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Guess The Meme (or phrase) is a 2007 /b/ meme -or rather, a game- that is playing to standing-room only crowds of /b/tards who only recently finished fasting for the holy month of Loladan, hungry and thirsty for original content.

The Game[edit]

Like the old school Rainier bottle cap games, this 'meme' is played when OP (and subsequent posters) posts an image collage or rebus that constitute clues for the peanut gallery to try and guess the meme.

OP posts. The peanut gallery respond.
The correct answer is -of course- Gary MOTHERFUCKING Oak.

Easy Amirite?[edit]

This is not quite as simple as it sounds, because posts will sometimes be cunning stunts that don't exactly 'spell-out' the meme or saying in question, but generally allude to the riddle's answer.

This is a /b/tardisation of an traditional /b/ catchphrase "posting in an epic thread". The correct answer is "Toasting in an epic bread".


Howevar, this game is at its most hilarious when the peanut gallery is not only too stupid to guess the meme but posts some ridiculous bullshit answer anyway. Further lulz are to be had by not trying to play the game at all within the spirit of the thing, but 'guessing' the answers in a literal fashion. In this example, the picture of a ewe, the cast of TV's Lost and the rapper The Game obviously depicts the meme 'you lost the game.'

Of course, because it's /b/, a wag from the peanut gallery decides it will be lulzier to post literally. Thus, within the clues of the collage, Mr. Peanut sees it as it is and responds with the infinitely moar lulzy "sheep", "fags" and "nigra". And whilst some might respond with that hoary old /b/ comeback, "this is why we can't have nice things," the wag in question has actually won The Game, since The Game 'meme' is part of the cancer that is killing /b/.

So cheers to you Mr. Peanut.

OP and The Peanut Gallery[edit]

You are doing it wrong[edit]

Lulz can also be had when a poster gives away the answer in his post's image's caption. Here, one only need look at the poster's caption -RapThorGZeus copy.gif- to solve the riddle and flame OP for being a faggot.

Stop posting answers-post.png

Trolling For Memage[edit]

Further lulz can be had when someone posts a completely random collage that means nothing at all.

/me doffs hat!


A loser is you

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