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Dumbass Baby.png WARNING: This article might be babby's first exposure to porn.
The Happy Tree Friends fanbase consists of underage children, If they visit this article it might be their first time seeing NSFW content.
It begins innocently with cartoons and then goes on to the countless acts of violence depicted on TV as the child grows up... Then the parents, through neglect or conscious decision, begin to permit the child to watch movies rated R due to vivid depictions of knives penetrating and protruding from bodies, long shots of blood spurting from severed limbs, and bullets ripping into bodies and exploding out the back in showers of blood and brains.


—Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a military expert on how to condition people to kill. He writes in his superb book On Killing (Boston, MS" Little Brown and Co., 1996) that the same process that the Government has used to condition soldiers to kill, is being used by the entertainment industry.

"If you liked this and dribbled at the sight of this YOU ARE VERY SICK"

Happy Tree Friends is an unfunny cartoon that features 'cuddly' animals being mutilated. It appeals to goffic tweens and basement-dwellers who attempt to rebel against society.


Originally sharing a place with the other faggots on Mondo Mini Shows, it soon outgrew them, with enough increased funding that it received its own URL.

Like a lot of others, it soon became a whore for money, and in theory, jumped the shark.

Why wouldn't it be Eric?.
Atomic.gif Warning!
The forums are so bad, that they have actually been used as an insult on other forums. ("Go back to the HTF forums.")


Cuddles: A pimp who wears pink bunny slippers. The mascot of Happy Tree Friends, though he is hardly ever noticed, considering there's Flippy.

Giggles: A slut who fucks for a baby tooth. everyone seems to like "her" for just that reason.

Lumpy: A goofy-looking moose that no one likes, thank GOD his stupidity always end up killing everyone and sometimes himself.

Toothy: A purple MALE beaver with fucking huge teeth. (Hence the name, Toothy) No one likes him but that doesn't stop him from getting some action. (see above)

Petunia: A blue skunk with a car freshener necklace. Always been fapped to by furfags. She also goes apeshit and commits suicide everytime she sees a mess.

Nutty: It has proven that Nutty has crack addict, and that he put crack inside his sugary crack-candy. Also, make shit with Flaky, while eat his crack.

Handy: Lacks hands because he got them sliced off because of him failing at fapping Flippy's dick really hard, so Flippy hated him and turned evil and sliced his hands off.

Flippy: A veteran bear who during the war was such a limp dick pussy, he failed at fighting, killed both of his teammates on accident and as a result created a slightly less chicken shit personality that actually liked to kill shit. He somehow managed to fall victim to at least 100 mary sues and was fucked by each of his millions of fan girls over and over again, making him a faggot. He also has a crush on Flaky, who has both a cock and a twat, making him not only a faggot, but greedy as hell. However...when Flippy has flashbacks on the war, his personality becomes a bloodthirsty soldier, making him the least retarded character mostly because he kills everyone on purpose instead of claiming it as an accident.

Flaky: A scared-ass porcupine whose gender was debated over frequently. Why? Because it's important. Also has the biggest fanbase of retards that constantly ship here with flippy.

Sniffles: Plays World of Warcraft, unreal tournament, counter strike. and talks like this: "H wat have u ben doin todei!?" on the Internet, he spends 3 hours attempting to rick roll someone, if this fails he'll scream and cut himself twice without dying. Mostly gets killed by ants.

Russell: Just some pirate that lives in some kind of ship, and faps to SpongeBob everyday for some reason. Also, he is voiced by a nigger.

Lifty and Shifty: Fuckbuddies in crime for fucking sure, but steal each other's money if they can get away with it, and spend the money on a ghey bay.

Disco Bear: A strange creepy bastard whose vocabulary consists of sexual noises, NO ONE likes him. Even the creators of Happy Tree Friends fucking hated him to start with. No joke.

Splendid: A failure of a Superman wannabe. Let's hope he ends up like Christoper Reeve.

The Mole: A blind mole who deserves his car since he accidentally ends up killing others. He is mostly working jobs that require sight, and therefore, he "accidentally" fucks up any character that associates with him.

Pop: A weed addicted single parent. Deals crack to support him and his son. also world's worst father.

Cub: Cub's who's addicted to his dad for some reason.

Mime: His name describes him perfectly, a boring asswipe who tries to be so what "funny" but he does not realize what an idiot he's making of himself.

Cro Marmot: A caveman who was frozen in ice at least 100 years ago or whatever, no one likes him and he doesn't like anyone either.

Lammy: A lamb with a wool sweater and a pickle for a best friend. Seriously...

Truffles: A blue pig that lost to Lammy as a new character, however the creators still like to hide him in the newer episodes just to shut the butthurt fans who voted for him the fuck up.

There was a metric shit-ton of irrelevant horseshit here about admins and users on the HTF Forum, but I've saved you from reading about a bunch of uninteresting retards. If you really want to waste ten minutes reading what used to be on this page, it's commented out on the edit. Don't say I didn't warn you, it was probably written by some autistic reject from the forum itself.

The "new" anime that the fans created:[edit]

(See Flippy X Flaky X Splendid for more information on this retarded couple) Similar to the faggots trying to make MondoMedia create an episode with Flaky the trap and Flippy the psychopath faggot dating and having sex. There are also fans who didn't watch and even see an episode of Happy Tree Friends but only saw the anime art and fapped to it and shitty fan made episodes.

It's your average gay anime full of ugly characters that the female fans think are so beautiful and amazing. The characters are more retarded than they are in the true show, and that's saying something huge.

But the whole thing fans watch the anime for is nothing more than Flippy raping Flaky, who's also in a love triangle with Splendid. Splendid is so retarded he makes Lumpy from the cartoon series look like a fucking genius, but of course the fans see him as "super amazing".

There's no individuality with the series, it's only about retarded characters who are overly seen as pretty by womenand an over-hyped and overrated couple who's too retarded to even be a true couple. But that's just retarded fans, and shitty Wapanese people.

Here are some fan episodes:

The science behind Happy Tree Friends & its history[edit]

The series was first thought of by C̶h̶i̶n̶e̶s̶e̶ American Kenn Navarro in 1999, however Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, and Warren Graff assisted in creating and developing the American-Spanish-Filipino-Singaporean flash cartoon. It has received a cult following by fans of the series or the spin-offs and products attributed by the series that attracted other fans.

The main idea of the series in the beginning was to create a reinterpretation of the Western Cult of Death (WCD) the series creator grew up with as a child for a new generation of consumer zombie who craves seeing their fellow living beings mutilated in new and inventive ways. The Happy Tree Friends series spoofs multiple classic cartoons, such as The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, various Warner Bros. products, and various Disney products.

The series thrives on shock humor and satire which is sugar-coated, and mind-numbing violence without need or end. When an older adult watches it they laugh because they know this is what the classic cartoons they watched as children would be today.

The purpose of satire[edit]

Watch popular classic children cartoon's before the 2000's, what did you see? Even Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse was quite violent, the reason being those men knew creating vulgar violent, extremely subtle-sexual, and a dark situation in a light-atmosphere cartoon were "funny". Today we need more of a "push", a Website needs to be put up to provide video of real murders and rape caught on tape, and we need to go to the Black Market to buy snuff films from Satanists who document themselves raping and murdering children and infants but needed the money to keep their Sacrificial Lair up via paying police. That being said we rarely laugh anymore because we're used to this content and the children's cartoons and made to indoctrinate them into accepting this murder.

Think of the wonderful future! Live-action sacrifices of children and infants for TV viewers in Satanic Lairs, a Gladiatorial Games were children are selected to fight to the death!

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