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The man himself

This is an epic saga of a young, 15-year-old boy named Sean Twist who posted on the Totse forums as 'HTS-Noob' discovering his anus with an everyday highlighter. Eventually he had to go to the hospital to get it removed, on the bill of Canada's free healthcare. This is his story...

Alright, There's a Highlighter Stuck in My Ass


LOL TOTSE WAT DO I DO? About missing Pics

The Operation


HTS-Noob is now a local celebrity on totse ever since the illustrious 'highlighter incident'. (LOLOL teh drugz were worth it - Typical totse behavior.)

HTS-Noob vs. Chunt

Last Thursday totse user chunt decided he didn't like HTS-Noob, and since they lived near each other decided he wanted to start a fight. Everyone in Spurious Generalities predicted failure, and what happened wasn't far from the truth. What really happened? Cunt and 4 other totseans showed up first, then HTS-Noob showed up completely fucked up on DXM and the cunt experienced troll's remorse. He didn't want to beat him up, so they all decided to hang out on the beach. Later they went to a bar (although HTS is underage) where they all got drunk enough to think some barfly was Jeff Hunter.

Noob vs Chunt About missing Pics

HTS-Noob gets a sex change

After the epic saga of the highlighter incident, HTS decided to try to conceal his identity in the same way that HandOfZek did... He became female! Well he at least tried.

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