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So much for AIDS medication suppressing her appetite

HIVchick (Powerword: Janine Brignola) is a white trash woman in her late 20s that posts videos on Youtube to garner attention and sympathy from complete strangers over her battle against HIV. After nearly a decade of sleeping around with guys without protection, she finally caught HIV from an abusive thug in Florida who knew he was infected with HIV. Janine, in a fit of righteousness, made a video condemning her thug ex-bf for knowingly exposing her to HIV and infecting her. Absent from her videos is any admission that her own irresponsible behavior might be the ultimate cause of her HIV infection. Of course, modesty, honesty, realism and the acceptance of criticism are also absent from her videos, but this story gets much, much better my friends...


The "Thug from Florida" who infected her

Janine has admitted in a couple of her videos that she continues to sleep around with other people, knowing that she could spread HIV to any of her numerous sex partners. Having been infected with HIV by a man who engaged in this same type of irresponsible behavior, she finds nothing hypocritical in condemning him while continuing to engage in exactly the same type of behavior herself. When criticized for putting other people in danger of the torturous, deadly illness known as HIV/AIDS, she explodes in a fit of self-righteousness, refusing to even admit that she might ruin many, many lives by spreading HIV.

In fact, anyone who even pleads with Janine for her to stop endangering society is met with furious criticisms of "bigotry" (as she is self-deluded enough to believe that it is morally acceptable to fuck other people when you have HIV - well, if your name is Janine) and being banned from her shit stain of a channel.


Janine claims to be part of the Occupy Omaha movement, and also claims to be doing an incredible amount of good for the world through some unspecified means. Blah blah blah, we all know this is a load of horse shit, since nobody who sleeps around knowing they have HIV would have enough of a conscience to do anything, ever, to help anyone else.

Even more incredibly, Janine is an outspoken activist for HIV positive people, claiming she wants to help those who suffer from the disease. While simultaneously sleeping around, sometimes without protection, and putting other people at risk of getting HIV. Because there's nothing contradictory or hypocritical about this. At all.

I didn't ask for HIV, shit happened. I had sex without a condom...


— Janine failing to take responsibility for her actions, as usual

Considering Going Off Meds

Recently, Janine has stuck her head so far up her own fat ass that she is beginning to have doubts that taking her HIV meds is a worthwhile endeavor. She has already experimented with going off her meds...and her viral load (number of viruses per milliliter of blood) jumped from 700 to 34,000. Being rightfully frightened about this, instead of blaming her failure to adhere to her medication regimen, she instead is wondering whether the medication is hampering her body's ability to naturally fight off the virus. Of course, since 99.9% of people who have HIV *cannot* fight off the virus on their own, we can safely say this is just another self-delusional trip of Janine's, and a plan to attract even moar attention on Youtube.

Oh, one more thing: people with HIV who do not take meds are 20 times as infectious as those who adhere to a medication regimen. And Janine has been fucking people, sometimes without protection...what a winner.

The End To This Beautiful Saga

There is no end as of yet. Janine continues to (literally) flood the world with her AIDS and fail while attempting to care for her son (that's right, she reproduced!). However, you can help by reporting her to the Federal authorities for her HIV-infected promiscuity (yes, having sex is considered to be assault if you're HIV-positive and your partner is HIV-negative). Then, if you can, be sure to show up at trial and take pictures of the proceedings for the lulz.

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