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And so far nobody got balls to an hero.
The same applies here.

Ever wonder what would happen if pansy ass 20 to 30 year olds started shouting at each other on a livestream? Do you want to see blood flow in honor of the blood gods? Interested in gladiator fights but in the 21st century?


Internet Blood Sports aka IBS aka Internet Bull Shit seems like a good idea with E-celebs tearing each other's ass out on a livestream for your entertainment. But sadly for you the stream time is mostly the hosts wanking their dicks (see Andy for moar), they will either spout bullshit that isn't internet fights or say nothing at all. Boredom ensues. Once in a rare moon however, there is actual lulz to be had. IBS will shine like a pornstar's butt with a bottle of lube poured over it once an actual fight starts. So say you don't want to listen to boring hosts for 3 consecutive hours and have nothing happen, you can always check out the mirror channels. You heard it right. Mirror channels! Clips of actual lulzworthy segments of the streams just for you!


In the beginning no one cared about Internet Blood Sports, until the livestream between Sargon of Akkad, Richard Spencer and styxhexenhammer hosted on Andy Warski happened. TL;DW: Richard Spencer ripped Sargon apart, Richard's big boy dreams is a white ethnostate, Sargon's best retort to that was who counts as white mixed in with very nervous but absolutely smug giggles.

Watch this livestream how Richard destroys Sargon in the butt

Notable People

Andy joins the dark side of the IBS.
  • Andy "Race" Warski: A low IQ, highschool dropout idiot; he tells secrets on a livestream with 1000+ people watching. Dumb dumb got himself banned from Israel and put on the SPLC hate watch list. This savior of the HuWhite race spends most of his time off stream (and sometimes on stream) jackin' it to his 64 gigabyte collection of VR porn on his PS4. He tried to destroy his favorite USB filled to the brim with VR porn by putting it in a glass of water and hitting it with a hammer. He also buys crack in LA
  • JF Gariepy: A french faggot that got kicked from Duke University, fucked a retard and contracted retardation he contracted from his unborn baby's momma. He treats IBS like a place for political and pseudo scientific debates instead of entertainment and can't take the bantz. Used to be the sidehost of Andy's stream until the lovely couple broke up.
  • Failure: The host that's always there but never speaks up. Some argue he controls the drama from the shadows.
  • Tonka Saw: The other host, also a failed wrestler.
  • Mister Metokur: Also known as Billy the Anti -Bully. Frequent guest to the show. So far hasn't been beaten inside the ring. He now went nuclear on Ross and friends for the third time. Last stream he vowed to line Ross up against the wall and put him out of his misery.

Thot Sports

You even might ask "What could possibly make IBS worse?"

Women of course you idiot!

IBS now presents Thot Sports, because women must ruin absolutely everything. Not all the blame is to be laid upon the women however, its the host their faults for letting them on in the first place. When the men blood sport shit gets so heated the scorching hot sun from the summertime would be jealous. When women blood sport, you would get more entertainment watching a snail cross a road, or watching white trash girls fight on Jerry Springer. Thot sports usually involves in whores calling their opponent whores and good ol' fashioned no u battles. Do yourself a favor and never evar watch these horrible bitch fights.

The Thots

  • Erin: Allegedly spent 500 dollars on crack, she cucks her boyfriend, she films actual fights within her family on a livestream, and is now living of her 15 minutes of fame from being on IBS. All hosts have fallen for her crack magic, only a wizard might be able to protect their virginity.
  • Sumeria: The ultimate contrarian. A spic, but wants white Sharia. Is a single mother, but judges Thots for sitting on people's laps. JF instantly fell in love with her over these facts because despite being a white nationalist himself, he only likes to fuck land whales, foreigners, or retards. And Sumeria is each of these.
  • Brittany Venti: When HWNDU was over and lost its momentum, she decided she needed some new attention for her eternal GOTIS. She unfortunately decided to go to IBS. Her trolling now consists of telling people their mic isn't on. Very epic troll of her.

The Ross-O-Rama Drama

Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

Previously featured on Mister Metokur's channel and on other streams, Ross returns once again. In all the other streams he did, he said he was not a pedo and his schizophrenia wasn't that bad. Like all pedophiles this was of course a lie. He now confirmed he is a pedo, he has major schizophrenia and 'is currently working in a state funded program in a school'. Despite claiming all this, Ross claims he is perfectly capable of behaving himself and he doesn't understand why people hate him. Besides that, he's the definition of a creep. He never washes his body, he wants to diddle the children, he wanted to shoot up his school, unironicallly REEEEEEEE'S and his way of talking is unbearable. 99,9% of his sentences consists of "Yeah pretty much ummmm like yeah". Ross had a big bitch fight with Metokur after failing to dox him. In the stream he confessed being a pedo and working in a school, but said he doesn't want to diddle the kids there. He's currently on the run from Chris Hansen and about to meet his maker (but most likely Bubba) if he ever gets caught.

The full stream of Ross' destruction

The Andy-JF Breakup

Prepare to BAWWWW, Andy and JF are officially broken up. Just like Erin, they did the whole breakup live on stream like the drama whores they are. Now JF will do the "intelligent" debates on his stream with Andy doing the retarded streams. The whole breakup is downright idiotic. All these pinheads had to do was to lay back and let 2 people scream at each other on their stream and get rich from the super chats. But instead they'd rather have hissyfits over the stream they treat it like its their job for they believe the internet is serious business. One of the underlying problems is/was that both hosts can't take a joke and they both liked to shit on each other as a joke. This resulted in JF and Andy BAWWWWWing because the other hurt their feelings multiple times. Another problem is that both hosts want way different things. Andy wants to jack off and fuck around on stream, JF wants to fuck retards and have political debates.

Watching this is like seeing an old and salty gay couple break up

The dumpster fire to end all dumpster fires

Not too long ago Metokur decided to aquire more superchats from his audience, so mister shekelkur hosted a stream to "discuss" the recent drama between the hosts of IBS streams. The stream lasted 6 and a half hours and is filled to the brim with indeciferable shouting between the hosts. Jim set no rules for the bitchfight, but still decided to yell "GUYS GUYS GUYS" when the stream turned into earaep. So far there weren't any alive human beings found to have finished the whole stream and remembering everything. There are no clips made of this stream, since no clipping channel could finish the stream and turn it into 10 minute videos.


  • Joachim: The host of ab IBS stream no one cares about, doxxed someone, was called out for it, screaming ensued
  • Zoom: A friend of Joachim admitted to swatting and doxxing Joavhim, failed swatting Tonka by getting the wrong guy, is a suspected pedo, screaming ensued
  • Tonka: Is actually a cripple in a weelchair and was not a professional wrestler like he said he was(internet tough guy), screaming ensued
  • Failure: Is actually fat, screaming ensued
  • Andy: Was jerking it to VR porn
  • Metokur: Got rich from the superchats and overdosed 5 days later from sniffing coke out of a strippers butt

Clipping channels did not even try/bother with this stream

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