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Internet Disease Chart

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The Internet Disease Chart is a definitive catalog of the diseases many claim to have, and what they really have.

Name Pic Self-Diagnosis Our Diagnosis
Argent009 Argentkilling.jpg

Internet Humanitarian

Therealagerbon TherealAgerbon.png

Victimized crusading gamer

Bravesgirl5 Bravesgirl5-3.jpg

Fan of the braves

Mission: MySpace Mmsdefault.jpg

King of internet humanitarians

Mediacrat Joshua.jpg

Unlimited disposable income

PeppermintPatti Peppermintpaint.PNG

Internet Humanitarian

Sektie Youarenotfatsektie.jpg

FreeBSD tsarina

Audreynoland AudreyEmo.jpg

A real person with real feelings

Duke Otterland Dukeicon.jpg

Purple otter with antlers from anthropia

Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn With Violin.jpg

Fuckwad Victorian girl and inventor of wheelchairs, corsets, mental illness, glitter, tea, dinosaurs and goats.

Chris Crocker Moar.png

Important, edgy, popular homosexual pop media darling

Cigarskunk 1186347535.yoshishell yoshishell - cigarskunk lieks cigars - 14680cen.jpg

Wise and well-informed observer of politics and actuality, brings teh naked truth on FA and LJ

The Unknown Autobot The Unknown Secret Fatty.png

Autobot corsair and Trollbuster, protector of the Furry and Weeaboo Kindreds.

Christian Weston Chandler Scarychris.jpg

TRUE and HONEST STRAIGHT high-functioning autistic virgin with rage looking for a sweetheart. Also apparently has multiple personality disorder.

Liz_Shaw LizHambeast.jpg

Planning domination of the Australasian media, singer, writer, gym and news junkie.

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Internet Disease Chart is part of a series on Psychology
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