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A country get pwnt by a company with such a faggoty logo adds extra salt to the wounds. OH THE HUMANITY!

Iceslave, (officially known as The Icesave Debt Negotiations) is a diabolical plot by British and Neanderthal Jews to enslave the good Nordic People of Iceland. It is also a 3.9 Billion Euro extortion attempt by the Dutch and British on tiny Iceland.

A Very Brief History[edit]

See Also Bailout Plan

Prior to 2007 Iceland had been debt free, its people had been enjoying simple lives as fishermen and working in the tourist industry. Little did they know that their banking system was being infiltrated by powerful forces involving the Russian Mafia and the International Zionist banking cabal.

Then in 2007 and 2008 Chk Chk Boom! The world had a ginormous Jew cock snapped off in its ass where the global economy took a giant shit. This economic downfall was the work of neo-cohen agents. This led to the ruin of many banks including all of Iceland's banks.

Icefail accounts[edit]

File:Icelandic jihad.jpg
Icelandic terrorist planning suicide bombings against poor British depositors

Landsbanki was one particular Icelandic bank that generated a great deal of lulz during its failure. This was due to the fact that Landsbanki had a product called an "Icesave account" which they aggressively enlisted many greedy British and Dutch depositors to put billions of jew gold into these Icesave accounts. These greedy Brits and Neanderthals were attracted by the high interest rates of the Icesave accounts but were too stupid to notice that Landsbanki was a piece of shit bank. When Landsbanki wikicided, they left British and Dutch governments holding the bag. The British and Dutch governments reimbursed the deposits of their citizens then assumed that tiny Iceland would pay them back 3.9 Billion Euros. When Iceland refused, the British declared Iceland a terrorist country and froze assets of Landsbanki, assets belonging to the Central Bank of Iceland, and the Government of Iceland relating to Landsbanki. The British took advantage of anti-terrorism provisions implemented after 9-11 to do this. Regardless of these actions, there wasn't enough jew gold in the frozen assets to cover the losses incurred by the Brits and the Dutch.

Where did the money go?[edit]

IRL Troll Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson says the money that he lost went to Money-Heaven.
I have nothing to say to them. I am not a criminal and never have been.When you lose capital in this way, a lot of money goes to money-heaven. The value that has been wiped off the stock markets, the deposits in the banks and investment funds has gone. [It] has evaporated. It's a common misunderstanding to ask: where did the money go?


—Billionaire IRL Troll and former owner of Icesave Björgólfsson, sauce

The Offer made to Iceland that they can't refuse[edit]

British and Dutch negotiators offered that Iceland pay up the all the jew gold and pay a ridiculous interest rate on the portion that hasn't been paid. Essentially the deal would have forced Iceland to be a slave for at least 100 generations in order to pay the debt. Regardless of the unfair conditions, Iceland's trap Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir and her cronies agreed to the deal. However, luckily for Iceland, Anonymous in Iceland got involved and organized on online poll against the deal that got 80,000 signatures or a quarter of Iceland's population to sign. Iceland's president then cunt punted the Prime Minister Johanna and forced the deal to go to a referendum. Last Saturday Icelanders went to the polls and 93% of them rejected the deal.


The TL;DW Truth about the Banking Mafia Trying to Pillage Iceland[edit]

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