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Quick! Get me my XY plot graph!

"How are you feeling today /b/?" was a question posed by one daring /b/tard to his fellow 4chan comrades. The OP was kind enough to present his fellow /b/tards with a means of expressing the day they'd just endured... a photoshop / MSPaint ready XY plot graph, typos and all.

/b/tards worldwide opened their hearts one-by-one and expressed the trials and tribulations of their day (in XY plot graph format, of course). Participants were asked to plot the highs and lows of their happiness happieness levels throughout the day from 0 to 100, beginning from the moment they awoke (woke up) and ending at the time that they were filling out their personal happiness chart (rite now).

One rather surprising revelation from the results is the vast number of /b/tards who seem to have girlfriends *cough cough*. Unsurprising is the number of /b/tards whose daily ritual includes fapping, WoW or a combination of both.

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