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Icze4r is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)


Icze4r (pronounced "Weeb-Zilla"), Powerword: Margaret Mary J. Gel, is a 14 year old girl who tries to fuck adult women and twitter lolcow that claims to be a black, jewish, intersex lesbian scientist but somehow manages to spend literally all her time on twitter posting shit. She is actually a white, vertically retarded 4'7" 80 pound titless Australian bitch pretending to be black using a shitty voice changer. She also routinely speaks of having a penis (a component not frequently found on non-tranny lesbians) and held a multiple day obsession with "horse pussy." Margaret has been known to use a voice changer to make videos, also a symptom of having been born a man. Like most Twitter lolcows, Icze4r's hatred of ED, Anonymous and The GNAA most likely all stem from a severe case of the 'spergs. She has been caught in multiple incidents involving bawwing to EDiots about their behavior and how they are so immature. The irony in this, though, would be that she claims us the butthurt ones, and that she was, and still is, the successful troll. Deviantart-favicon.png Her shitty dA account contains weeaboo faggotry pertaining to Sailor Moon, art of her mother as an anthropomorphic salamander(which she faps to), and, of course, shitty anti-domestic abuse stamps. She is a confirmed furfag and hipster. Her liberal tendencies, LGBT/humanitarian beliefs, unfunniness, meme usage, incestual tendencies and overall whininess makes every other twitter fag look like a normal person in comparison. Although more than thirty people have corrected her shit, she still persists and demands attention. It was revealed through leaked emails that Margaret has been having sex with her mother and aunt and breastfeeding from both of them.

Real Identity[edit]

Dumb whore.

Icze4r has a history of impersonating others and stealing their accounts. Here is what we know about her for sure: Her name is Margaret Mary J. Gel. It is not known what the J. stands for. She is 4 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 80 pounds, and has no tits to speak of. Delicious flat chest. She claims to be both albino and intersex. She claims she lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was formerly a child prostitute who spent her childhood being raped and traded, leading to her hatred of pedophiles. Owned by at least 3 pedophiles, she was sexually mutilated leading to incontinence. She has claimed that female pedophiles have mutilated her penis. She confirmed she was raped multiple times, when she was 5 years old and 5 years ago.

Margaret's history of impersonation has been well documented on this page. She has been stealing usernames and impersonating people for years now. She's used various aliases and assumed identities to hide from her crimes and escape unscathed. It has been confirmed that she was CrookedTrees, a sick fuck My Little Pony artist.

Margaret has stated before that she is a voice actor, an artist, and that she has made "comic books".

Pictures of a tranny midget About missing Pics
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Stolen Identities and Impersonations[edit]

Icze4r has used several different usernames in an attempt to hide. They are as follows: CrookedTrees, TheBoogie, PlantPenetrator, MeaConscientia, jcharlesmachiavelli, SirRailgun, RailGunner, Acrylicsoup, Toriningendesertparty, K-Halfnoise, Svefn, Askpinkamenadianepie, Askscootaloothesadist, Illunisghosts, CassetteRecorder and Unicoitu. Barbara Goodson and Marilyn Schreffler. Under the name Barbara Goodson she voiced Laharl from Disgaea, and under the name Marilyn Schreffler she voiced the character "Winnie Werewolf" in Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School. She has also dubbed Rita Repulsa, though under which alias is currently not known. She has also used the assumed names of Chihiro Onitsuka, Ken Ashcorp, Nyanners, and Videogamedunkey. She is also currently impersonating Twitter-favicon.png JuniusThaddeus.


Some of the art she used to draw as CrookedTrees.
CrookedTrees Icze4r Art2.PNG
CrookedTrees Icze4r Art3.PNG

You know her as Icze4r or Margaret Gel, but years ago the name she went by was CrookedTrees. CrookedTrees was her name when she drew My Little Pony porn. Archive today-ico.png She's even admitted to it. While trying to fight "doxing" Archive today-ico.png her email was revealed. She's had dozens of usernames: SirRailgun. RailGunner. Acrylicsoup. Toriningendesertparty. Crookedtrees. K-Halfnoise. Svefn. She ran Askpinkamenadianepie and Askscootaloothesadist, two guro pony art tumblrs, and a failed pony tumblr called Illunisghosts. The last usernames I heard she was using was CassetteRecorder and Unicoitus, though she has a tendency to steal others usernames and impersonate them.

When she was drawing ponyshit, she creeped out even the bronies. She would draw guro and rape porn, to the point where she was run off of Tumblr when bronies sent death threats to her and her parents. She tried to delete fucking everything but her art is still up everywhere.

She may claim to not be a furry or a brony but she's been to dozens of furry and brony conventions, selling her art there.


Another one of her many personalities were recently exposed as being Doodletones, when he tried to take on MisterMetokur, because he dunked on deviantards for their disgusting fetishes.

We'd recognize that fake voicebox anywhere

But this is not the only evidence. No, when you compare YouTube Favicon.png this to YouTube Favicon.png this you realize it is the same fucking guy.

Horse Pussy and deleted tweets[edit]

Margaret Gel, coming under increasing scrutiny (eventually leading to a feature article on Ralph) deleted nearly a quarter million tweets, eliminating all but replies from her mooks. Safe to say that in addition to it's incestual tendencies it also wants to or already has fucked a horse. https://twitter.com/morealias/status/537819111351267328 https://twitter.com/DreadMorgan/status/537817628052836352 https://twitter.com/morealias/status/538142240283955201

It has drawn shitty porn of horses being fucked.

As if it hasn't failed enough, it also claims to get paid to dress up as a pony. No doubt made by its mommy.


"You will undoubtedly look back on this moment with shock"

On September 14th, 2011, she hacked into the Twitter account Horse_ebooks, and then later sold it to Buzzfeed.

September 14, when Horse_ebooks [...] started posting them directly "from the web." It had always tweeted asinine search-engine optimization and blog-monetizing sales pitches, but now there seemed to be a few more sprinkled in with the insane interjections. This led to the strangest phenomenon of all: dozens of smart, funny insightful people spending day after day on Twitter, complaining, "Horse_ebooks SUCKS now," even tweeting at the account itself and berating it. Just picture someone getting mad at a bot, like your roommate irrationally screaming "fuck you" at a microwave display that counted down to zero and scrolled, "Enjoy...your...meal...."



Former African dictator Mobutu Sese Seko

ED/4Chan/Twitter Drama[edit]

How embarrassing.
@TheBattleAngel Calm down, you sperglord. Nobody bought ED They're just sick of paying out of pocket to run it and want to do something else


Twitter-favicon.png Anonymous UK

Her severe case of the 'spergs led to her picking a fight with ED, Anonymous and The GNAA. Even though she uses 4Chan constantly, and pays close attention to the activity of ED and its founders, when the opportunity arises, she bitches about how "pathetic" they are, even though she spends all her time bitching about them. Not only does she think that 4Chan, M00t, ED, Anonymous and The GNAA need to go under FBI investigation, but she also seems to have entirely alluded the fact that ED is not for advertising. She claimed that no one would want to advertise on ED. The irony here, though, is that she seems to think of everyone else as being the butthurt ones. That being said, despite all of the petty threats and arguments made on her part, she is the one who claims to have won. But don't even try and confront her on this issue, for she will only block you after the first comment.

On Twitter[edit]

This person is more famously known as "TBA" on Twitter, which is short for Twitter-favicon.png TheBattleAngel. This retard managed to get 12,000 sticks up her ass by following robots that follow back within a day or so in order to seem more important, when in reality it could be more appropriately explained with a bit of history.

For whatever reason, this idiot thought it'd be a wise idea to fuck with not only 4chan and ED, but also goons using Twitter - the latter of which have a known grudge against this asshole (if they happen to use Twitter). This wasn't a good idea and made her a lolcow long before this article was started. Despite any excuses that she makes in order to imply she isn't an idiot that basically reverts to saying MUH FREEDUMS, nobody likes this person except for a small crowd of unknowing people that she has chosen to keep close and use for validation instead of her usual butthurt blameshifting antics. Nobody liked the personality this person had to offer, and so nearly everyone disowned this person almost immediately upon meeting them.

Eventually, this dumbass stopped trying to gain bot followers for the sole purpose of trying to intimidate other users she encountered on Twitter with an imagined fanbase, and they are currently trying to do things that shrink responsibility for the sheer levels of stupidity and drama she brought on herself multiple times.

If you ever encounter this person and want to troll them, just remind her that "writers suck". Repeating that exact phrase has a seemingly trigger warning affect and could be useful for more lulz. It will literally reply to literally anything, just insult it and watch it sperg. It's fun for the whole family! Rape triggers it especially.

It especially does not like being called a cuck, a SJW, a shill, or JonTron.

Better yet, ask it if it enjoyed being raped, and ask it about it fucking its mother. Ask it if it likes the taste of mommy's milk.


so i was fingering my asshole tonight and i pull my hands back and they're covered in blood

merry christmas [Tweetsave]


i'm just standing there sniffing my hands, wondering why i'm bleeding

it was anal and vaginal blood[Tweetsave]


whenever my ass is bleeding, i just want to wipe the blood on my hands onto my face

i don't know why Tweetsave]


@eyecat14 @WeeabooGenocide oh holy shit your homepage is encyclopedia dramatica. fuck off you dipshit


@zaiger @eyecat14 @WeeabooGenocide oh good look at all the alphabet soup after your name. fuck you and fuck #GNAA


@Death2Furries @zaiger @eyecat14 @WeeabooGenocide for one, their founder's in prison. For two, that means they're being watched


—Confusing Weev for being the leader of GNAA as opposed to being ED's founder. Not even newfags screw-up this bad.

@Villyne @Death2Furries nope. i talked about how i'd never buy anything from people who advertise with them and they got butt HURT


@Death2Furries @Villyne even attempting to link the encyclopedia dramatica offended page to me proves you're an underaged faggot


@Death2Furries @Equivamp @WikiNorn what the fuck is wrong with you? why do you all look like you have head injuries


@nathanradd because anonymous doesn't have a brain :<


Hey Anonymous! You know hacking North Korea could be perceived as an act of U.S. aggression, right? FUCKIN QUIT IT!


sexy pokemon


—See also:Pokephilia

Furfaggotry and incest[edit]

Raquel (aka, Icze4r's mother).

"Raquel" is not Icze4r's wife, but is actually Icze4r's mother. A photobucket has turned up containing photos of Icze4r and a woman wearing furry underwear. The photos of the woman are named mom. The woman's name is Raquel Silestra, a writer.

Considering the content of Raquel's writing and the nude photos that have been found in Icze4r's photobucket, it can be assumed that Icze4r is involved in an incestual relationship with her mother. Icze4r won't shut up about milfs or lactation, leading to the conclusion that she's breastfeeding from her mother. Judging by the porn she posts on Twitter and the images she's drawn of her mother it can be assumed her mother dresses up as anime characters for her and jerks her off. They often yiff in their fursuits. It can be accused that her mother is lactating.

Her mother regularly sends her pics of herself by text and Twitter. However, Icze4r has complained that her mother will not fuck her, making Icze4r the first person to be cucked by their mother.

On her twitter, though, she'll try and convince you that she isn't a furry. She pretends to be very critical of the furry fandom as a whole, even despite admitting to having very close relations with one of its members, her mother.

Icze4r's mother About missing Pics
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Icze4r's mom's nudes About missing Pics
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Recently in a series of tweets, it showed off its fursuit to its followers.

Incestual relationship with Rachel[edit]

Icze4rRachel Date1.png
Icze4rRachel Date2.png

Rachel (last name unknown) is Icze4r's aunt. These nudes were found in leaked emails. It is suspected Icze4r is also fucking her aunt.

From leaked emails and photos, it would appear Rachel is the woman Icze4r refers to as his "step mom" and "milk mother" on Twitter. Apparently Rachel breastfed Icze4r, leading to Icze4r's lactation fetish.

When Icze4 deleted nearly a quarter million tweets, he also hid evidence of his sexual relationship with his aunt. Icze4r told a story of pestering his "step mom" for a date for 3 years. In his email were pictures of Rachel on this date.

After this date it appears Rachel began to send her nephew Icze4r increasingly lewd photos of herself, including photos of her titfucking another man. So Icze4r has been cucked by both her mother and her aunt.

Many of the photos are from Rachel's phone, but hundreds are taken from her webcam, many of which are sexual in nature, leading to the conclusion that Rachel continued the relationship online.

These webcam photos will be posted here in their entirety.

Rachel taking a selfie for her niece.
Full collection of photos Rachel has sent her nephew About missing Pics
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Nudes of Rachel About missing Pics
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Portions of private data and her emails have been leaked. The following images (and nudes) have been found, emailed by a "Debra Connor." Nudes were also found of Icze4r's aunt. Who's nudes these are is still not known, though it is probably one of Icze4r's family members.

Nudes of wife/possibly cousin[edit]

Its wife sucking another man's dick
Disgustingly fat
Fat folds or tits?
The only time she got off in
the relationship

Its wife is apparently a shitty camwhore who has been known to show her lopsided tits for Adderall. Her name is Rebecca Romaine. She is a pediatrician in Las Vegas. Judging by Icze4r's history, this may not actually be her wife, but maybe instead another family member.

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Her shitty videos[edit]

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real voice on stream

Unsorted Gallery[edit]

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