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The man himself.

Herb Smith is the name of a fictional person who supposedly left his wife after knocking her up, leaving her to her obvious incompetency of parenting (being a woman). Her son supposedly grew up to be a degenerate teenager, a sociopathic miserable being who has no compassion or empathy. The copypasta claims that his ex-wife saw the Anonymous report on Fox News, and tried to take advantage of the situation.

However, being a woman, she had no idea what she was doing, and flaunted her unwarranted self-importance around on /b/ with threats of hacking the site down with her 1337-w4r3z. If Anonymous did not agree to track down and destroy her ex-husband.

But Seriously[edit]

It's just another stupid copypasta aborted from the anus of /b/. After the thread was posted, it was subject to dozens of Hilary Clinton and Hulk Hogan variations, as well as endless "THIS IS HERB SMITH" posts.

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