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Back in the old days, Halloween costumes used to look like this. Genuinely fucking creepy.
However, the elderly are reviving the old traditions of genuine fucking creepy

Halloween (or RAZOR APPLE DAY if you're from North East Ohio) is that special time of year we remember the birth of Satan. Due to its demonic origins, people, especially children are more likely to be killed on this night than at any other time of the year. Because of this there are many urban legends surrounding Halloween intending to make it even more scary, such as poisoned candy, satanic murders and mannequins which turn out to be genuine corpses. Except these are not stories - they are true.

For anyone not under the age of 16 Halloween is a time to revel in extensive debauchery. It is highly encouraged you get absolutely shitfaced, wear next to nothing, and vomit on hot sluts. Since you're an adult now you can buy as much fucking candy as you want instead of begging from strangers. Some argue the point of halloween is to hand out candy to children but what have those little shits done for you lately? If a gaggle of annoyingly small awkward teenagers should appear at your door put the fear of god into them. This is a completely acceptable practice as the taunt "Trick or Treat" implies you should trick them. If you treat them they'll just keep coming back to your house so avoid handing out free stuff at all costs. Alternatively you can adopt both approaches. Since brain dead parents are absolutely okay with frightening their children so long as you speed their inevitable descent into early onset diabetes take full advantage of the circumstances.

Should you become a dusty old NORP instead of crashing your vehicle into a tree in a drug induced haze following a 4 day cocaine binge you are obligated to decorate your home for the amusement of your neighbors. This is your punishment for being selfish.


Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for most children - combining the candy from Easter with the undeserved presents from Christmas. Responsible adults should always be safe on Halloween while making sure the children have fun:

  • Wait until nightfall
  • Dress them up so nobody will recognize them
  • Force them to walk around in a sea of children no one is supervising
  • Travel to a stranger's house
  • Allow the children to ask them for candy
  • Threaten to vandalize their homes if they don't
  • The creepier the house and its occupants look - the better
  • Amp them up with sugar
  • Devil's night, watch 'em empty houses go ablaze.


It is common for children in the 6-10 year-old demographic to dress up for Halloween, usually as ghosts, demons, witches, ghouls, vampires and other similar things. However, costumes which have literally fuck-all to do with Halloween such as pirates and fairies are unfortunately common. This is one of the easier ways to spot a concerned mother.

Weaboos and other types of virgins like to take advantage of the holiday to dress up as their favorite game or animu star which helps them to cope with their own unfulfilled desires of being unable get their parents to drive them to conventions so they can roleplay with other game and animu fags.

One of the few times no one complains about furries is on Halloween

Furries & Otherkin

Traditionally Halloween is the time of year evil spirits and monsters rise up from damnation to walk among the living - such is the case with furries and otherkin. Because Halloween is the one time of year normal people dress up as werewolves, demons and vampires it is easy for the usual sick fucks to rise up from their underground lair to pretend they are normal. Adult babies have also been known to turn up at this time of year. Although they may look the same as others, they will still act their same faggy way, so pay close attention.

Most worryingly alcohol is often served at Halloween parties and stolen by stoned teenagers. If you become intoxicated at this dangerous time of year it is easy to become an unwitting victim in a yiff pile.

Women Most Notably The College Girl


If you have a decent body the whole goal is for you to find the smallest, tightest costume you can fit into that can be removed and put back on you easily, if you're lucky you wont need to know why or remember it. While at the Halloween party remember to do your damdest to look like a whore, act like a whore, drink like a whore and pass out between 60 to 90 minutes into the party after 6 or 7 drinks because this is the first time you've been to a party and the first time you've ever drank alcohol in your life. Go on. YOLO. Btw, remember to stick to sweet drinks, that way you won't taste the saltiness of the GHB. It's your College Years, go out - have fun and remember the Frat Boy code, it's easier for her to bury the truth when she has no memory of it.
Hopefully you're good and drunk so that you wont wake up when you get dragged to the basement, or an out of sight room, making this a night to remember for some nerd and all his friends on Twitter when he entertains them with a live feed. For the next 4 years everyone will know about that heart shaped mole you have just above your vagina.
Word of advice, stock up on The Morning After Pill and revel in your new found infamy. You're a slut now. When you graduate with your degree in English Literature, you can use this experiance to explain why you are a Lesbian in End-Rhyme poetry that tells how the rug burns on your back, from being dragged, hurt more than your vagina the day after losing your virginity.
Go ahead, cut his balls off metaphorically. Revel knowing that he might read this when you suggest that you were secretly awake as you let the ink fly informing the literary world, all 3 of your family members, that he failed himself as a man and you as a woman. Before you end, don't forget the call to your Lesbian sisters to castrate their sons and brothers to finally cure this male insanity.
Look at that. Just like a Harold Robbins novel. One Halloween spent as a slut and your whole life is mapped out for you.

Gallery Of Slutty Halloween Costumes About missing Pics
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The ED Do It Yourself Costume Guide

    • The David Carradine You will need a plastic bag, duck tape and Vaseline.

Take the plastic bag and put it over your head. Using the duck tape, make a tight seal around your neck, and using the Vaseline, quickly start playing with your dick until you pass out and die.

    • The Human Torch You will need oily rags and a lighter

Take the oily rags and pin them to your clothes. Use lighter to set self on fire. If you're black, start running down the street and this instantly becomes the Richard Pryor If you're black and playing Richard Pryor,Lucky You because your goal is to get life flighted to a burn unit. If you're white or playing the Human Torch, you must run into a highly combustible building like a paper factory and cause it to burn down.

Paint your skin black using the shoe polish. Go outside and scream, "Fuck You Pig," to a cop. Get shot.

    • The Suburban White Man You will need movie quality caucasian face paints, makeup and a wig.

As a black man take caucasian paints and make up to paint yourself to look white, dont forget your wig. Watch your credit score jump to 700. Even better, walk into a bank carrying a brief case an go crazy with how many loans you are offered.

    • The Timothy Leary You will need a 1/4 Kilo of Weed. A 1960s Beatles Style Jacket with a Chinese collar. Vintage jeans.

Dress yourself up in the classic clothes. Smoke dope until you're good and stoned then file a lawsuit against the U.S. Government to legalize drugs.

Get a job at Marvel Comics. Bring diversity to comics. When their sales shitcan, blame the readers for being closed minded idiots.

    • The Male Porn Actor You will need a bag of nuts and glue

Break up all the nuts you can and then glue these busted nuts to your face and back. Voila, you just finished filming a gay porn. Really committ to your costume by only wearing a bananna hammock. You're allowed to stuff it, it is Halloween.

    • The An Hero You will need a gun or another suitable weapon.

Wait for the middle hours of candy begging when the most kids are out. Go batshit crazy and start killing kids. Try to get the high-score. Just before the police close in on you, kill yourself. If you're really planning on this costume, how about you forget about the kids, pin a note to your chest that says, "I'm an Halloween an hero," and kill yourself while sitting in a lawn chair, on your porch, with a bowl of candy in your lap.

Race Costume Gallery

Lol, Minorities About missing Pics
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Another Halloween tradition is the viewing of horror films. The horror genre is perfect for this holiday, for it tends to usually revolve around the same subject matter, as well as being just as tasteless. Christian pussies tend to shy away from such films, and have even gone as far as to say that they'll become demonically possessed if they watch them.

Poisoned Candy

Not all candy is poisoned. Some of it is just full of hidden razorblades.
Ever wonder why pixie sticks are so addictive?

Aside from pretending to be a witch or vampire (which is only acceptable for kids under 14) the main treat on Halloween is candy, even after being told for the rest of the year it's wrong to take sweets from strangers.

Some argue stories of poisoned candy are just urban legends to make Halloween seem more scary. This is a lie. During the 1970s many children died from eating home-made sweets laced with drugs or poison - including 5-year-old Kevin Tostan who ate candy containing heroin. Luckily vigilant parents are able to spot these dangerous sweets as they all bear a distinctive blue star. If you receive an e-mail about such sweets pass them on as quickly as possible.

Timothy O'Brian

In 1974 8-year-old Timothy O'Brian died after eating a Halloween sweet laced with cyanide. His father claimed he received the treat from a house in Texas - but when police investigated the house, it turned out to be abandoned. It also turned out the boy's father had taken out $20,000 life insurance policy on his son and had attempted to poison him and was due to be executed on Halloween 1982.


Damn those Christians for screwing with our religion.


Halloween. That was the eve of Samhain ... firstborn children were sacrificed ... Samhain eve was a night of dread and danger.


—National Geographic (1977).

Therefore we cannot too highly appreciate our debt to the Romans for having put an end to this monstrous cult, whereby to murder a man was an act of the greatest devoutness, and to eat his flesh most beneficial.


—Pliny Natural History.

Since they are man-eaters as well as heavy eaters, and since, further, they count it an honorable thing, when their fathers die, to devour them, and openly to have intercourse, not only with the other women, but also with their mothers and sisters.


—Strabo Geography.

A few hundred years ago Pagans would celebrate the end of summer by honoring the dead - mainly by adding a few more dead people. Human sacrifice was the main event of Halloween. You will notice the above quotes come not from fundamentalist Jesus freaks but from magazines and books dedicated to science and history. Modern pagans will tell you this is a lie - but would you rather believe reputable journalists and historians or a 16 year old wiccan who believes she can cast hexes?


I think we ought to close Halloween down. Do you want your children to dress up as witches? The Druids used to dress up like this when they were doing human sacrifice ... The children are acting out Satanic rituals and participating in it, and don't even realize it.


—Pat Robertson The 700 Club

The Bible says they were to stone the person for enticing - not because they had been worshiping. That is strict! So what should our response be to those who want us to go trick or treating with them or to celebrate any holiday that has a basis in paganism? We are not to do so.


BTW astrology and Christmas trees are evil too.

Instead of celebrating, what's a Christian to do on Satan's feast day? PRAY! Intercession and spiritual warfare should be the first item on our agenda. It is NOT a last resort!


Pray for the occultists.

It's Halloween. To most people it seems like harmless fun. But, beneath Halloween's candy coating is a history of diabolical evil, evil that is directly connected to the occult and Satanism, evil that you need to be warned of!


HARM OF HALLOWEEN Like eating too much candy.

Those Crazy Bible-Thumpers

It would seem that a group of baby sprinklers have come up with a more "wholesome" alternative for Halloween. Lulz is sure to ensue. The video below is a accurate explantation, as authorized by the Pope

Christians do not celebrate Halloween as they despise anything which resembles fun. Because they are not allowed to dress up and eat candy, Christians celebrate Halloween by burning evil books, including books written by the Pope and Mother Teresa and Bibles (except the King James version).

Some argue November the 1st - All Saint's Day - has been combined with Halloween to remember the souls of the dead, especially dead martyred Christians, so there is nothing immoral about celebrating Halloween. Despite this, the day is pretty much ignored since it's mostly a boring version of Day of the Dead (which is itself a boring as fuck version of Halloween).


Get your own fucking holiday.
Amanda Knox a.k.a. Foxy Knoxy. And yes, she's over 18.
All the better to eat you out my dear ...
Two major holidays, HALLOWEEN and Walpurgisnacht are celebrated by the Church of Satan.


—Anton LaVey, Founder of the church of Satan.

Satanists celebrate Halloween not because they are pagans, but because they hate Christfags. Although not all Satanists are pagans, all pagans are Satanists. While pagans pretend to be ashamed of their brutal and bloody past, Satanists relish it and frequently commit gruesome murders in the name of Lucifer.

Anton LaVey also died on Halloween. Coincidence?

Yes - he actually died on October 29th but the date was changed on his death certificate to make him look more hardcore.

But Hitler really did die on Walpurgisnacht. Coincidence? Not likely, since it was a suicide. The rest of it is bullshit.


Amanda Knox

In Italy, Meredith Kercher was murdered by Amanda Knox on November 1st 2007, proving once again Satanists often get the date wrong. Meredith was killed because she refused to take part in sex games with Amanda and her boyfriend - despite the fact Amanda is clearly very fuckable.

Amanda later confessed to the murder in front of a jury completely surprised that stabbing someone to death could be so messy.

I heard that she had her throat slit and from what I saw in CSI these things are not quick or pleasant so I said, gosh . . . bleargh . . . this brutality, this death . . . bleargh . . . it really did shock me.


—TV lied to me!

I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter. It went very well. We all had a chance to see who Amanda really is.


—Amanda's father Curt Knox. No really.

Uh they aren't Satanists. They're just devil worshipers. There is a difference.


—Carolyn posting on the Daily Mail article.



The Horror Show About missing Pics
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Worst Halloween Costumes About missing Pics
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