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Furry requesting help. DO NOT HELP IT!
This bitch in in need of some serious halp. Halp, I can see her scalp!

Halp is what n00bs beg for whenever their tubes get clogged. Halp is divided into three categories:

Valid Halp[edit]

This halp is usually a few sentences that actually answer a valid question. These questions range from "how do i poast a pix?" to "I can't get the movieclip instance to load properly, and the hitTest isn't showing up. What's wrong?"

Faggot Halp[edit]

This halp is an answer to some sort of faggoty question, like, When did Sasuke kill Naruto?".

Lulzy Halp[edit]

Noob: halp, I installed Windows Optimizer and nao my omputarc isnt working rite
Troll: Deleting System32 will solve all your problems. Good luck, bro. You definitely haven't been trolled.


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