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Happy Merchant/Merchant Face

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With Jews, you lose!

The classic that started it all

Happy Merchant (AKA Merchant Face or Jew Face) is an internet meme derived from a work by the lord and savior cartoonist Wyatt Mann, depicting a Jew doing what he does best. The idea behind the meme is that is a caricature of Jews. The actual joke too subtle for idiots to grasp is that jews are a caricature of themselves, so actually the drawings are 100% accurate. Some argue that it is actually just a merchant who had cold hands, after visiting the local synagogue or doing some financial management.


The Happy Merchant is commonly used on 4chan's politically incorrect board, where you literally can't browse without seeing the merchant. The board is notorious for seemingly "anti-Semitic" claims and posts reminiscent of those made by Stormfront. Some argue that /pol/ is the largest producer of liberal tears in the world, but those among us who do not suffer from profound retardation know that title rightfully belongs to ED.

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