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Wouldn't be surprised if that guy with the gun is a kike.
Typical gun control fanboys. Actually Barrack Jewssein Mohammed is against gun control. Nice try though. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS

Crackers on average have the best gun control skills. Azns, however are quickly catching up. Niggers and spics have virtually no gun control skills at all, because they hold the fucking gun sideways. They use the quantity not quality principle, expending copious amounts of ammunition while shooting down everyone but their intended target before finally just beating him to death. Pwning in Halo does not mean you have good gun control skillz, that's a tiny little joystick you're using for the game.


Moar like gun conTROLL.

Cause of Gun Control

Gun control (or "guh control" if you're a nigger) is the act of restricting guns to only one type of person. Such as in the instance of the Virginia Tech massacre, gun control is used as a scapegoat issue. If you own a gun, it will kill your children, even if you go to church. Keeping guns away from your family will solve all your problems.

After an hero named Adam Lanza released all the RAAAAGGGGEEE he had inside by successfully causing a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 puny little first-graders, 7 staff members, his mom and himself, it created a lulz-ticking bomb upon Americunt and made the entire nation BAWWWWW as well as making Black Jesus deciding to try establishing gun control as his butthurt reaction. Apparently, Black Jesus thought that making guns illegal would make crime stop and was too fucking brain-raped to remember the 2nd amendment. Then when many people brought it up he's still trying too hard to establish gun control by making guns only for the Jews. Before this ever happened, gun control was just a hole in your ass.

What Occurs in Gun Rampages

The police have come just in time with the guns you wish you had before you were raped.
His allowance ran out, so he shoots oiled boxes in the park.
The seeds of gun control

During Rampage


I don't care if Adam was seeing demons everyday! He murdered children. Babies. I'm a father. I've battled depression. I've been through some tough times. I've never hurt a child. Adam was a monster. When a grown man rapes a little child, do we say "Oh he's battling Demons. That poor man"? No, we say lock him up for life! Do you think someone who's sane murders children. Do you think someone who's sane murders anyone? NO!! I stand behind this page. I hope that piece of shit is in HELL. When Jesus Died, he didn't Die for Adam Lanza.


—A typical response to a shooting rampage. This apparently came from asshurt Christfag who made an extremely butthurt page after the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre [1]

Right Now

Right now, everyone is against Obama's fascist law and since they all can't buy guns since they don't have enough money unlike the kikes so therefore now the new war to toss a huge bitch-fit is by starting massacres and killings. We'd like to thank Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Akein Scott, Brian Oliver and others for their support!

Who Supports Gun Control?

Gun banned.jpg

Who Owns Guns?


Other Things to Do Than Shooting

  • Stabbing
  • Stealing a military tank and attacking the city
  • Running people over in a car with really fast driving to the max
  • Baseball bat abuse
  • Cutting one's nipples off
  • Castration
  • Move to a different country
  • Become a Jew
  • Tossing stuff like vehicles at people (unless you're too much of a fuckin' wimp and you can't lift something with really small weight)
  • Grenades
  • Bombs As of April 15th 2013, it won't work due to the Boston TNT Party.
  • Suicide

Examples of Who to Give This Advice to

Examples of Who Doesn't Need This Advice

Era of Gun Control

1790's-1820's French Revolutionists, Britfags, and all armies
1910's Germans who abused it and pwnt Americunts by fucking up their Lusitania
1920's Flappers Fappers, niggerz playing jazz
1930's Rednecks, all crackers, KKK
1940's Nazis, Japs, Britfags, Americunts, Franklin Roosevelt, French
1950's Beatniks, John F. Kennedy, crackers, Freedom Riders
1960's Hippies, Martin Luther King Junior, niggerz
1970's Disco, classic rock hipsters, punx
1980's New Romantics, glamfags
1990's Grunge, wiggers, nu metal kids, sand niggers (which caused 9/11), metalheads
2000's Anyone who isn't a sand nigger or Muslim
Since December 14th 2012 JEWS ONLY!!!!

Conspiracy Theories

Like any event with high casualties, the basement-dwellers came out droves after to spout several conspiracy theories after the shooting. Most of these conspiracy theories were spawned due to inconsistencies in the intial reports, and some of these fucktards believe that the entire event was staged in order to strengthen stronger gun control laws.

Several videos popped up on YouTube picking apart every bit of the "official story" so the video makers could put in their own asinine theories. Some people believe that the parents of the children are all "crisis actors" because they apparently didn't cry hard enough when they were on the news, and one of the parents even laughed before an interview! Therefore they are all actors and the children may never have existed at all! Which would quite literally mean the ENTIRE town, with a population of over 27,000, would have to be in on the cover-up. Other theories include that there was more than one shooter, and that there is no way an autistic guy could shoot 26 people and leave no survivors. What the theorists fail to realize is that Adam Lanza was molded to be a killing machine by his bitch mother who took him target shooting throughout his entire childhood, and that every person Adam Lanza shot, he shot multiple times. Also, there were 2 people who were injured in the shooting.

Theorists who question the children even existing do so because no official shots of the dead children for them to jack off to were released to the general public. Some believe one of the girls who was "supposedly shot" was seen sitting on the lap of Barack Obama a few days later. It actually turned out to be her sister. Because if the president was trying to create a big government cover-up, the 1st thing he'd do would be to flaunt the supposedly dead children in front of the public.

The theorists behind the conspiracies call themselves "Operation: Terror", and most of them are also the totally reasonable people behind the 9/11 and Oklahoma Bombing conspiracies. If you believe these theories, you should take advice from Adam Lanza and an hero immediately. If you come across any of these nutjobs, do not try to reason with them, because they do not have the mental compacity to comprehend facts. They are people who automatically think inconsistency means conspiracy, and will find holes anywhere they can, and actually believe their YouTube videos mean something. It's best to leave these people alone in their basements so they can plan out how they're going to stop the government from taking their guns.

There are also theories that the Jews did it, but they're better at flying planes into buildings, so that's less likely this time.


Tossing guns away will give you protection! Watch the Family Guy clip that will explain.
The real definition on the 2nd amendment
Guns are safe!
Don't listen to Michael Moore; this is straight dope.
Black Jesus makes a speech
Sure it might have a few guns, but also some other stuff you can do for fun besides shooting!
Black Jesus declares war

Gun ConTROLL: How to Troll Supporters of Gun Control

How gun control advocates react to real statistics

Main Seeds

These are the main seeds of gun control since the massacre in Newtown, all mentioned in Black Jesus' speech about the massacre in Newtown. All four of these combined increased his tiny ass brain and made him think of a clever drama-generating technique.

Clackamas Town Center Shooting

Ten days before December 21, 2012, a BR00T4L-looking guy with ear gauges named Jacob Tyler Roberts came into a mall full of Jews who'd later go rob the bank in it and fatally pwnt two adults and severely pwnt one, but didn't kill them which led to quite a low score; Two people killed. Despite he was probably on level 1 in his IRL game, it got all over the news and many people were offended by the controversial IRL game the Roberts made up. After killing two people and not being able to score a game that was too fucking hard, he fatally shot himself and became an hero who will be remembered for being some of the brave contributors to this legendary videogame.

Colorado Theatre Shooting

Moar info: Colorado Theatre Shooting.

In July 2012, when a bunch of couch potatoes went to watch a movie called "Dark Knight Rises", James Holmes fatally pwnt bunches of people with his gun and injured about 58 people. Then he got arrested and now they will be seeking the death penalty as the court are apparently intolerant fags who are too much of a fucking pussy to tolerate mentally ill people like Holmes.

After the epic massacre, some cracker girl who apparently liked metal/punk bands like Job for a Cowboy and The Exploited was apparently extremely butthurt since she got unlucky and couldn't join in the fun IRL shooting game said she wanted Holmes to get the most painful, slowest death and she wanted to see it occur so she can watch him suffer SOFFFAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Sandy Hook

Moar info: Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre.

One day, on December 14th 2012, an hero named Adam Lanza made his own fun M-rated videogame of shooting. The IRL game took place at his elementary school called Sandy Hook. After killing his mom, possibly cause she couldn't understand him, deleted his Taylor Swift porn, etc he then went to Sandy Hook Elementary School and made a successful score of 26 homicidal deaths. As the pigs rolled up and were gonna arrest him, he had only one more he could kill: himself. So he shot himself and became an hero remembered for his bravery to play a dangerous game.

Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

In August 2012, a skinhead came over to a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and genocidally shot a bunch of redskins who hid their long ass hair in some weird hat with a ball sticking out on top because they're in a religion where hair is scared of scissors. When the pigs came up, the skinhead later shot himself.

Gallery Control

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