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The Indonesian islands are some of the filthiest and most dangerous places in the world. Muslim extremists, pollution and violence are commonplace and approximately dozens of Chinese babies get killed every year.


—A normal white person's description of Indonesia

Typical Indonesians
A tsunami is all that's needed to wash away these savages.
May I please hang one instead? The water is full of shit!
Stupid shoreniggers get butthurt over Australia's allegiance to the Jews and Israel

Little Rapistan or Mainland Asia's shit, is a third world shit pit of an archipelago populated by hordes and hordes of stupid shore niggers that were once ruled over by the Dutch. Indonesians, being the retards they are with evolution far less than even an orangutan, routinely fuck up their country by burning vast chunks of rainforest and causing haze which kills them, destroying private property and eating normal human beings alive. These morons don't even know that if it weren't for the human race, they would still be running around naked in the jungles and being eaten alive by tigers.

Islamic missionaries from the Sand Nigger Territories (Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Syria) visited Indonesia before and taught them Islam, bad choice, as they have turned these subhumans overly conservative and wanting 4 wives. At least they could create some hideous huts and make fire. This made them extremely racist and their warped mentalities were further worsened by 300 years of reconditioning by the Dutch. Reconditioning turned these abominations into the Chinese and Jew hating freaks of today. Because of the simple-mindedness of an Indonesian mind which can't process normal English, they misunderstood the perfectly normal teachings of the Dutch and instead killed Chinese and raped their women while creating a pathetic excuse for a culture, such as being late all the time and getting married even at 12!. It also led them to warp proper English into their own abortion of English mixed with Malay, Bahasa Indonesia.

Other names for Indonesians include: Muz, Muzzies, Muztards, MacDonald House bombers, Coastal coons, Orangutan rapists, Komodo klan islanders, Terrorists, Aboriginal-asian hybrids, False mongoloids, Anti-Chinese, Asian shitskins, Asian Arabs, Christian incinerators, Jew destroyers, Suicide bombers, Tropical ragheads, Foaming rags, Muzlamic freakazoids, Asian niggers or their scientific name Simia Indonesius, the Shore Monkey OR simply, the Shore Nigger OR the Palm Oil Nigger. Not to be confused by the Sea Niggers up north in the Philippines (Simia Philippinoius), their other cousins in the middle eastern sweaty sands, the Sand Niggers (Simia Arabician) or the Communist cunts in Russia, also known as the Snow Niggers (Simia Russius Frigus) OR their African cousins in Africa, the Niggers (Simia Africanus). Indonesians are even uglier than the Chinese and are filthy, cannibalistic degenerates with bloodthirst to match angry sand niggers wanting to bomb twin towers. Like the nigger family Indonesians come from, they are all very sexual and perverted, they have great amounts of strength and endurance, they lust after white girls the most and many are incapable of living in a peaceful first world civilization. Indonesians get instant boners from seeing skin and would rape anyone who showed at least 30% of their skin and would try to spread AIDS, also to white girls if possible. All have very large, NOPE, TINY penises except for Filipinos, who have the smallest PENises and MELONs in the world.

Indonesians have a very nasty habit of trying to escape their rat-infested islands and going on a holy Jihad to Europe to rape all the women to death, destroy and bomb churches and synagogues, and of course, to cuck the silly Swedes and Germans. Indonesians consider Indonesia to be the most tolerant Islamic country in the world, but its' a lie considering Christians are butchered to death everyday.

The entire country has hardly progressed at all because actual humans are a minority, the majority are Native Indonesians with evolution far less than a monkey and skulls so damn thick that they never learn at all, a trait common with the common Sand Nigger native to the scorching wastelands of the Middle East. This country is another version of Pakistan and it is covered in crappy cities and sprawling slums with thick rainforest often destroying a building or two. Christians, Japanese, Jews and ESPECIALLY Chinese are hated here, a common Indonesian main course is a boiled China Baby stuffed with shit and Indonesians hate rich people, thinking they stole their cash when in reality, they are too fucking stupid to get a proper job and their money gets scammed by Whitey on a daily basis since the majority have no common sense.

The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta which is known for its 24/7 traffic jams where walking is so much faster and the only away to make progress is motorcycle weaving through a sea of cars. Since Shore Niggers were enslaved by the Dutch to build railways, most of them get instant PTSD upon seeing any form of long vehicle public transport, which is why Jakarta has no fucking subway, bus system, underground or trains; making the traffic extremely godawful. Another contributing factor is the extreme pollution this city experiences, which is why most Indonesians use shitty-ass diesel cars, making the air even more toxic. Indonesia is also competing with Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Somalia, Syria and Africa to clinch the no. 1 spot as the Rape Capitol of the world and while the rape stats are horrifying, 90% of rapes are not reported as women who do so get 20 lashes and are raped even more (typical Muslims). Hiding in the sewers will not make your situation better, many Indonesians live there and come out of the surface to drag any unwitting infidel down to the sewers for ritual sacrifice to appease Allah

Known as the South Africa of Asia, the kindhearted Chinese who try to give them school and proper cities get killed and eaten alive by the Indonesians.


Indonesian still eat the same shit that their ancestors ate
Awwww! These Indonesian slaves look so happy and healthy!

A long time ago, 400 years to be almost exact, Indonesia was a massive archipelago with tons of resources and the Dutch, seeing the opportunity to gain massive income and to use hordes of smelly shore niggers as slave labor, landed on their shit pits and started a glorious regime. The Dutch ruled Indonesia for 300 years, creating majestic towns by nearly out of the resources found and exploiting an average Indonesian's stupidity and simple-mindedness, got massive slave trade and reconditioned these subhumans to become less violent and to know basic labor. Large towns and cities were formed, trade ports were built and extreme wealth was sent back to the Netherlands. Indonesia became a rich, thriving country with large safes full of gold.

However, the Japanese came and invaded the shit pit clusterfuck! The Dutch put up a fierce fight and killed many Japanese, but the Japanese were smart, they knew that the 30 million niggers were sick and tired of the 25 million inbreds keeping them as slaves and they told the shoreniggers that they were the liberators and freed all of them. Together, the monkeys and Japs eradicated the "Dutch Bastards" and took many as sex slaves and as mentioned before, the Japanese are smart, so they double-crossed the shitskins and put them to work. However the Japanese decided to be nice and gave them bananas, making them happy so they can create better houses and enslave even more Dutch. A few years later, The Jewnited States dropped the mighty Ass Burgers Nuke on Japan and the Japanese had no choice but to surrender. The remaining 1 million Dutch wanted to reclaim Indonesia, but they were weary and had no choice but to let these shore niggers go and be free.

In just a few weeks, the country of Indonesia was formed and would eventually become the South Africa of Asia. Indonesians, being the violent and merciless muslims they are, killed atheists, Christians, nonbelievers, Communists and Chinese. 300 years of Dutch reconditioning proved useless against them, and to this day, they are Arab/Czech/German diehard wannabes, Hitler fanboys, dealing drugs, compulsively littering, killing Chinese and trying to make half-breeds with whitey, though no white man in his right mind would fuck a creature less intelligent than an orangutan.


Indonesia is filled with scumfuck sandy niggas that populate every island of the Indonesian Shit Archipelago, turning the once-beautiful islands into polluted wastelands. They are the most disgusting and hideous freakazoids you could ever encounter, which is made worse through sandnigger genes, making Indonesian Coons hairy as fuck. The sworn enemy of the Coastal Coon is the Rice Nigger (AKA: The Jews of Asia) who scam them and gain millions of the 250 million retarded niggers living there. The ragheads fight the Chinks better than most, they periodically hold riots and rampages to kill thousands of Chinese when they are particularly mad. Despite being genetically inferior subhumans, they are also racist as hell as they hate Christians, Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Singaporeans and ESP. Chinese; As if they couldn't be more hypocritical, they are against the contamination of the pure Aryan race but they always what to marry them!

Indonesians are a special case of ruin caused by the government: There are at least 245 million shoreniggers in Indonesia and the Jewpanese, Americunts and Britfags give them a shitload of welfare and aid programs to their horrible shitpit yet they can't progress in society, wasting millions of much-needed cash. However, a few Indonesians manage to rise up from the muck and slime and manage to finally become SOMEONE!


Indonesian men are the niggers of Asia, alongside Indians, Pakis and Filipinos. These muscular, strong and extremely violent species of ape which pose just as much of a threat as the common sand nigger are the local scum of Indonesia. Because of their terrible stink and sheer ugliness, Indonesian women love golddigging whites which they call Bule. They wear smelly towels and weird hats on or around their sweaty heads which contain an unusually thick skull and a minuscule brain; wear sandels all the fucking time (even in winter). Being Shore Niggers, they are extremely lazy and instead of contributing to society, they run around causing chaos, being negro-like in appearance, killing infidels and resembling burrito shit in both looks and smell. Silicon Dioxide + Dihydrogen Monoxide Negroes' monobrows are startlingly reminiscent of two fuzzy caterpillar moths trying to eat each other.


Indonesian women are ugly as hell, and like their male counterparts, they are all extremely hairy and smelly (even the children). They are called moving black objects because they wear Burkas, making them look like garbage bags; Bonus points for emitting a terrible stench. They often work as sex slaves, prostitutes, cleaners or beggars. When they aren't wearing bedspreads or garbage bags, these luscious ladies resemble little more than female wookiees. It is not uncommon for husband and wife to share the same facial razor.

True Humans[edit]

Actual Chinese are a minority in Indonesia, and after Indonesia's reenactment of the Lollercaust, they can't return to China as they now can only speak English and Indonesian.

Indonesian Culture[edit]

The typical name for any Indonesian buck. He is also trying to invade Singapore
2 asspie white trash kids fail at an Indonesian tribal dance, the dance should be 266% more retarded

Indofags have created a pathetic excuse of a culture in a bid to look cool to the rest of the world. Abandoning their once OK culture, they now rape white women or women who dress slutty in anyway, are always late no matter what, kill Chinese and rape orangutans and are all rolled in one gigantic gangbang alongside shitbits invented by false inventors. Time is bullshit in the Eastern Caliphate, these retards love being late, even by a hour, how stupid and uncreative is that? They also love having kids, the tropical sand niggers of the inferior gender pop out shittons of children while barely being able to feed themselves. Your friendly local Java Buck loves to screw as many fat Java sows as he can and boast to the Chinese millionaire living 50 miles away on what a playa he is while driving the already shitty economy on the road to madness. Most Chinese women who date Indonesian men often end up dead or mutilated.

Indonesian culture is one of the worst in the world since most coastal coons are too fucking stupid to create a decent culture at all, their idiotic customs are a retarded blend of Muslim, Arab and Tribal cultures with shitbits invented by false inventors. Common names for Indonesians include: Abdullah, Ameen, Aisha, Batman, Suparman, Muhammad or Mohammad, Abdul, Ali, Amir, Annisa, Aisyah, Aziz, Ahmad, Hassan, Habibie, Hidayat, Ibrahim, Nur, Nurul, Rahman, Taufik, Wulandari, Umar, Yovan, Budi, Natalena, Laili, Nasution, Hutagaol, Sitompul, Karokaro, Rajagukguk, Sinaga, Amuata, Falakhi, Laoly, Marunduri, Ote, Wau, Belawan, Manuwu, Ngayoh, Kuntai, Unus, Ratulangi, Gerungan, Sondakh, Mongilong, Waworuntu, Tambayong, Suebu, Maniani, Wanggai and Wonda. More realistic names are Suicide Bomber, Hand Chopper, Coastal Coon, Coon, False Mongoloid, Retard, Terrorist, Rampage Instigator, etc.

Not only are Indonesians perverted thugs, criminals, rapists, racists, terrorists and Islamic Fanatics, but they treat the White Devils like celebrities. No one knows why the fuck they do that, but its fucking retarded. Apparently an Indonesian's brain (not the indigenous Shore Niggers of Malaysia that are smarter and more mature) is so underdeveloped that the perfectly normal teachings of the Dutch made them worship them, not viewing them as just slavemasters. However, Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Pakistan are turning this relatively Westernised country into an Islamic shithole, so white devils visiting will have a much higher chance of being executed or raped.

Shore nigger terrorists follow a magical book called The Koran, which is a slightly less lengthy version of the Holly Babble. The only difference is that it contains a somewhat more descriptive account of the Muslims' annihilation of those infidels who dared to practice peaceful religions, somewhat more child rape (which is not rape, since it's not prohibited) primarily on the part of known pedophile Muhammad. Islam (pronounced moose-limb) is also distinct from Christianity and Judaism because it has a system of mind control known as the so-called "Five Pillars"- rape, murder, slavery, pedophilia and goatfucking/aperaping. All of which are considered obligatory for all Muslims because, let's face it, it's easier to take advantage of racially inferior niggers when they pound their head into the earth five times a day and don't eat for an entire month.

All women (called moving black objects because they dress like garbage bags) from this horrible shit pit are either sold as sex slaves or sent to The UK and US to blow people up (but not if we blow them up first!). Since they have no rights, if they go out of the kitchen, they will get brutally stoned to death.

Indonesians love this shit

Characteristics of the local muslims in Indonesia[edit]

Bestselling book in Indonesia
  • Ugly as fuck
  • As they have sandnigger genes, they are extremely hairy. This has led to animal control in other countries to accidentally put an Indonesian in a zoo. Just kidding, they are so ugly and hairy to the point of going to jail for disturbing the peace wit their freakish looks almost all the time.
  • They love to illegally immigrate, especially to Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US.
  • Annoying as hell
  • Accent is twice as annoying as them
  • Always butthurt over East Asians
  • Will all have the book on the right

Indonesians are fucking ugly (Only the idiot majority), and they are extremely hairy and smelly. Being Austronesian scum, they resemble Failipinos, Doongahs, Volcano Men, Swamp Niggers and Street Shitters and the sandnigger genes make them look like Paki Nuke Smugglers, Syrian Scum, Somalicoons and Detroit Taxi Drivers. Since they are so stupid, while not bombing MacDonald houses, schools, churches and Jews, they work as prostitutes, cleaners, garbagemen, taxi drivers, scrap collecters and street cleaners. Being Islamic, all their minds are ingrained with the rule: ALL INFIDELS MUST FUCKING DIE!!!, and sometimes, they will terrorize churches or drag a Jew to the sewers for butchering or burning.

Indonesians are good swimmers after swimming in their shitty swamps, making them extremely fast in water bodies, some even swimming against fast-flowing rivers. One shore nigger decided to swim a large river, he washed up to the ocean and ended up in Madagascar. Shoreniggers may be good swimmers, but they are scared of the ocean. The aforementioned shore nigger fainted in the ocean and floated through, so he made it to Madagascar. The ocean is fucking gay, but the combined powers of Islam, pollution (limits reflections), fear of the oceans and sandynigger genes make them remain as super-conservative retards.

Worthless, backwards, idiotic Mudslimes.




—Indonesian riot leader using a machine gun, killing many Chinese

In a country of 260 million lunatics, there are bound to be at least a million gun-toting maniacs ready to kill. However, killing the Yellow Peril is hard, especially when you're young, dumb and Indonesian. But still, the infidels must fucking die. While most male Indonesians prefer to die violently at a young age, there are a select few who decide to take it up a notch; They often carry assault rifles, shotguns and bazookas, ruling the seas or alleyways and brutally murdering any Chinese or Japanese that leave the high-security East Asian manors.

Shore niggers perform their supremely retarded war dance

Indonesian Cuisine[edit]

A scary as fuck caterpillar that looks like a turd to you, but a delicious treat for your local Indonesian

As with their filthypino/Sea Nigger cousins up north in the filipenis islands who eat unhatched ducks and dead dogs, Indonesians love eating what normal human beings consider inedible such as bird turd caterpillars, mega maggots and of course, diesel and obscene amounts of chicken patty grease.

Living in the jungles have turned Indonesians into feral animals with no remorse and the willpower to eat almost anything. The owner of a massive landfill has to keep super poor Indonesians from stealing his garbage bags to eat the shit inside. The typical Indonesian diet consists of 4 tins of high fat milk, 10 roasted cockroaches, a dead fish and tree bark for breakfast, for lunch its 2 bananas, low-quality beer, a raw coconut, 5 mashed caterpillars and if they are lucky, a freshly boiled China Baby or a pile of crap. Dinner is no better, its a garbage bag full of trash, an entire canister of gasoline, double deep-fried chikinz, oversized crickets and a platter of any bugs they can find. Disgusting? Fuck yes.

Most valuable foodstuff in the Indofag Islands:

  • Dead wild boar
  • High quality LV98 petrol only for the elite Chinese.
  • Nasi Lemak, gross rice wrapped in banana leaves with scoville 90K sauce.
  • Tuna, the smellier, THE BETTER
  • Sexual Organs such as testicles, cocks and ovaries
  • Over buttered and fried shit, often with 2 prebutterings
  • Massive crickets

Offshore Indonesians[edit]

While a good amount of Indonesians are too poor to leave their shitty islands, there are some that manage to afford plane tickets by any means (stealing, armed robbery, burglary and safe destroying via stolen C4s) and decide to move to many places. They can be found in a wide variety of countries such as Asstrailia, The Jewnited States of Americunts, Stinkapore, Hong Dong, Soviet Canuckistan and the Netherlands. While Indonesians in the US and Canada are usually the Chinese, more civilized people who work high wage IT jobs and study at good universities, the minority, who are true shore niggers, are savages who work minimum wage jobs and dwell in Asian ghettos with their Fillipenis, Myanmar and Vietnamese cousins. These native Indofag subhumans treat men like gods, while giving wimminz and chinks the worst treatment possible, while their women breed prodigiously, having herds of 12 to 15 children with nigger-of-any-kind baby daddies which bleeds the economy dry. Together with Niggers, Mexicans, other Southeast Asian scum and smelly sand niggers, they are a formidable threat to the US and could turn the entire country into a chaotic amalgam of the third world shit pits all these races came from.

For more info on Indonesians in Hong Dong and Stinkapo- I MEAN HONG KONG AND SINGAPORE, see the Indonesia VS Singapore and Hong Kong War


Back in the yesteryear, where Injuns roamed the great plains only to get brutally slaughtered by bears and Chinese were still ruled by emperors, Southeast Asia was a pirate-infested, scum-laden chunk of brutal water. Indonesians were often taken in as slaves by the various pirate clans for brutal labor only Niggers can withstand. In European pirate ships, some Indonesian slaves managed to rise up the ranks and the few of the best joined the crew and participated in raids and plundering, which the Indonesians took to happily, as it's their natural instinct; Some Indonesians even had white wives, which shows their white devil fetish was prevalent that long ago.

Hobbies of a typical citizen of Indonesia[edit]

Indonesians butthurt over documentary about Muhammad
Indonesians are sick of Aussie travelers who are always either drunk or busy in Child Sex trade (sometimes they travel to Thailand for better rates & more poverty stricken children).
The national sport of Indonesia
Indonesians use this manual to stone women better.
Ask for it and you shall receive the blessing of Islam.
  • Having some of the filthiest and shittiest living conditions in the world and having the USA and Australia fucking hate them.
  • Bombing Singapore MacDonald Houses.
  • Mutilating vaginas of millions of girls.
  • Hating on Donald Trump with a burning passion to stand up for their sand nigger friends.
  • Having some of the worst education in the world as sCKoOL IZ gAaY!!11! as an Indonesian would say, but all Indonesians need to know to survive is how to kill, destroy, chop down trees or be able to do some other minimum wage jobs. For females, they can just be social media whores and prostitutes.
  • Going to jail to get smarter. (Chinese University: University, Indonesian University: ISIS or Prisons)
  • Getting eaten alive by komodo dragons, tigers and crocodiles.
  • Being late all the fucking time.
  • Eating gross insects and rotten fish while drinking sewage and gasoline.
  • Burning down churches and destroying schools.
  • Training their women to be naive and to get married in their teens, creating more poverty and useless kids.
  • Sending women abroad as child soldiers or maids to Singapore and Hong Kong to fight the Chinese there and to supplement their lack of manpower despite the fact Indonesians are only talented at using weapons and raping apes.
  • Raping Orangutans, similarly to how their nigger cousins in Africa rape Chimpanzees and how their sandnigger cousins in the Middle East rape Goats and Camels.
  • Being extremely racist to anyone who isn't a nigger, muslim, white or heterosexual.
  • Beheading innocent Christian girls.
  • Killing Chinese.
  • Blaming China for their miserable lives despite their low IQs and inability to have higher-paying jobs.
  • Going on rampages if only slightly annoyed.
  • Having a severe addiction to cigarettes if male and having a severe addiction to having kids if female.
  • Smoking several cigarette packets in a few days.
  • Illegally immigrating to many countries together with their sand nigger friends. (Many muzlamic sandy niggers live in ghettoes in the Netherlands). A clan of Javanese live in Japan.
  • Demanding good wifi, and when it gets slightly slower, indonesian youths would destroy their wifi box and burn down the wifi company's headquarters. This is why their country's wifi is fucking horrible.
  • Being attention whores on Facebook despite the fact no one else understands their language and the fact they are hideous freaks.
  • Watching crappy cartoons such as The Loud House and My Life as a Teenage Robot.
  • Watching a shitty Korean show, PinkFong, especially their abomination: Baby Shark Dance.
  • Getting butthurt over shitty K-Pop songs.
  • Raping Koreans to show their love for K-Pop.
  • Having fucked-up fetishes.
  • Surfing on waves full of garbage and shit.
  • Looting, pillaging, plundering, burning and destroying like the ferocious animals they are.
  • Fighting illegal Filipino immigrants for control of the prisons.
  • Trying to outpace China in everything, even in plastic pollution.

Hobbies influenced by Arabs[edit]

  • Burning infidels.
  • Oppressing women.
  • Stabbing gooks to death.
  • Mutilating homosexuals.
  • Raping French and killing them afterwards, as all French are homos.
  • Invading European countries and ruining them.
  • Burning Jews.
  • Terrorism.
  • Incinerating Christians.
  • Goat raping.
  • Camel buggering.
  • Destroying journalists.
  • Preaching Islam to the point of obsessiveness.
  • Torturing athiests
  • Going to Sweden, the rape capital of the world and raping the Aryan women. Because of Jew-driven media, they steal all the Swedish women together with their fellow niggers.
  • Hiding in the sewers to hunt any Christian, Jew or East Asian, once they find one, they earned a great feast.
  • Inbreeding
  • Forced Marriages.
  • Cousin marriage
  • Having a nasty habit of migrating too, and raping to death, Europe.
  • Going batshit insane over slightly unislamic contenet
  • Mental Retardation
  • Bashing their heads on the ground five times a day and chanting Islamic war cries while killing people who dare practice peaceful religions
  • ...
  • 72 VIRGINS!1!!!!!111!!!1!11!

Cultural Enrichment[edit]

Python eats women
Christian Beheading
Christians in Indonesia
Shore Nigger Plane Piloting
Ape Rape
Indonesian Python Fighting
Drunken Rages
Suicide Bombings
More Suicide Bombings

Jakarta's traffic[edit]

A victim of a carcrash
Proof that Asians can't drive.
OK Jakarta traffic

Trolling Indonesians 101[edit]

A great example of the utter stupidity of a Shore Nigger
DEL quran burning.gif
After being trolled, thousands of shoreniggers rampaged Jakarta and killed so much Chinese
Trump trolls the muslims and the Indonesians certainly are trolled!
Proof that Muslims are incapable of living peacefully among infidels
Atomic.gif Warning!

Indonesians are very stupid animals and are easy targets for trolling. Like their more highly evolved cousins, the orangutans, Indonesians possess great amounts of strength, but are not a strong or as smart as orangutans. Indonesians, incapable of living in a harmonious first-world civilization, are thus an race of retards and lolcows, competing Africa (1.4 Billion), India (1.1 Billion) and the Middle East (300+ Million) in sheer number with populations reaching 400 million. Trolling them would result in a great deal of lulz, though be warned... many Gooks and Chinks, trying to bully them met horrible deaths.

  • Just be a Chinese, or any East Asian (All of them look the same anyway), they will immediately get butthurt and call you a Jew, wealth hoarder, communist spy or cina. If your skin is pale like a Jap, even better! They will start whining on how their sorry asses were whooped during WWII and will also still call you a Jew as Japan is rich! Be careful though, they may get physical and their brute strength could kill you. Pack some bugs and throw them away so they would be distracted. Unlike their nigger cousins from Africa, Indonesians are good swimmers from spending thousands of years in the swamps of their shit-laden pits and jumping into water will not help you escape. If an Indonesian does not fall for the bug treat and starts angrily screeching their fucktarded language, pepper spray them or kick their dicks. It will make them run away, but they may enter a rage and get their friends to go on a rampage.
  • Another super easy way to troll them is to show them a plantation or a railway, this will immediately trigger PTSD in them, involving "MUH SLAVERY" and "MUH HARD LABOR", causing them to rampage and riot. Being a Dutchman (other Europeans are good but the Dutch must be exterminated according to Indonesians) or East Asian is a severe offense to them (second only to insulting Islam). Before, the Dutch enslaved them and forced them to pick bananas, durians and rice, build railways and create buildings and they were whipped, tortured, starved and ridiculed. Don't try this if you are a light-skinned human female, because the butthurt Indonesian(s) will likely rape and kill you.
  • Draw a picture of Mohammed (piss be upon him)
  • Obtain a lot of pig's blood, then evaporate it and distill it into water and alcohol. Make them drink it and then tell them what it is.
  • Secretly feed them pork or bacon.
  • Talk to them in nothing but "Durka Durka Muhammad Jihad"
  • Burn the Qur'an.
  • Yell at them in Orangutan or Chimpanzee languages, they may be too stupid to understand and find it funny, but when they get the hint, they will hoot and chimpout like the stupid monkeys they are.
  • Remind them on how the Dutch ruled over their shitty islands as well on how the Japanese destroyed their so-called cities.
  • Tell them that Malaysia is better than them.
  • Call them a Muzzie
  • Call them Koastal Kebab
  • Ask them if they have bombs underneath their clothes
  • Ask them why their women look like garbage bags.
  • Deny their slavery years, they have been enslaved by the Dutch for 300 years or more.
  • Don't be a violent racist muslim, as being destructive, retarded and Islamic is their ass-backwards culture. They have a hatred for the nonbelievers and will get immensely offended at you not being a Mudslime.
  • Tell them that the OVER 9000 tsunamis and earthquakes they get are punishments from God as they raped orangutans, killed East Asians and Jews, rampaged for no good reason and are Muslim.
  • Hate Cigarettes. Since the entire country except for the smart minority are too fucking stupid to not use a useless drug, they love it so much and if you insult it, they will get angry and try to bully you.
  • Treat them like the subhuman animals that they truly are.
  • Tell them to GTFO of their crappy cities and go back working in the plantations
  • Support any religion other than Islam.
  • Tell them that their education system is rubbish.
  • Tell their wannabe tryhards that white or arab culture sucks.
  • Compare them to orangutans (Orangutans have a mind like a GPS and an IQ of 88 while the typical shore nigger has an IQ lower than 87).
  • Criticize their compulsive littering habits and severe addiction to being late.
  • Tell them that China would always be superior to Indonesia.
  • Say the Chinese are smarter and more civilized than them.
  • Call them genetically part Chinese using DNA testing kits.
  • Say that Indonesian men are gang rapists and thugs who excessively smoke.
  • If they are praying to Allah, at the right time, yell "ALLAH UFUCKBAR!!!"
  • Tell them that Ahok must be sent out of jail.
  • Mention the 2-year old chain smokin' babies.
  • Cheer on for Israel to takeover the Muslim shit dunes and remake it into something good.
  • Say anything bad about Muslims, this will cause them to get butthurt and make them riot and rape.
  • Show them this article to enlighten them, they would be severely trolled and the lulz shall ensure.

Why are Indonesians (and other niggers) so stupid?[edit]

Chinese and Japanese scholars have always been fascinated with the Indonesian, a hybrid of THE Sea and Sand Nigger that lives in scorching rainforest, is extremely violent and savage, follows a religion DEATH CULT known as Islam and tries to mimic human behavior to fit in. Many scientists and philosophers disguised as merchants began studying Indonesian behaviors. Many theories on why they are living in crappy villages have been formed and some of them are really true!

The heat in Indonesia is extreme as the country is located in the equator. The scorching sun fries the locals' already minuscule brains, turning them retarded, antisocial and highly volatile. Unlike us, they are not human and must be approached with caution.



—A Chinese merchant

Indonesians are part Sandnigger, Austronesian and Indian, making them really stupid. The perils of their rainforests and presence of constant threats have turned them ever-alert for dangers and made them capable of eating almost anything, inhibiting compassion and mercy while giving them great strength and muscles. Unfortunately, these cruel beasts have been 'enlightened', and now they are a dangerous invasive species with numbers reaching the millions.



—Excerpts from a Japanese scholar

Dutch and other Europeans are of the highest class, Chinese and other lesser humans are in the middle classes, Indonesians are of bottom class which are slaves and brutes, as they are retarded and are designed by God to be our slaves



—A Dutch Captain




—A Dutch colonist

Many liberals and progressives argue that Indonesians are humans like all of us Caucasians, but Indonesians are not humans. They have no mercy, compassion, kindness and are utterly destitute of all reasoning and arts.



—A renowned Chinese biologist

I've witnessed many of my fellow Chinese being brutally killed by Indonesians. I've seen their quick anger and senseless violence up close. I've seen their ignorance become social norms. They get special treatment, are coddled like pets and act like spoilt brats when things don't go their way.



—An Indonesian Chinese

Perhaps, all these earthquakes that happen in Indonesia are the punishments for the local abominations doing godforsaken acts of utter horror in the name of Allah.



—A Dutchman

The Japanese are using the Austronesian brutes as muscle to help the Jews exterminate the white race by mixing them with stupid Muslim scum. Look at Israel, Japan, Singapore and China, any Austronesian or Arab? NONE OR A FEW! And these countries are getting better and better while Europe gets raped to death by the black plague! STOP WHITE GENOCIDE! STOP JEWISH AND JAPANESE MEDIA!



—A guy in Germany whose daughter was raped to death by 5 muslims, all Genetically Inferior Sandynigger

For a quick look at shorenigger stupidity, we will see how Indonesian teens do such an easy question

Alpha: 1.79

Bolt: 1.796

Castel: 1.82

Dezal: 1.783

Which of the cars has the smallest engine capacity?

It's obviously Dezal. It’s not a trick question. But over 75 percent of 15 year-old school children in Indonesia do not have the mathematical skills to answer it correctly. As this question is so fucking easy, that means that 75 % of Indonesians are mildly retarded, similarly to sand niggers, curry niggers and Persian Scum



The May 1998 riots of Indonesia , also known as the 1998 holocaust reenactment (Indonesian: WE EAT POOP, CHINK COMMIE AND FAG: 1998) or simply the 1998 event (Indonesian: MAX LULZ 1998), were incidents of mass violence, lulz, and civil unrest of a racist nature that occurred throughout Indonesia, mainly in Medan in the province of North Sumatra , the capital city of Jakarta, and Surakarta. The riots were triggered by economic problems including food shortages and mass unemployment as Indonesia was hit hardest by the Asian Economic crisis, because of a typical shore nigger's inability to plan to save cash. It eventually led to the resignation of President Suharto and the fall of the New Order government after fucking itself for a long time. The main targets of the violence were ethnic Chinese and the Indonesians bathed in the blood of thousands of dead chinks and raped chink hoes with extreme fury and stupidity.

Ironically, despite the great strength and ferocity that a shore nigger possesses, most of the casualties were native Indonesians who burnt themselves in a burning office building despite having available fire extinguishers, a prime example of these subhumans' utter stupidity and retarded nature. Any lulz, fuck yes. It was estimated that more than a thousand people died in the riots. At least 6969 cases of rape were reported, and material damage was valued at more than Rp 3.1 trill- quadrillion!

Communist Genocide[edit]

Indonesians really love their communists. Between 1965 & 1968 they slaughtered at least half a million imagined communists. The rivers turned red, just like the blood of infidels. To them it was just like killing chickens. Suharto knew what was going on but did not stop the slaughter thus making him complicit in the killings. United States, UK, Australia were also complicit in the slaughter. CIA delivered all sorts of information to the communist killers because united states was (as usual) shitting in their pants out of fear more asian countries will become communist during cold war era. Armed forces leaders like Sarwo Edhie Wibowo[1] & death squad leaders like Anwar Congo, Adi Zulkadry, Safit Pardede thought they were killing the communists just for fun. To them it was just like killing a chicken. Suharto was kicked out in 1998. Nobody was punished for the crimes & 4 decades later Suharto croaked when his life support was disconnected[2]. In 2015, international tribunal (court) ruled that Indonesia as a country bears responsibility for the slaughter[3].

Indonesian rioters killing Whitey betrayers and Chinese

The Legendary Ahok[edit]

Ahoksucks.jpg Ahok was a great minister and he tried helping the shoreniggers, but after his supposed blasphemy, he was sentenced to 2 years in Indonesian Jail.

You can give niggers, sandniggers, coconut niggers, shoreniggers, snowniggers, timber niggers and burrito niggers all the stars and the moon in the sky, but you will never hear a single one say tHAnKks.

The Indonesia VS Singapore and Hong Kong War[edit]

Stinkapore and Hong Dong must be invaded!

Indonesia has been a bitter enemy of Singapore and Hong Kong, 2 much more technologically advanced nations populated by the much smarter rice nigger for as long as most can remember. Indonesia miraculously decided to use stealth soldiers posing as maids to use black magic against the chinks.

The maids managed to do some pretty fucked up things such as mixing food with their menstrual blood, using black pigeon eggs to cast spells and also stealing their employers clothes to look better on Facebook though they will always be ugly freaks. Its common sense not to hire an Indonesian maid, they can rape you in their sleep and give you AIDS, or just don't get any maid at all. Shore Nigger OR Swamp Nigger, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

i used to have an Indonesia maid few years ago name Ike Nurjanah or Ike Camelia as she now married.and about 30 years old from Jawa Barat Indonesia.passport : 3202 188748

she was a transfer maid and i think the agency lied that she was fresh maid but when she came here she couldnt cook dont know how to do housework and was not patient to kids even she acted innocent but still she was lazy and sleep till 9 or more in morning and sleep early . so beginning i tolerate her bo chap attitude and even renew her contract ... But things start getting worst when she came back from indonesia , she start using her hp regularly and even take selfies of herself in toilet and leave my child alone when i was at work...terrible and when i tell her off she show black face and things turn nasty ...she cook food and leave it burnt , add many chilli to my instant noodle and cause me gastric purposely already few times out of spite... also whenever i reprimand her over something she will rudely argue back and shouting sometimes when i raise my voice to show she is not afraid how bold and arrogant.Never have i seen a maid like her acting all high and mighty and even use her hp to message regurlarly even during working hours...even i tell her off she ignore me i has no choice but to keep her phone untill her break time or at night when she sneekily spemd hours in toilet just to talk to her friends and and to take a selfie and next day coz of this she always cant wake up early and affect the way she work...floor she just anyhow sweep .. and many dust left over and even break many things like my cup , saucepan etc but we did not punish her . Also sometimes she will just take break and sit down and rest anytime she like even without finishing her work that is so bad and i was payinh her wages like crazy and there she was acting like a princess and show me rude and nasty attitude ...each time i give her orders she will always mess up the orders include food i instruct her to buy and never bother to ask when she is unsure and wasted my money as she bought wrong things from the supermarket terrible bad attitude of this ikeu ...also each time i ask her to buy sonething like macdonald thats near our house she will take round an hr plus to come back ...its like taking the time to meet her friends instead so i tell her off but there no inprovement...she was close to 30 of age but did not think sensibly .sometimes i scolded her coz she did not do the housework propely and neglect my child.once i even see bruise on my child hands i think she abuse it too much...when u confront her she deny it blurntly and even ask one of my family who was not on good terms with me to sides her stupid and bad act.. she was too cunning...many times i was nice to her before give her treats dinner brought her out and trusted her but now she was too over and even my family was disapointed with her but we give her too many chances to stay 4 years here and she show no inprovement. i also think she steal many sanitary pads of mine as i remember only giving her little she a thief .sometimes my cupboard also seem to be unlock even i was back fr work.i inform her agent and they try to consoul her but guess they give up as she too cunning to change her side of story and blame us for bullying her instead ...such a rude and rebellious maid...i bet she was transfer maid coz previously she did something bad at her work place even her agency covered.Her agency was a money eating agency only care for profits.One day i checked her phone and found that she was soliciting in fb and so many guys malay or blangadash photos was found in her hp.wonder what is she seem real bad and my friend advise me to send her back incase she did more harmful things.she was also a great liar and will act innocent so careful of her. i also found a paper drawn in her bag with our family cartoon and seem like a curse for us to obey too scary . Also we fight many times and when i shout at her she will threaten me with an evil smile as if i cant outwit her.finally i send her back and peace so better avoid such maid for your own safety.


—An unlucky Singaporean's experience with an Indonesian maid (soldier).

Singapore and Hong Kong Casualties: None

Indonesian Casualties: No one cares, Indonesian lives don't matter.

Indonesian Prisons[edit]

Indonesia's prisons

In Indonesia, a country with some of the highest crime rates that include: dealing drugs, overdosing on alcohol, stealing cigarettes and bombing Singapore MacDonalds Houses, the country has overcrowded jails with horrific living conditions. In these prisons, the inmates who are often male and deprived of sex (Indonesians are very sexual and perverted) will rape you anywhere, especially the anus, what they call the hole of all goodness. Foreigners that manage to go to their prisons are often gang-raped, forced into BDSM and turned into punching bags, anyone who is not a nigger can expect to survive for only several months at best. It is rumored that the guards who are always niggers, cheer on the Indonesian inmates and other niggers in the jail to beat up non niggers and the more rape and buttsecks, the MOAR lulz.

The prisons are no better than their violent and dangerous creators, you can expect the cell to have a super smelly toilet that is always clogged 24/7 and large puddles of mud and no mattresses, only shit and straw to sleep on. In the prison yards, bare-knuckle brawling or super fast sprinting are the only exercise options and if you don't work out, expect to be whipped, and if you're unlucky, prepare to be called a pussy and raped. Some white guy got raped until he had enough and started tattooing himself with weird tattoos and he brutally fought of 3 shore niggers and a sea nigger, he was later executed via forced choking on a turd and had tons of crack cocaine injected into him because DhEy FiGHt mUH bRudDeRZ, hE RaCIsT, mUSt KILl HiM!!!! Food is basically raw caterpillars and maggots, rotten fish soaked in sewage, your own piss and poop and rubbish.

Indonesian Internet[edit]

2004 Tsunami[edit]

What Indonesians do during a typhoon

God was furious of the shore niggers eating each other alive, killing normal humans without a bit of remorse and raping animals, so he decided to send one of the most devastating earthquake-tsunami hybrids known to all mankind and niggerkind. The legendary natural disaster pwned millions and millions of shore, rice, curry, swamp, sea, boomerang niggers and of course, Whitey, thanks to George W. Bush who caused the Iraqi war between angry arabs. Many died, especially in Indonesia, the ground zero of the quake.

Indonesians, being the same stupid monkeys they were millions of years ago, unaffected by 300 years of Dutch reconditioning and 3 years of Japanese torture and much more brutal slave labor, did not even bother evacuating and their shitty airlines' planes are basically rattling piles of crap that can barely even fly and take days just to go to the USA... if they somehow manage to fly through for 3 days with countless stops to refuel. This led to millions of shoreniggers to get pwned with retribution from God himself! Even after the tsunami, God sent dozens of devastating aftershocks, killing even more and sinking a few islands while also sparing the orangutans, who got a bridge of fallen trees to a safe haven and these apes also knew how to get to safety, far away from angry shore niggers. Powerful floods decimated Indonesia's major cities and sunk countless cities while releasing many animals from the zoos, killing even more.

Those who are normal human beings that pay respects to any native Indonesians' graves should be considered joking or being silly as best or retarded traitors at worst. A COUNTRY ON THE BRINK OF WAR WITH SO MANY NATIONS SHOULD BE HATED AND LOATHED, WITH THEIR DISASTERS LAUGHED AT.

Retarded Indonesian Antics[edit]

The Indonesian Smoking Baby[edit]

Once smoking 40 fags a day, now obese!

Many countries around the world are simply, Africa or India and Indonesia is no exception. Indonesia has the fifth filthiest and shittiest living conditions in the world, after China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India with sky high piles of garbage, burnt rainforest, destroyed places of religion that are other than mosques, mass graves filled with Chinese corpses that were skullfucked, kidney fucked, who knows what goes on in the mind of a nigger. Indonesia unsurprisingly have a cigarette problem, since their males often have severe cigarette addictions.

Apparently Indonesia really likes being a shit pit despised by most countries in the world (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Australia, The United States of America and of course, their former sand nigger allies. Indonesia is so utterly fucking addicted to smoking, dealing drugs and killing Chinese ruthlessly, even their babies become retarded, addicted and savage, further contributing to the hatred of this country, its very common to hate this country more and more as you find more about its ass-backwards society and culture. In a slum located deep in the country, the babies have took to smoking!? Now you should be saying "WHY THE HELL DO BABIES SMOKE IN INDONESIA", well expect this from a human being, "Cause Indonesia is a shithole on a crash course to falling to ruins, 42% of the kids are mildly retarded and smoking is accepted".

Well guess what, this is what happens in third world shit pits. Get over it libtard faggot, I'm a democrat yet I know some humans can't live in peace.

Alright now to the point, a fatass named Ardi Rizal who has really irresponsible parents smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks 12 tins of condensed milk and eats piles of rubbish. This fucking retard gained worldwide fame and helped put Indonesia in the spotlight as the country with horrible living standards and severe smoking addiction. He is also obese, as if he couldn't get any worse. Yes, Indonesia is really good at being one of the worst countries in the world and just evidence about Ardi the chain-smokin' baby could mean a legion of smoking kids deep in the jungles, just waiting to be found and making everyone see Indonesia as a shit hole the country should be rightfully known and hated for.

Pony the Orangutan Sex Slave[edit]

Indonesians are sick, degenerate bastards with no mercy or conscience

As if these sick shore niggers couldn't get bad enough, they now capture orangutans and keep them in brothels. Indonesians working as palm oil workers don't have shore negresses around that work, so they resorted to raping orangutans, despite their preference for dead chinamen and whitey. These degenerate fucks taught the animal how to perform sex acts for men and even to gyrate her hips to the pleasure of the dumber apes. Apparently, she got so traumatised that when she met the same shore nigger that captured her, he shat herself and urinated everywhere and now she must be kept in captivity as she lacks survival skills from having no parent to take care of her.

Vaccination Ban[edit]

Do you know Andrew Wakefield? Well in 2018, the debate is over and it has been said that HOLY SHIT VACCINES DON'T CAUSE AUTISM, but it was only said as it as the Liberals hacked the documents. Andrew was pwned and told to GTFO of the UK and North Americunt so he went for his third plan, go to the Islamic Empire and tell them that vaccines contain pork and autism. Americunts and Britfaggots may be silly humans, but Islam is only followed by retards who believe in Goat Rape, Pedophilia and Anti-Feminism. Andrew told the Islamokings that vaccines are evil and he was a defector from "evil" Europe who wanted to save the niggers from pork, and as expected, they believed him. Andrew was happy as 1.8 billion butthurt, dirty, smelly, sandy niggers are now giving him free moolah to say thanks. As stated before, its very easy to take advantage of racially inferior niggers who bash their heads in the earth 5 times a day and gangrape goats.

As a result, Measles, Mumps and GERMan Measles are growing in full force in the Jizzlamic Empire.

How to tell if Indonesians have invaded your neighborhood[edit]

  • Have shacks made of corrugated metal, planks, sit and rope suddenly appeared?
  • Have you experienced a rise in terrorist attacks?
  • Do you see a manpower boost to the Islamic Rally calling for Sharia Law?
  • Have you experienced a foul stench sometimes.
  • Is there an hideous, obese swarthy-skinned landwhale with many children you see at times?
  • Are they any outbreaks of caterpillars, maggots, flies, beetles and other insects?
  • Do you see any stray sticks of dynamite?
  • Do you see the mosque increasing in capacity and getting renovations?
  • If there is no shack, is there a run-down house that smells like gasoline, rotting shit and rubbish?
  • Does the dumpster magically empty before the garbage truck comes?
  • Have you found large turds on the pavement?
  • The possible car in either the shack, trash can or crappy house should be a rusted old car from the 1970s.

If any of these questions are true for you, you are as poor as fuck or simply found yourself in the wrong neighborhood! But the real answer is, Indonesians and their fellow Austronesian scum have come.


Millions of years into the future, evolved Indonesians have took to their polluted skies and now use sonic blasters to kill Chinamen scavengers climbing mountains of garbage
At the same time, the orangutans would have all migrated to the US together with the other great apes and have colonized the Alpha Centauri Star System as they are actually smart

Fun Facts[edit]

Typical Indonesian transportation
More traditional Indonesian transportation
A peace-loving Islamic display of tolerance
Post this to troll any Indonesian
Shore Niggers have been proven to be the worst aircraft pilots of all time
What is considered good traffic in Jakarta
In colonial Dutch East Indies, shooting the coon is a sport
  • Indonesians have the second longest penises in Asia, after Mongolians though its very likely the Mongols cheated. This is irrefutable evidence that Indonesians are very closely related to Niggers and Aboriginals.
  • Indonesia has the highest rate of male smokers in the world as well as the most child smokers.
  • Pollution is encouraged in that ass-backwards country, in fact, seas of shit and mountains of garbage are common.
  • Indonesia has the worst education in the world (Excluding sand nigger and nigger countries).
  • 42% of Indonesian kids are mildly retarded with an additional 0.2% being retarded.
  • Indonesians love Japan because they thought the Japanese freed them from the 'Dutch Bastards", BUT they also hate Japan for whooping their asses during WWII by enslaving them again! Basically, these retarded, double-standard cunts are incomprehensibly stupid at ungodly levels.
  • These cunts love being hypocrites. While they are against White Genocide, they always try to get mixed with westerners just like their sandynigger brethren who lovvvvvve illegally immigrating to Europe and spreading their inferior genes.
  • Indonesians could invade California if they wanted too, OH WAIT, these silly little liberals and their once-good neighborhoods are turning slum from the coastal coon.
  • Most Indonesians want to leave their country and go to Europe on a holy Jihad, raping the white wimminz to death and cucking the pigskinned males.
  • Indonesians, like all Muslims, have a 99% chance of exploding or raping your wife if you bully/troll them.
  • Indonesians worship the whites, except for the Dutch. If they could, they would love to erase the Netherlands of the map.
  • To avoid contracting HIV, Indonesians would rape oranguatans and goats 3 to 4 times a day.
  • At least 15% of Indonesian males will enter University, the rest become taxi drivers or infidel extermination task force members.
  • Most Indonesians are poor as fuck and because the government is so corrupt, they all receive welfare from Japan and the UK.
  • Female baby Indonesians will get their genitals mutilated as part of an Islamic tradition.
  • 92% of all crimes in Indonesia are committed by shoreniggers against riceniggers.
  • Although outnumbered 2 to 3, Indonesians pollute the oceans and land even more than the North Americunts.
  • All they have invented before the humans visited them are shitty-ass huts, fire and hunter gatherer societies.
  • Indonesians cheer on terrorists attacks in Europe, especially ones in Poland and the Netherlands.

Indonesia and South Africa, niggerized shitholes[edit]

  • Both are ruled by swarthy, shitskinned niggers with an extreme hatred for actual human beings.
  • Racism is rampant in both countries.
  • Both were ruled by the Dutch before, now, the niggers are brutally eradicating them with extreme ferocity.
  • Mental Retardation
  • The majorities are racially inferior subhumans with zero intellect and common sense. While the human minorities try to help them, these coons kill them for lunch as a way of saying tHaNKs.
  • Both countries used to be good when humans ruled, now they both are shit. This is what happens when subhumans get power.
  • Both countries have currynigger settlements.

Indonesian Myths Debunked[edit]

MYTH: Westerners are rich. TRUTH: Some Westerners ESPECIALLY the Polish are poor. There are poor people in all countries.

MYTH: White skin is a sign of good luck. TRUTH: Caucasians get worse the paler they get, Irish can steal souls while Spaniards can only fuck bulls.

MYTH: Britain is “Inggris” (English). TRUTH: First of all, I do not understand Indonesian Ebonics, it's fucking stupid. Secondly, IT IS SPELLED ENGLISH , NOT iNGgRiZz

MYTH:: All Westerners people can speak English fluently. TRUTH: Europe has many languages you retards. You forgot Dutch, even when they enslaved you apes!

MYTH: Indonesia is the best country. TRUTH: Indonesia is a shitty country with so much pollution, retardation and stupidity. It will not be a superpower!

MYTH: Everyone is rich in developed countries. TRUTH: And again, the Indonesian Negroid-Mongoloid mix fails to identify the different wealth classes.

MYTH: China is still a communist country. TRUTH: No you fucking retards, China is a SUPER COMMUNIST COUNTRY. They are so communist, yellow and autistic that everyone wishes them to die! Communism is fucking gay and autistic!

MYTH: Chinese Indonesians are China loyalist and they’re communists. TRUTH: They are smart businessmen who know how to make money, unlike these muzlamic degenerates.

MYTH: Atheists are communists. TRUTH: Atheists can be capitalists you morons!

MYTH: All developed countries are clean like Singapore. TRUTH: Japan is full of radiation and China is polluted as hell! Are you monkeys insane or just trolling me!? Oh wait, your peanut-sized brains cannot comprehend sarcasm and trolling.

MYTH: Japanese people behave like anime characters. TRUTH: They are SEVERELY AUTISTIC, bukkake-loving, pedophilic manchildren living in the Land of the Rising Shit, exposed to deadly amounts of radiation turning them into Autistic Jews!


MYTH: Foreign investment is invasion. TRUTH: Lol wut?

MYTH: The king of Saudi Arabia is the king of “Arabs”. TRUTH: I don't even know what the fuck to say.

MYTH: They love Saudi’s king, but never heard of Wahhabism. TRUTH: All mudslimes are insane Wahhabists.

MYTH: There is no traffic jam in developed countries. TRUTH: The USA has traffic jams.

MYTH: Malaysia “stole” Indonesia’s cultures. TRUTH: Indonesia actually stole Malaysia's culture, they are too retarded to accept the fact that they needed to improve their godawful culture

MYTH: Women who expose the skin too much are looking for sexual attention. TRUTH: Not everyone follows your bloodthirsty and murderous cult that is stuck in the 8th Century.

MYTH: Westerners are naturally sex-hungry. TRUTH: Niggers are the ones that are sex-hungry.


MYTH: Westerners love to smile to random strangers. TRUTH: Why the hell would the White Devil do that, only overly-extroverted inferior race scums do that!

MYTH: Indonesia is very rich in resources and foreigners are competing to get it. TRUTH: Foreigners already have more resources and who in their right mind will fight hordes of tropical muzzies?

MYTH: If you drop a dry food on the floor and it hasn’t been there for more than 1 minute, it’s still clean. TRUTH: The one-minute rule was devised by the Jews to kill off the retarded Indonesian race, preventing them from destroying their Jewish Lands.

MYTH: Wrapping food with newspaper (imagine those chemicals from the ink sticking to the food). TRUTH: It's a miracle on how these bug-guzzling, shit-sneffing retards can survive newspaper ink.

MYTH: Littering is okay for the environment because someone else will clean it. TRUTH: You know what, the average pureblooded Indonesian Coon has devised nothing to combat excessive waste and littering. These people are so retarded that its actually unbelievable.

MYTH: Indonesia is a genetically diverse country and Indonesians are very genetically healthy. TRUTH: Indonesians are inbred, and the reason why they have OVER 15000 ethnic groups is because they are Shore Niggers and they are extremely lazy! Imagine that a group of retarded tribes on one of the islands are definitely too lazy to find another tribe to screw with; multiply that by thousands and introduce Islam, a religion of goatfucking, inbreeding and pedophilia. The result: OVER 15000 INBRED ETHNIC GROUPS AND VARIETIES OF THE ISLAMIC AUSTRONESIAN!

See Also[edit]

  • Ardi Rizal. The retarded kid who smokes a shitton of cigarettes everyday.
  • Israel, Indonesians really hate Jews

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