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Police.gif 哈囉香港網絡大典!

Hongkonger's deny the truth that they are already a part of China more than 20 years.
They sit for three months on a highway expecting to get universal suffrage.
As you can see, no locals support such gay.
File:Sparking bright behavior in kids slowed by autism-700x467.jpg
We allow autistic niggers in our borders. Welcome!


Hong Kong or South Shenzhen, is a "Special Administrative Reigion" of Commie China.

While people in Hong Kong have been so isolated from the western world since 1997, their internet culture has evolved into crappy jpeg rage comic faces with arial chinese text and a knockoff Encylopedia Dramatica that shows all of Hong Kong's internet culture here.

But Hong Kong has been visited by the uncivilized communist from California, RiceGum. Where he basically just fucked around with the locals and shoved ice cream to an old man's face like Keemstar. But no such thing as Radical Feminists, Vegans, Gays or even Far Lefties due to the fact that Hong Kong was mostly influenced by people such as Oswald Hitler Mosley and Maggie Thatcher. We also had people like Queen Lizzie the Second. Visiting and shaking hands with the locals and experiencing local life while Xi (Stalin) Jinping, He just blocked a couple roads and visited a kindergarten school and like a pussy hid in his Volvo to not get yelled by the locals. But he is not afraid to kidnap librarians and forcing them to apologize on Chinese State run TV.

This is a kinda country that considers singers and old TV adverts as "culture" and hates Chinese People even though they are descendants of Chinese People and just spoiled with British Democracy that lasted from 900AD to 2007AD, as stated that old TV adverts are culture, Hong Kong boomed in the 80's and 90's where some hipster white people will treat the place like the zoo, treating the people like animals and snapping pictures everywhere to show their friends back home. But for lots of Hong Kongers, this was the "golden age" of Hong Kong when really they just made money for Britains pocket


Hello Citizens.


Basically. Britain gave drugs to Qing until the point that Qing ceded 3 shitty islands to Britain and started a colony. Qing got bamboozled and said give those islands back after 99 years. After some weebs attacked then commie riots resulting Hong Kong being right-leaning (except those that go to the western world and get the leftist shit and take the shit back).

World War Two

In Japan's quest to rape China. They invaded Hong Kong because it's not like we attacked Pearl Harbour and we are fucked. Anyways, they ruled the rocky islands for three years and eight months and did not even do anything and actually introduced Japanese culture to Hong Kong resulting in "Asian Weeaboos".

The Faggotry

All was going well until some northern fags demanded the land back and being the cuck that Britain was in the 90's handed it all back. China stated flooding street-shitting, mandarin speaking, milk powder hungry, uncivilized commies down our border causing a housing crisis where a flat the size of a toilet costs 1 million Hong Kong dollars a month.

Woke University Movements

Now Hong Kong is seeking independence while China arrests people who damn say they words "Freedom". So people in 2014 sat down and blocked a main highway in front of the Government Building to show their protest against the government. It took the government three months to remove these Edgy Bois of the streets. And it caused an even stronger Hong Kong Identity which is a lose-lose for China because now they can't assert dominance over the already ball-gagged Hong Kong.


Cry to get voters!


There is the leader that is hand-picked by the commie north and some local Bill Gates around the place. Then there's Despacito wait I mean Demosisto which is a generic Progressive bunch of Uni Bois that think they are savage enough to take on the commies. The politics is shit so people protest to no avail.


At first, Hong Kong was run by the dynasties of China. Their system was pretty redundant due to the fact that at one point their emperor that ruled everything and made laws was a three year old boy. Then the Brits came and introduced democracy then like how they snorted that opium. Sucked in all that sweet sweet Capitalism and turn to the spoilt brat the town currently is and now shitting because commies rule them now. They also cry about Article 23 that allows the po-po to take anything in you're house but eh.

Political Spectrum

Don't ask how that chick is far-right. She owns a copy of Mein Kampf.


There's also the party that is getting banned called the Hong Kong National Party ran by a far-right bunch of Uni Bois called Chan and Lo.


CY Leung - The gay boy that ran Hong Kong while sucking China's little noodle

Carrie Lam - A old lady that runs Hong Kong and sits on China's little noodle

Chris Patten - Our British god and savior! 1997 NEVER FORGET.

Nathan Law - Some retard started the Despacito Party and now is getting raped by Chinese Police

Culture and People

Local Gooks

There are the local Hong Kongers where they would have a diet of McDonald's and lingering around 7-11 for their Noodles and there are the negro immigrants from South East Asia.


Some local celebs from the 80's like Andy Lau or Bruce Lee and some other chinks are cherished in Hong Kong as heroes with the original boyband "Beyond" but some British idiots stole the idea and became One Direction. Hong Kong music used to have neon colorus and lyrics to the song filling in with colour when they singers sing that part. Nowadays you get shitty white subtitles in the corner of the screen and with every music video with a shitty grayish filter usually accompanied by voices so distorted with autotune that all singers sound the same.

Check Cantopop

Local Life

You get the occasional old Chinese man spitting and shouting profanities and the taxi and minibus drivers that communicate with only swear words like "Fuck your mom" or "Die cunt".

ESL Cucks

Now you get the whiteys OH BOYYYYYY.... The white kids or "Rich Cunts" as the locals call them are descendants of White Families moving there from the 50's-90's and are basically spoiled brats that think they own the world. The worst are those Internet White gamer girls where they are super-emo, over-weight, snakes that can ruin any community, gathering or discord chat by either arguing about some dumb shit or saying that we should kill the rich then doxing everyone.


Like America with Mexican Immigrants. We put our South East Asian maids in the streets on Sunday.

You got the Nepalis, Indians, Pakis, and Filipinos making up the nigger majority. The young ones that go to shit schools go full gangsta going at the back of the bus blaring XXXTENTACION and a thing called "Wan Chai Bois" It's just a shitty gang consisting of 12-18-year-olds. You also got the good bois and girls that actually have a functioning brain they are responsible n shit.

People that immigrated to Canada and came back

File:Hi I'm a Chinese Vancouverite! .png
Hi I'm a Chinese Vancouverite!

Most Chinese move to a place called Vancouver located in British Coloumbia NEW CHINESE CANADIAN COLONY and they would come back to Hong Kong and think that they ARE the shit because they are "westernized" where Vancouver is just a Chinese town not located in China.

They even have a shitty mall in Richmond called Aberdeen which is named after a town in Hong Kong.

Sadly these people bring the LGBTQRIA shit from Canada and we now have tranny asians thanks to you.


There is also a lot of people who have Autism or suffer from Assburgers Syndrome

Notable People

Lam Kor Wan

Andy Lau

Leslie Cheung

Leung Chun Ying


[[Image:|50px]] DID YOU KNOW?
It snowed in Hong Kong before, people die of hypothermia!


Hong Kong has the most random weather imaginable.

Average temperature of 37'C (98'C) in the Summer and 7'C (44'C) in winter.

We have a variety of natural disasters such as Typhoons and... yea just typhoons. There are different kinds of rainstorms due to we are a tropical climate such as Yellow, Red and Black rains. They aren't as severe as Typhoons numbered 1, 3, 8, 9 and 10 because we can't count.

We also have minor flooding in the northern regions but no one cares about them.

There's also a mascot for Hong Kong's weather report called Freddie where basically he walks and if it's sunny he goes Ah and when it rains he goes Aw. This is also apparently part of Hong Kong culture due to the nostalgia factor.

Places such as Heung Fa Tsuen get flooded each year. Its fun to watch.

You can also get very bad fungal infections btw.

Typhoons Mangkhut

Hong Kong Transport NUMBA 1!!

Due to American oil fields, the world is getting warmer although the trumpster denies it.


And so it started.

1 Day Before Disaster

Hong Kongers in they're pillar houses prepare for the worse even though outside its so sunny due to the fact that the typhoon succed all the clouds away causing 35'C weather in September. People were taping their typhoons and no one took it seriously and some people did not do any prepration thinking that they can go cheap on tape. BOY WERE THEY WRONG.

September 16th 2018 (Sunday)


And so the storm caused a couple windows to break and just kept pouring for at least the whole day until the storm died down around 12pm.

It was the strongest typhoon ever to hit Hong Kong

Monday and Tuesday

Places such as Heng Fa Tsuen (see Hong Kong Map for "Flooding") has been a place mocked for being the Netherlands of Hong Kong. Flat and boring. It is often flooded due to the fact it was a bay that was known to have really bad waves so it wasn't the smartest idea for building a housing estate and a shopping mall there. Anyway, it flooded and remained flooded until the next day where residents were surprised to see that 1/10 trees in Hong Kong were outta their roots.

Some a hotel in Kowloon got their windows busted and was fucked.

The result of this hurricane caused the whole transport system to stop for at least two days and a holiday for all students due to the fact that trees could fall on you.

We now pay respects for the really fucked places.


We as Hongkongers speak Hong Kong Dialect or Slightly English Cantonese. Where we have so many English loanwords you could even say its a creole. The mainland uncivilized government tries to change the language by:

  • Changing Grammar
  • Enforcing Putonghua or Gayspeak
  • Shipping Mainland cunts down here

It took Hong Kong around 20 years to pick up the English language while its soy counterpart Macau couldn't catch on Portuguese because its such a shit and obscure language that a province of spain uses.

There was somecunt called "Sidney Lau" that tried to make learning cantonese easier for whiteys and niggers but sadly he just made it more confusing with numbers and 9 FUCKING TONES. Then again, Hong Kong got loads of loanwords such as "BB" and "Bye Bye". and like other shit like that here.

But hey words such as kowtow, ketchup, wonton and dildo originated from Hong Kong.

But hey if you are a Chinaboo here is an easy guide to learn the language:

Speaking Hong Kong

English Hongkongnese Pronounciation
Hello 哈囉 He-llo
Yes hai
Cunt hai
Seven tsat
Dickhead tsat
Teaching's of Ching Chong About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


General Foods

As stated before. Hongkongers diet is just McDonalds and 7-11. There's also the local Cafe De Coral which isn't even a cafe and also if you go to the tradional Chinese food you get white steamed buns (hun) and fucking chicken feet.

There are the street vendors selling fish balls and a thing called siumai.

"Jaulau" is a common Cantonese restaurant for more slightly posh people and for celebrations where you can eat pork buns and chicken feet.

Immigrant Food

Since there is a huge amount of south-east niggers/zipperheads in Hong Kong. We have loads of Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Pinoy food in the land that is Hong Kong.


Now as a place where:

You could say this place is fucking mental but really this caused loads of like horror stories that shared around in Hong Kong which gives a one-up on our town and shows to the world that we aren't normal gooks and if you look deeper into the web you can find the pictures of Lam Kor Wan's victims. But like how China fucks up Hong Kong. Lam Kor Wan. A fucking dude that drove around in a taxi killing girls and cutting their bodies and putting the parts in mason jars is now being released outta prison.


Mainland Commies bring this shit to our lands.

Hong Kong is very special in the meme department where there are two sides. The local Hong Kongers and the Mainland Scum from China. The mainland scum from China have shitty jpeg chinese rage comics with low quality and they hop on to WeChat and go laugh and use the shitter version of Snapchat made by LINE.

The Locals are more westernized meaning that they know what "Jeff" or "Rage Comics" are but they try to catch up with the rest of the world by getting some new and old shit.



Nothing is censored in the internet. (yet) So if you come here feel free watching all the XVideos and Fascist/Communist shit if you are into that


Don't come here ever please.

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