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Good thing I'm on my bee.

Last Thursday, some smart ass guy said "Hey /b/, Your floor is now lava", and fellow /b/tards started shitting bricks and posting different ways to evade the lava. Some guy assured everyone he was safe on his bed, but unfortunately spelled bed "bee".

He was justly mocked, and someone produced a shoop of a boy evading the lava from the safety of his bee. Soon, a template was produced and torrents of tasty OC issued forth. Thus was a shitty new meme born.

Within the context of the meme, it is understood that being on one's bee is a mark of safety, preparedness, status, bravery, or just luck. The best examples of "I'm on my bee" depict our brave hero on his bee, fleeing some kind of famous disaster or dangerous situation.

Most examples also choose to reference the original source, often stating "Good thing I'm on my bee."

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