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McDonald's exploits this meme because they have no sense of originality

4chan vernacular used to describe one's desire to sexually interact with a picture if it were real. Since most /b/tards are basement dwelling, underageb& virgins, howevar, these are things they cannot actually have. They'd hit a Fleshlight with full force if they could afford one.

Also, since most of these pre-pubescent losers have yet to learn that an e-peen is not the same thing as a raging IRL boner, the 'hitting' of 'it' much spoken of on 4chan usually refers to polishing the bishop and the following (premature) sexy-time explosion over their monitors or a pic they've downloaded expressly to repost with evidence that they have no shame.

'Things' /b/tards would 'hit'[edit]

/b/tards discuss how they would hit Siamese Twins; the correct answer was: "twice".

'Things' /b/tards wouldn't 'hit'[edit]

  • You: because even the collective Id of the internet has standards.


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