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Greg's proud badge of unwarranted self importance
Greg Solomon is an internet tough guy
Greg Solomon's also doubles as a portable jew gasser

Greg Solomon is a long-winded internet jackass-of-all-trades, and the christpunching arch-enemy of Renetto. Thinner, yet just as boring, Greg Solomon continues to vie for Renetto's coveted spot as the 10th biggest asspie on YouTube. Armed with a fake pair of Oakley's, a hat to cover his bald head, and the obnoxious habit of speaking of himself in the third person, he sets out to topple Lex Luthor for the Championship Belt of the WWF. Some argue that Mr. Solomon currently owes Renetto a grand and his precious video camera. Greg, is also a paramourator of the black cock. Greg solomon is known to strangle kittens when not on YouTube, and it notable for taking theredskull seriously.

Greg Solomon, Internet Lawyer[edit]

One of Greg Solomon's first YouTube adventures was reaching into Zenarcher's ass and ripping out his spleen. Zenarcher had posted a video about copyright law, copyright infringement, and how he was well within his rights to post videos on YouTube from his mother's basement. Greg Solomon went apeshit, and immediately broke into a double suplex of verbosity that would make even Matlock soil his Depends.

Enemies of Greg Solomon[edit]

In his relatively short YouTube career, Greg Solomon has managed to piss off 89.37% of all YouTube users. Here is a small sample of people who currently hate Greg Solomon:

The Renetto/Solomon Wars[edit]

i gots an ace beeyatch!!!!
It's rumored that Greg Solomon is a card carrying member of the Pink Pistols

Renetto apparently started this drama by making a video called Let's Play Some Poker, where he gave the finger to everyone and claimed that he had some inside connection to Youtube execs Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, ala Argent009-style. Renetto eluded that he would pay out $100.00 to anyone that could prove him wrong. After several responses ensued, Renetto made another video where his "proof" turned out to be some crap that he had written on his hands. Like hookers and blow, Greg Solomon takes his poker very seriously, and this really chapped Greg Solomon's nuts. Of course, lengthy video diatribes ensued.

In the end, Renetto produced the emails from Mary Rose and Steve Chen, instantaneously knocking Greg Solomon's dick in the dirt, and rendering him one of the biggest lolcows in YouTube history. Strangely though, these emails stated how YouTube was "watching and caring about what went on in 'the community'", but apparently they didn't care enough about this crap to speak for themselves.

Greg Solomon Lurks in Stickam

Not content with just pissing off thousands of people, Renetto further aggravated the situation by making some statement about blowing something up on a plane, giving clear indication that Renetto did WTC. One of Renetto's viewers demanded an apology from him. Drunk on his own internet celebrity, instead of an apology, he offered yet another smarmy video. Unsatisfied with just one battle, Renetto called out Greg Solomon again, re-invigorating one of the biggest YouTube pee-pee sword fights of 2006.

When Renetto issued his "Flag me, I dare you" challenge, Greg Solomon through down the gauntlet. He issued the "Spam me, I dare you" challenge, while also threatening to bone Renetto's wife in the ass and pour Cillit bang into her gaping bunghole. A series of tl;dw videos ensued, ultimately ending with Renetto pussing out and making some half-assed apology. Follow along with epic battle here:


  • The Renetto/Solomon Wars also involved none other than, theredskull!

Finishing Moves[edit]

Greg Solomon has a number of secret finishing moves. You can unlock them by pushing his buttons in the correct sequences. Here is a partial list of known finishing moves and how to unlock them:

  • Cowboy hat + no shirt + talking about shit you know nothing about unlocks "Get a job ! ! !"
  • Talking to people in a condescending manner + writing "the truth" on your hands unlocks "Paint your house ! ! !"
  • Making a bet with Greg Solomon + Winning a bet with Greg Solomon unlocks "Tomfoolery ! ! !"
Solomon finishing move.jpg

Greg Solomon on Greg Solomon[edit]

Not content with just being rumored as delusional, Greg Solomon has made a video to prove it:

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