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09:30, 10 June 2013 Enadmin (Talk | contribs) blocked Hu1 (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled, e-mail blocked) ‎ (Too near to Hu1 fs)


—Hu1's genius bot at work, [1]

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Eleonóra Dubiczki aka Antifinnugor, Muki987, Fiala1, Hu1, Vajna, snuki146, and eleonora46 is an obese Neo-Nazi keyboard warrior from Pilisszántó, Hungary, who formerly administrated Metapedia but is now Archive today-ico.png administrating Rightpedia, where she posts hate/conspiracy theories against the jooz, and denies the Holocaust.


In November 2004 Antifinnugor was Eleonóra's first account at Wikipedia. She was temporarily blocked within a month, and then topic banned discussing Finno-Ugric languages for posting personal attacks, and inserting her own fringe beliefs. At this time Eleonóra was not calling anyone who disagreed with her a Jew (this would come a few years later), but she accused all her critics of having a "political agenda" against her crazy linguistic theories, also calling other people's edits "terrorism" [2] - revealing the fat cow has always had a paranoid mind-set. In January 2005, Eleonóra was accused of sockpuppetry. She created another sock in August, 2005 now using Heil Hitler (88) as digits. Eleonóra later appeared as Muki987 on the Hungarian Wikipedia, where she edited Holocaust revisionism on the Zyklon B article.


Hu1 vs. Vir[edit]

Eleonóra joined the far-right Metapedia as Hu1 in 2007, and Aurvandil made her a sysop in 2009.

In 2011, Hu1 created a shit version of MysteryBot called Enadmin, which she used to block 99.9% of all new accounts before they're even used.

In August 2012, Vir (secretly Kimmo Alm) joined the English Metapedia and was immediately blocked by Hu1's brain-dead Enadmin bot; thus creating a wonderful first impression. A month later, NatAll75 made Vir a sysop. In October the same year, Eleonóra's dumb-ass bot blocked Vir again; this time for editing articles on homosexuality topics, proving that there is indeed a correlation between being a dumb-ass and being homophobic. Later that month, Vir entered into an argument with Basileus and Hu1 over which rock modern jews crawled out from under from and over the quantity of jews in the world. Eleonóra grew butthurt over the whole affair and expelled Vir from the English Metapedia, calling him a Jew.

Vir strikes back[edit]

"How dare she tarnish our good reputation!"

Eleonóra thought that she got rid of Vir (Kimmo Alm) for good, but it wasn't so. Vir was also editing the Swedish Metapedia as "Upplysning", and in the years that followed, Vir / Upplysning thrived at the Swedish Metapedia and earned the trust of big boss Aurvandil.

In June 2014, Upplysning posted complaints about Hu1 and her work on ([3], [4]), where Metapedia's Swedish owners hang out. For several months, Eleonóra didn't notice these threads, but in November, she took notice and engaged in an argument about who was the biggest non-expert on jews. Aurvandil soon discovered the commotion, took Upplysning's side in the argument, and desysopped Hu1. Apparently Eleonóra's conspiracy theories about Jewish world-domination are a bit too literal for even Metapedia's tastes. Hu1 had also accused Mikemikev of being a Zionist spy and virtually everyone else who disagreed with her as being somehow Jewish.

Afterwards, Aurvandil invited Vir / Upplysning back to the wiki as "Upplysning" and made him a sysop.

Eleonóra lastly made a made a thread about Vir / Upplysning but failed to accomplish anything. On November 30, 2014, Upplysning permabanned Hu1 and Enadmin from the English Metapedia.


On December 15, 2014, Hu1 Archive today-ico.png adopted the "Fiala1" moniker and attempted to request the creation of a wiki, Archive today-ico.png but she didn't understand how to use's boilerplate until Archive today-ico.png nearly 24 hours later.

On December 20th, sysop Southparkfan Archive today-ico.png approved of the request and created the wiki for Fiala1. Afterwards, Fiala1 (as "snuki146") announced that she was creating the wiki on Stormfront and asked for people to join him:

I am in process of setting up an English Encyclopedia that replaces the old metapedia, now in process of distortion.

I would be happy to have there Basileus, The Wyatt Man, Julius A and Mikemikev as editors. If anybody can help to connect us, just write me a private email. Thank you.

I am in process to create an English national encyclopedia, as a replacement for the dying Englis section of Metapedia, and would be glad to win Basileus, The Wyatt Man, Mikemikev and Julius A as editors. If anybody knows, how to reach them privately, just send me an email. Thank you.

Several users emailed Hu1/Fiala1/snuki146 and were invited in, Archive today-ico.png including fellow Stormfront user Mikemikev (no longer did Fiala1 think he was a Zionist spy).

On December 21, Fiala1 Archive today-ico.png created Radmin, which Archive today-ico.png is just as retarded as the original Enadmin when it comes to deciding who to block.


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