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LOLCOWEPIC.jpg Paul 'Snerf' Vanderzee is a massive lolcow.
Get on here and ask Paul if Icechat supports Linux!

IceChat is a shitty, bug-riddenfilled IRC client for Windows, made in Visual Basic. Paul Vanderzee, also known IIRC as snerf, is the lolcow known for developing this utterly horrid client. Hanging in the channel '#icechat' on QuakeNet, he offers you support on the client.

Discovery of lolcow potential[edit]

While a /b/tard was using IceChat to engage in hard gay chats, he encountered a problem, which led to him entering the IceChat support channel. Immediately banned, a fellow /b/tard flooded Paul's sorry ass. This resulted in Paul threatening to be PRESSIN CHARGES on the innocent user. Realizing his level of buttrange, even more fellow /b/tards joined in, contacting Paul directly. Also, even garrett was refused support.


As Provel:

<Provel> [20:01] <Provel> why so version
<Provel> [20:01] * Akella (~IceChat77@ has joined #icechat
<Provel> [20:01] <@Snerf> hmm?
<Provel> [20:02] <Provel> ctcp version
<Provel> [20:02] <@Snerf> oh,probably  my script
<Provel> [20:02] * Akella (~IceChat77@ has left #icechat
<Provel> [20:03] <Provel> btw, i tried 9 and it crashed when i opened logs
<Provel> [20:03] <@Snerf> ok
<Provel> [20:03] <@Snerf> Newer version coming out soon anyways
<Provel> [20:05] <Provel> right now my only real problem with 7 is that it locks up hard durring floods

As armucat:

(2011-10-11 22:55:51) armucat: y u ppl b& provel?
(2011-10-11 22:56:08) armucat: tht wsnt vry nice
(2011-10-11 22:56:30) Snerf: something we can do for your armucat?
(2011-10-11 22:56:43) armucat: no my armucat is fine
(2011-10-11 22:56:54) armucat: but provel is really sad
(2011-10-11 22:57:06) Snerf: ugh, another pathetic little worm
(2011-10-11 22:57:12) TAdams [] entered the room.
(2011-10-11 22:57:13) armucat: cat*
(2011-10-11 22:57:13) mode (+v TAdams) by Q
(2011-10-11 22:57:18) Snerf: Why dont you people have anything better to do?
(2011-10-11 22:57:29) Snerf: children should be doing homework, not IRC
(2011-10-11 22:57:36) You have been kicked by Snerf: (armucat)

As AlmaWade:

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue Oct 11 23:37:58 2011

[Snerf has address]
Oct 11 23:37:58 <Snerf>	stop trolling plz
Oct 11 23:38:04 <Angelika>	/!\ NO /!\
Oct 11 23:38:11 <Angelika>	FUCK CHECHENS AND THE POPE
Oct 11 23:38:24 <Snerf>	lol.. ok. be a child about it then
Oct 11 23:38:31 <Snerf>	go kick and scream like a 2yr old
Oct 11 23:38:34 <Angelika>	SUCK BUTTER FROM MY ASS
Oct 11 23:38:47 <Snerf>	mmmmm... bend over then
Oct 11 23:39:12 <Snerf>	and your keyboard is broken

Oct 12 01:02:35 <AlmaWade>	How's the autism going, Paul?
Oct 12 01:02:50 <Snerf>	mm?
Oct 12 01:02:58 <AlmaWade>	y u mean to my fren provel
Oct 12 01:03:07 <Snerf>	huh?
Oct 12 01:03:17 <Snerf>	can you write proper english ?
Oct 12 01:03:40 <AlmaWade>	But proper English has capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.
Oct 12 01:03:46 <Snerf>	yes, true.. 
Oct 12 01:03:52 <Snerf>	but that doesnt answer the question
Oct 12 01:04:08 <AlmaWade>	you hurt my chat friend provel's feelings :(
Oct 12 01:04:09 <Snerf>	But I take it, you are only messaging me to piss me off
Oct 12 01:04:12 <Snerf>	oh.h...
Oct 12 01:04:20 <Snerf>	tell him to go fuck off and die then, and take you with him
Oct 12 01:04:26 <Snerf>	do the world a favor
Oct 12 01:04:41 <AlmaWade>	now you hurt my feelings
Oct 12 01:04:48 <AlmaWade>	that wasn't a nice thing to say :(
Oct 12 01:04:53 <Snerf>	No?
Oct 12 01:05:01 <Snerf>	well, must be my autism kicking in, huh?
Oct 12 01:05:10 <AlmaWade>	over 20 pounds of it
Oct 12 01:05:14 <Snerf>	Since you seem to think you are such a smart ass
Oct 12 01:05:25 <Snerf>	You always love being someone elses bitch?
Oct 12 01:05:37 <AlmaWade>	only if there's cheesecake involved
Oct 12 01:05:37 <Snerf>	Since he doesnt seem to hve a mind of his own, nor do you
Oct 12 01:05:54 <Snerf>	I added him to ignore, are you next?
Oct 12 01:06:05 <Snerf>	cuz honestly, he wasted my time
Oct 12 01:06:06 <AlmaWade>	I don't know, why don't you ask my butt?
Oct 12 01:06:12 <Snerf>	good bye
Oct 12 01:06:16 <AlmaWade>	i love you
Oct 12 01:06:21 <Snerf>	<kisses>
Oct 12 01:07:13 <Snerf>	fucking losers.. sheesh
Oct 12 01:07:38 <AlmaWade>	i feel bullied by that comment sir
Oct 12 01:07:52 <Snerf>	w/c
Oct 12 01:08:02 <AlmaWade>	no ur a water closet
Oct 12 01:08:04 <Snerf>	that was not meant for your ears
Oct 12 01:08:24 <AlmaWade>	>implying I can hear text on a screen
Oct 12 01:08:33 <Snerf>	I thoguht you were handicapped
Oct 12 01:08:40 <Snerf>	I apologize if you are not
Oct 12 01:09:01 <AlmaWade>	i lost my second anus crash landing a dongcopter back in chechnya :(
Oct 12 01:09:17 <Snerf>	So, hoenstly kid, whats your issue, Why are you being such a prick?
Oct 12 01:09:25 <Snerf>	Just to piss me off, or are ya just bored?
Oct 12 01:09:46 <AlmaWade>	because I'm bored and had a floodan script
Oct 12 01:09:50 <AlmaWade>	(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 
Oct 12 01:10:08 <Snerf>	You had a what?
Oct 12 01:10:34 <AlmaWade>	a few thousand socks proxies and a script to flood with them
Oct 12 01:10:39 <AlmaWade>	its really quite fun
Oct 12 01:10:51 <Snerf>	And what is the purpose of this?
Oct 12 01:10:56 <Snerf>	To get under my skin 
Oct 12 01:11:20 <AlmaWade>	i think it worked
Oct 12 01:11:30 <Snerf>	Yes it did, do you feel better now?
Oct 12 01:11:45 <Snerf>	Mision Accomplished, as they say
Oct 12 01:11:58 <AlmaWade>	no
Oct 12 01:12:08 <AlmaWade>	i spilled fucking pepsi on my shirt
Oct 12 01:13:08 <Snerf>	Well, good bye then, unlike you who has no job, I need to sleep to go to mine to help pay for the food I put in my mouth, while you live off the govt since you cant find a minumum wasge job
Oct 12 01:13:19 <Snerf>	So, farewell
Oct 12 01:13:34 <AlmaWade>	i suck dicks for money behind the apple store :(
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed Oct 12 01:14:31 2011

As Provel in a later time:

<Provel> Session Start: Wed Oct 12 00:48:32 2011
<Provel> [00:48] <Provel> i have no boats
<Provel> [00:48] <Provel>  i only asked for support
<Provel> [00:49] <Snerf> And you were denied it, move along, its a free program
<Provel> [00:49] <Provel> also you had my ip when i joined the channel
<Provel> [00:49] <Snerf> I am sure you have plenty of other people to go bother
<Provel> [00:50] <Provel> also i asked a friend to ask you to unban me and you banned him because he asked
<Provel> [00:50] <Snerf> Are you still rambling?
<Provel> [00:50] <Snerf> Cant give it a rest, can you?
<Provel> [00:51] <Provel> im just wondering why you think that i did something
<Provel> [00:51] <Snerf> Why does it matter?
<Provel> [00:51] <Snerf> Look at all the problems you caused as a result of it. That justifies my actions
<Provel> [00:51] <Provel> um nope
<Provel> [00:52] <Provel> asking for help/support doesnt = problems in my book
<Provel> [00:52] <Snerf> Um yes it does
<Provel> [00:52] <Snerf> no, the flooding of all the bots, that was because of YOU!
<Provel> [00:52] <Provel> once again no
<Provel> [00:52] <Snerf> Yes, you can deny it all you want. byt they didnt just come for no reason, was not until I banned you
<Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> So, your fault buddy
<Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> And for that, I am pressing charges
<Provel> [00:53] <Provel> still no
<Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> Deny it all you want, you caused it
<Provel> [00:53] <Snerf> And you are still harassing me, as a result of it, cuz that wasnt good enough
<Provel> [00:54] <Provel> im not harassing you
<Provel> [00:54] <Snerf> Do you think you are required free support, for some reason?
<Provel> [00:55] <Provel> well the site doesnt say that you charge for support so yes
<Provel> [00:55] <Provel> also unless you forget i was trying to be helpful
<Provel> [00:55] <Snerf> Well, you are mistaken, you are not entitled to it, if I do not feel like giving it to you
<Provel> [00:56] <Snerf> If I dont want to give it, I dont have to, It is my choice, not yours.
<Provel> [00:56] <Snerf> My choice was, not to give it. I do not need to give you any reason to justify my reason
<Provel> [00:57] <Snerf> I dont care if you dont like it, suck it up, its a free program, go find another one
<Provel> [00:57] <Provel> then you should remove all irc links from the software and website
<Provel> [00:57] <Snerf> No
<Provel> [00:57] <Provel> why not
<Provel> [00:58] <Provel> you arent going to provide support
<Provel> [00:58] <Snerf> Not going to provide support to YOU
<Provel> [00:58] <Snerf> dont you understand that ?
<Provel> [00:58] <Provel> thats funny
<Provel> [00:59] <Snerf> I guess I did not mke it clear enough for you
<Provel> [00:59] <Provel> so if someone tries to help you you wont provide support
<Provel> [00:59] <Snerf> No, if somesighs
<Provel> [01:00] <Snerf> Your wasting my time
<Provel> [01:00] <Snerf> good  bye
<Provel> [01:00] <Provel> how was i a jackass?
<Provel> [01:00] * Snerf [01:01] <Provel> dude, i just wanted a better working version of ice chat
<Provel> [01:01] <Snerf> Why must you continue, ae you enjoying this?
<Provel> [01:02] <Snerf> Are you just online to piss people off?
<Provel> [01:02] <Snerf> cuz your doing a fine fucking jop of it
<Provel> [01:02] <Snerf> added to ignore
<Provel> [01:02] <Provel> ;_;

Like a foot:
<Snerf> fuck off
<Angelika> NO
<Snerf> I will not
<Snerf> I will only laugh
<Snerf> Cuz you are making yourself look like a foot

Snerf is really helpful:
[22:34:46] <CinoxFellpyre> Hi I was wondering
[22:35:17] <CinoxFellpyre> I really like Icechat, but i lost it when I got Linux, my HDD exploded
[22:35:38] <CinoxFellpyre> Is there a version of Icechat for Linux? And if not, can you work it under WINE?
[22:36:59] <CinoxFellpyre> Anyone on? o_o
[22:46:03] <@Snerf> Icechat 9 runs under Mono
[22:46:08] <@Snerf> which runs in Linux
[22:50:05] <CinoxFellpyre> Snerf: Do I need to manually compile it?
[22:50:16] <CinoxFellpyre> Or do I have a premade package?
[22:50:21] <@Snerf> yes it only has source code
[22:50:44] <CinoxFellpyre> When will the package come out?
[22:51:01] <Ahoalton> packages don't come out for linux
[22:51:09] <Ahoalton>
[22:51:13] <@Snerf> There will be no package for Linux, only source code
[22:51:19] <@Snerf> Windows will have the installs
[22:51:27] <Ahoalton> it tells you how to install monodevelop and compile code in documentation
[22:51:33] <Ahoalton> its not hard
[22:51:35] <CinoxFellpyre> But Ubuntu allows packages to be installed, even usermade ones.
[22:51:44] <CinoxFellpyre> And sadly I'm really bad at compiling.
[22:52:02] <@Snerf> The instructions are on the website Ahoalton posted
[22:52:04] <Ahoalton> all you have to do is open the .sln file and select build
[22:52:16] <bolado> Treino sem servidor
[22:52:16] <bolado> Treino sem servidor
[22:52:22] <Ahoalton> I give you step-by-step directions on how to do it CinoxFellpyre
[22:52:28] <Ahoalton> and it doesn't take long either5 
[22:52:37] <@Snerf> Just need to get MonoDevelop to compile it
[22:52:43] <Ahoalton> its not one of those long winded ones either
[22:52:50] <@Snerf> lol
[22:53:03] <Ahoalton> I've seen some long tutorials
[22:53:03] <CinoxFellpyre> MonoDevelop?
[22:53:35] <Ahoalton> the whole thing, from installing monodevelop to compiling to actually running
[22:54:06] <CinoxFellpyre> Um.....yea....can't you just make a package or something like most programmers do
[22:54:12] <CinoxFellpyre> a .deb file?
[22:54:18] <CinoxFellpyre> I think that's what it's called
[22:54:24] <@Snerf> Do you know how to make one?
[22:54:40] <CinoxFellpyre> Nope.
[22:54:44] <@Snerf> Neither do I
[22:54:50] <@Snerf> So, you get source code :)
[22:55:04] <CinoxFellpyre> Well, what about asking others?
[22:55:21] <CinoxFellpyre> Or is there Tutorials on those like they have for compiling?
[22:55:34] <@Snerf> I didnt find one
[22:55:40] <@Snerf> So, source code
[22:55:58] <@Snerf> You want a deb file, find out how to make one, your the 1st to complain :)
[22:56:47] <CinoxFellpyre> Well, if I do find one, will you be able to make it?
[22:57:02] <@Snerf> If I can do it, perhaps
[22:57:35] <CinoxFellpyre> Curious though, have you per chance actually looked?
[22:57:41] <@Snerf> Yes I have
[22:57:56] <@Snerf> Spent about an hour , found nothing, didnt care anymore, left it how it is
[22:58:13] <@Snerf> And frankly, no one has complained about it
[22:58:20] <@Snerf> So it didnt matter much to me
[22:58:23] <billao> #mixbr
[22:58:58] <@Snerf> al the linux users I know, prefer source code
[22:59:09] <CinoxFellpyre>
[22:59:17] <CinoxFellpyre> Well, just found this on the first page.
[22:59:40] <@Snerf> ok
[23:00:06] <CinoxFellpyre> Second result.
[23:00:12] <CinoxFellpyre> I put in how to make a .deb file
[23:00:49] <@Snerf> Considering I dont use Linux, It is not an issue for me
[23:01:21] <CinoxFellpyre> But it' issue for people who do? Especially those who can't compile?
[23:01:23] <CinoxFellpyre> x-x
[23:01:45] <@Snerf> The instructions are on the site in how to
[23:02:01] <@Snerf> its not a normal Linux program, its a Mono program , it is done differently
[23:02:08] <CinoxFellpyre> What's the difference?
[23:02:14] <@Snerf> a huge difference
[23:02:21] <@Snerf> w/o Mono, it wont run
[23:02:36] <@Snerf> so I am not even sure if it can be packaged
[23:03:29] <CinoxFellpyre> Mono...mono...what was it caled?
[23:03:41] <@Snerf> its just not a priority for me, thats all. The instructions on how to compile it are posted, and I am happy with that
[23:03:50] <inv0lt> man
[23:03:56] <@Snerf> since the majority of users are windows users
[23:03:57] <inv0lt> i im dcing sooo much
[23:04:05] <@Snerf> inv0lt, you sure are
[23:04:15] <inv0lt> its pissing me off
[23:04:34] <CinoxFellpyre> So wait, just because the majority is Windows, Linux is kind of shrugged off? :C
[23:04:35] <inv0lt> maybe cause im connetected to to many servers/channels
[23:05:02] <@Snerf> CinoxFellpyre, shrugged off?  if it was shrugged off, you wouldnt have anything
[23:05:08] <@Snerf> inv0lt, who knows
[23:05:21] <SeattleShmuck> you dont even know what linux is
[23:05:23] <@Snerf> CinoxFellpyre, the instructions are posted, on how to compile it
[23:05:41] <CinoxFellpyre> Will I need packages to compile?
[23:05:43] <CinoxFellpyre> Or something?
[23:05:51] <@Snerf> No install package has been made, thats all there is to it. I am sorry, but thats all I have to offer
[23:06:03] <@Snerf> I cant cater to everyones needs, I dont have that kind of time
[23:06:30] <CinoxFellpyre> Alright, well I just tried it now, and it broke.
[23:06:32] <CinoxFellpyre> >-<
[23:06:56] <@Snerf> Well, you need MonoDevelop, w/o that, you cant compile it
[23:07:22] <CinoxFellpyre> And where can I get it?
[23:07:42] <@Snerf> google is your friend , you seem to know how to use it :)
[23:08:43] <@Snerf>  , it is worth reading
[23:09:07] <CinoxFellpyre> Uh, there's no Ubuntu Mono.
[23:09:11] <CinoxFellpyre> At least in my version.
[23:09:44] <@Snerf> well, all the versions of Ubuntu I used had Mono
[23:09:56] <@Snerf> but mono is not monodevelop
[23:10:32] <@Snerf> mono is the set of libraries, monodev is the program used to write the code, compile it much easier
[23:11:09] <CinoxFellpyre> wait
[23:11:16] <CinoxFellpyre> I need the Libraries?
[23:11:51] <@Snerf> Just use the Ubuntu software package program
[23:12:17] <@Snerf> It should let you install Mono, if you havent
[23:12:29] <@Snerf> cant help you much more then that, I am no Ubuntu expert
[23:12:44] <@Snerf> just enough to use it and test icechat 9 with 
[23:14:57] <CinoxFellpyre> Ok then

Tech Support Contact Information[edit]

Name: Paul Vanderzee
Phone: (250) 933-1987
Street: 6213 Farber Way
Province: British Columbia
City: Lantzville
Zip/Postal: V0R2H0

Give him a call and ask if he supports Linux.

Paul tries to hide[edit]

On October 16, Paul tried to hide by deleting fucking everything after being trolled and having his dox dropped. He even made a statement on the failbook page claiming victory. However this is a lie.


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