not only is there one Little Guy, or one Dr. Beanson, but 50 other equally gay clones that appear at random. We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica think that the 4 year old who created these characters couldn't think of other names, so they just put numbers at the end of the main characters.


A list of Greeny Phatom knockoffs.

Gree City[edit]

The most underrated show to ever come into existence as well as the only good knockoff. Gree City also has the only good Mario recolors in existence.

Geo's World[edit]

A show that has been planned to be about the earth in general until the creator jerked off to yaoi hentai and decided to make it into a show about a mentally retarded ant named Geo Guy doing mentally retarded things just like in Greeny Phatom.

Punic Circle[edit]

Another shitty Greeny Phatom rip-off that nobody except for retarded Greeny Fags gives a fuck about.

Dragon Ball Z Controversy[edit]

In February 15, 2012 the retarded creator of Greeny Phatom decided to cancel his show because of Dragon Ball Z fans making fun of Jesse Geiser and he told people to stop watching Dragon Ball Z and throw away all Dragon Ball Z merchandise away and told them continue making Greeny Phatom episodes, which he should've actually told them to make more Gree City episodes.

Critical Reception[edit]

Greeny Phatom has been critically panned. On IMDB, it is the lowest rated TV series with a rating of 0.9 before it's IMDb page was deleted months later after we saw it, saying it was the worst show created on the face of the earth, as apposed to it's masterpiece Gree City which has gotten a rating of 9.9.

It's 2012 film titled Greeny Phatom: The Movie received a score of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 2/100 on Metacritic, April 2013, famous film critic Roger Ebert died from recurring cancer 2 months after watching Greeny Phatom: the Movie, his final words was "I was perfectly healthy until this really bad cancer got to me after watching this horrible abomination created by some mentally challenged..." Basically he was unable to finish his sentence. Roger Ebert also criticized the "123 Greeny Phatom" street name. This show that the creator of Greeny Phatom should make Gree City: the Movie because Gree City is the real best show to come into existence. It's quite surprising the world didn't end on December 21, 2012 because Greeny Phatom: the Movie was going to make it happen because of how bad it is. A rip-off film called GoAnimate the Movie was created a year after Greeny Phatom: the Movie which has drag and drop animation and no voice actors. Then again, neither does the Greeny Phatom movie.

Unfortunately, a movie actually exists and we've seen it. It's the worst fucking film we have ever seen in our lives and what is both surprising and horrifying is that this piece of shit has more likes than dislikes on the ratio (as of 2016, the video has gotten more dislikes than likes on the ratio, thank fucking god). If you actually sit through this whole thing and not want to kill yourself, you are immune to the Greeny Fag virus. Did the creator of Greeny Phatom create several shitty accounts to thumbs up this video or did he hypnotize some dumb niggers and jews to thumbs up the video for him? We better not ask...


Greeny Phatom Episodes[edit]

Made in a desperate attempt to be educational.
It's obvious that the Greeny Phatom creator knows nothing about the Holy Bible, so he made random shit up while writing the dialogue.

Shitty Videos Made by Greeny Fags[edit]

If Greeny Phatom had animation and some real voice acting that sounds exactly the same

Little Guy responds to fans and haters, some of these comments which he takes too literally.

The two parts that were compiled in this video were originally by TheFrostergameplays (his YouTube channel no longer exists), who managed to insert his OC into the episode.
This has a self-insert of the creator, too.

Gree City Episodes[edit]

Classic rant video on Greeny Phatom[edit]

The Greeny Fag Virus[edit]

A Day in the life of a Greeny Fag Virus Sufferer.

The Greeny Fag Virus is an incurable disease affecting children giving them a mentality of a dumbfuck child with Severe Autism/ We call them Greeny Fags because they are stupid, idiotic, and have been hating on Gree City. Stop hating on Gree City, how dare you hate on Gree City, you Greeny Fags are Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded for 8437957345793742958785347935 years go to your room right now and get fucked by a 70 year old fart hairy fat male pedophile. They try too hard to be cool by hating on stuff that are old news, Greeny Fags won't allow you hate on Greeny Phatom and they will do the following things to you if you hate on Greeny Phatom.

  • They will give you some half ass warning if you do not like Greeny Phatom.
  • They will claim that they have grounded you for an extremely long time.
  • They will make shitty reaction videos on you.
  • They will write shit about you somewhere on a website.
  • They will call of a fan of shit they Don't like (Most Notably Gree City and Boku no Pico).
  • They will block you.
  • Make half ass Consults.
  • Flag Rant Videos on Greeny Phatom.
  • Might call your opinion and Rant even if it is not a rant.
  • Make shitty propaganda Videos.
  • Make plans on bombing your house and the New World Trade Center
  • Plan on coming to your house and try to murder you.
  • Cry like a little baby
  • Commit Suicide only later to descend into hell to be raped by the all mighty Satan where he puts his giant dick up their assholes.
  • Threaten you with "scary logos"
  • Pretend like they're a giant company and attempt to sue you

How to Troll Greeny Fags[edit]

  • Make Rant videos on Greeny Phatom
  • Call these fans Greeny Fags
  • Tell then you like Gree City
  • Tell them you are asking the Greeny Phatom Creator to make more Greeny Phatom Episodes
  • Tell them you hate Greeny Phatom
  • Tell the Greeny Fags that they have Autism or some other mental disorder.
  • Tell them to watch Boku no Pico and send them a link to it and tell them it is good.
  • Tell them you like old news stuff
  • Force them to like Gree City
  • Tell them you like Dragon Ball Z
  • Tell them Greeny Phatom should be Cancelled
  • Tell the Greeny Fags that they are Grounded
  • Tell them Greeny Phatom rips off Gree City
Even Greenyfags can't take criticism like the real men they are, so they have to go out of their way to try to magically convert their haters into fans and they expect it to happen NOW.

Dumbfucks who enjoy Greeny Phatom[edit]

This is a list of stupid mentally retarded people without any brain who praise this garbage show.

Example of a fucking braindead nigger who enjoys and masturbates to Greeny Phatom.

Greeny Phatom Wiki[edit]

Might as well block this guy forever.

There exists several databases based off the retarded autistic cancer known as Greeny Phatom and their wikis are just as autistic and cancerous as the show itself. The Greeny Phatom wiki is mostly comprised of lies based on episodes, films, characters, etc; that have existed or have yet to exist.

The wiki also happened to hold a database of nearly every attack made towards the wiki dating back months before the existence of the Greeny Phatom page on Encyclopedia Dramatica; Even giving attacks names such as February Crisis, July Crisis, Great Greeny Purge, etc. However the existence of this page led to an increase of lulz inducing attacks on the Wiki including the Main Wiki's temporary demise leading to the loss of much of it's database. The Greeny Phatom wikis are slowly recovering as of right now.

The Creator of Greeny Phatom[edit]

The creator is also a pedophile, like his friends

The Creator of Greeny Phatom is a retarded autistic Canadian who fucked his father when he was 3 years old and has been watching gay porn when he was 5 years old. At school, he was mercilessly bullied a lot for his gay behavior and was planning to jump off the Ambassador Bridge until he discovered YouTube, Speakonia and Microsoft Paint to make shitty GP videos. He frequently jerks off to baby shows, like Barney and Friends, and has a diaper fetish just like Onideus Mad Hatter. He was even banned from Cedar Point and Canadia's Wonderland for apparently fucking people in the bathrooms and running around naked.

(In reality, this guy is a fucking 20+ year old Americunt with a single digit IQ who lives with his parents.)

Here are some pictures of his life:

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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