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Dr. He Jiankui from the Southern University of Science and Technology of China is claiming to have edited human DNA and birthed two baby girls that were later drowned in a Rice paddy, Lulu and Nana.

As expected the libtard haters are crying foul, claiming Dr Jiankui overstepped scientific norms and moralities while others are claiming that he faked his experiments and is nothing more than a Glory whore.


Like most reputable scientists, reporters and theorists - Dr. Jiankui published his claims through the use of YouTube.

His unverified claim has been called Bullshit by over 120 Chinese scientists claiming that he has damaged the reputation of China in the Scientific community with his lie, and whether true or not, he's violated scientific and academic ethics.

Nazi Babies[edit]

Much like everyone who has seen The Boys From Brazil one too many times and has imagined some super secret Mengelen conspiracy to clone multiple Hitlers, fears of Nazi Babies is flooding Twitter with threats that the Second Coming of the Third Reich will soon be at hand.

Many scientists are running around quoting Stephen Hawking who wrote about his fears of a human race that could go beyond evolution and change their DNA at will.

Eric Topol, lead crybaby and founder of the Scripps Research Translational Institute claims that a change in DNA is a change in the Human Species. His worry mongering suggests a world where there are Jews as the ruling race and everyone else before Jinkui's claims have even been validated.

Topol's fears are that "if someone has claimed to do it, what's to stop others?"

Scientologists claim to be able to fly but no one has ever seen Tom Cruise or others jumping off a building.


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