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Ian Naude.png
Proud Paedophiles
Police Constable Ian "get your ass naked or be incarcerated" Naude
Born 1988 (age 30)
Occupation Soldier, cop
Preferred gender Girrrrrrrlz
Preferred age 13-15
Tactics Facebook, Snapchat, police privileges
Current location Prison

PC Ian Naude (also known as Brucę Ian Waynę, rgrnaude and KingOfTheNorth) is a British police constable (not anymore lol), child molester and IRL troll. A proud paedophile, Naude began his career in the South Africa, but soon moved to the UK where there was a decreased chance of being shot, hanged or necklaced by the parents of his victims (and also because South Africa is full of ugly black children (with AIDS)).

Naude moved to Northern Ireland, where he joined the UK army, hoping to be sent to some hellhole like Afghanistan where he could penetrate brown lolis at leisure, but soon got tired of waiting and found a better job over in England: Police officer. He became a cop for the sole purpose of gaining access to 12-year-old girls and raeping them from the ultimate position of power. He was described by the old media as the "ideal candidate" for being a cop, due to his military experience. He was of course pretty suited to the job: A fat, bald paedo.

Naude became a fully trained pig in 2017 and proceeded to engage in countless indecent acts with a variety of hot pieces of jailbait. However, despite his genius become-a-cop plan, Naude's fat retardedness overcame him fairly rapidly and he was arrested in late 2017, without even managing to clock up a single year of kiddyfiddling. His big mistake was doing the big sex with a 13 year old loli in his car, and being dumb enough to film it. Because he had not yet discovered teh dark internetz, he uploaded the video to teh normal internetz, wherefrom he could be easily tracked down.

On the 13th of December, 2018, Ian Naude was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Online profile[edit]

Ian Naude's online profiles

A committed 21st century paedophile, Ian Naude was active on teh internetz. Like many police officers, Naude had numerous fake profiles on Facebook where he posed as a teenager so to successfully integrate himself into the world of online crime. The difference is that, while most police do this to find and track down paedophiles, Ian Naude was being the paedophile himself. The now defunct Facebook account Brucę Ian Waynę is known to have belonged to him, as is the Snapchat account with the username rgrnaude.

While online, Naude liked to pose as young male teen hotties worthy of shotacon, only to reveal later that he was a 30 year old neckbeard with poor hygiene. Once the victim saw him in the flesh however, it was too late, as Naude would use his m4d p0lice sk1llz to flatten his prey onto the sidewalk and insert his special law enforcement baton into their vageyenas.
Despite being prolific on social media, Naude unfortunately lacked any understanding of online security or anonymity. Not only did he have no knowledge of TOR or VPNS, he was actually dumb enough to use his real name in online usernames (as in rgrNAUDE and Brucę IAN Waynę).

Exposure, trial and imprisonment[edit]

Judging by the above discussed faggotry, it is hard to believe this moron managed to keep his dirty pastime a secret for so long (albeit less than a full year). However, the mistake that finally killed Naude was when he raped a 13 year old girl in his car and uploaded the video to Pornhub. He was then arrested by his friends at the Cheshire Constabulary. He spent a huge length of time (almost a year??) on trial in Liverpool, until he was finally sentenced to 25 years in the slammer. He will be freed no later than 2043, at which point he will be 55 years old and will have another decade until retirement during which he can continue to work in something children-related.

Ian Naude walking with God
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