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According to sdf, this girl might have IRC disease.

IRC disease (AKA BBS disease) predates Internet disease. It eventually mutated into its successor with the advent of commonly-availible professional-grade image editing suites, digital cameras, transfer speeds beyond 33.6, and the expansion beyond BBS's and IRC as places to meet people on the Internets.


     02:29 <@weevlos> i wish she still irc'd
     02:29 <+sdf> yeh :<
     02:29 <@weevlos> she was the BEST TROLL TARGET EVER
     02:29 <@weevlos> EVER
     02:29 <+sdf> haha
     02:29 <@weevlos> ratcorpse hated me so much
     02:29 <+sdf> she was such a stupid skanky hoe
     02:29 <+sdf> but completely oblivious
     02:30 <+sdf> she thought she had looks, personality, intelligence, etc.
     02:30 <+sdf> there was almost no convincing her otherwise
     02:30 <@weevlos> she looked -okay-
     02:30 <@weevlos> not good
     02:30 <+sdf> WTF
     02:30 <+sdf> she looked like a ratcorpse
     02:30 <@weevlos> too crackheaded for me tho
     02:30 <@weevlos> i wouldnt hit it
     02:30 <+sdf> her hair was soooooooo oily
     02:30 <@weevlos> but its not like i was shying away in disgust like pain4.jpg
     02:30 <+sdf> face so dirrtttttyyyyyyyyyy
     02:30 <@weevlos> rly? i never met her in person
     02:30 <+sdf> i was
     02:30 <@weevlos> i saw jpegs that looked okay
     02:31 <+sdf> omg no
     02:31 <@weevlos> but they were probably Internet Disease
     02:31 <+sdf> no, irc disease
     02:31 <@onejustin> jpeg artifacts hide flaws
     02:31 <+sdf> it predates internet disease
     02:32 <+sdf> irc disease = lots of makeup, black clothes, sunglasses, low quality
                  jpeg for easy xfer
     02:32 <@_etruscan> black clothes?!
     02:32 <+sdf> irc invented goth
     02:33 <@_etruscan> i fucking hate irc goths
     02:33 <+sdf> black clothes cover up imperfections
     02:33 <+sdf> weev is an irc goth

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