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Here Comes The Airplane will be posted by the same
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Here Comes The Airplane is a forced meme from the Animu/manga Pinkerton that involves a School Girl literally getting her throat fucked by a teacher with the writer/artist showing the typical Japper fantasy of wishing he had a 4 inch wide, 12 inch long American cock.

Underaged Twitter users with no sense of humor or comedic timing like to use this Forced Meme, thinking that a reference to a blow job Cumming out of no where is the height of hilarity and edginess.


Naachi, the girl in the pic, really doesn't care for Yukimura but since all the other girls in her class have decided to get lose their virginity on their class trip they've decided that Naachi should hook up with and fuck Yukimura because he has a crush on her.

In a convenient bout of self reflection Nacchi goes for a walk and finds herself in an empty room where she decides to go to sleep because the plot says she must.

Naachi is later awoken when a group of teachers return to their room drunk off their asses and one finds her in his futon and starts playing with her ass because Japanese culture dictates that when you find a strange, underaged girl in your bed you get a freebie and it's anything goes.

Finding this gift from the gods, and the ability to get a hard on despite his being totally wasted drunk, the teacher strips her down to her panties and dry humps her, embarrassing Naachi because a dick stretching out a pair of tighty whiteys into a pseudo condom - rubbing against her vulva made her cum so easily.

The next teacher to fuck Naachi, forces her mouth open saying, "Here comes the airplane" before forcing his dick into her mouth. With her head on the pillow, he proceeds to fuck her throat while all Naachi can think of is things like how gross having her throat fucked is, how she doesn't want him to come in her mouth and not important things like how the fuck is she breathing when she's being throat raped and some strange guy is using her throat like it were a vagina.

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