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Apparently not according to liberals.
What to look out for.

In late October of 2017, a bunch of alt-right kids from /pol/ finally came up with an idea that wasn't completely stupid. The idea was to print out a simple, plain and completely innocuous message - it's okay to be white - and to post it publicly in places that were rife with liberals and SJWs. Because SJWs and the radical left see white supremacy in anything that says the word "white" in a non-apologetic context, their hypersensitive overreactions would rebound and say more about them than the message would say by itself. Thus, the SJWs were trolled into exposing their own deranged lunacy.

Doubling down in their deranged perception of reality these SJWs have not only proclaimed that it's NOT "okay to be white," but that even having the notion to say so makes you a racist. This is basically the equivalent of saying you need to enslave black people because not enslaving them is oppressing white people. That's how completely unhinged from reality these nuts are.

The Bizarro World logic they try and use to "explain" this insanity is that it's impossible to be racist against whites because somehow white people have all the imagined power... even though white people only account for 10% of the total world population. To put it another way it's the exact same thing as saying that anyone (regardless of race) who makes more than $250,000 a year is automatically a horrible person and everyone is allowed to shit all over you simply because you were more successful than the vast majority. In other words, the real heart of the matter is... indignant, indolent jealousy brought on by institutionalized self-victimization aka affirmative action.

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Why this form of trolling is so effective[edit]

The mainstream media says: No, it's not okay to be white.

As SJWs are creatures who feed solely on attention they get by playing themselves or other people as victims, their highly intelligent brains have evolved to the point where they interpret anything dealing with gender or race, no matter how small and insignificant, as something directly involving them and their beliefs that everyone in the world should be segregated by their gender and color of the skin.

A direct consequence of such thought process separates everything they see and do into either "good" Social Justice or evil white cis male propaganda. Thus, a flier reading "It's Okay To Be White" turns into "It's Only Okay To Be White" right in front of their eyes, just like how "All Lives Matter" turns into "All POCs Do Not Matter" all of a sudden.

After all, what better way to get attention than to BAWW about completely innocent things? Besides, without anything to whine about in the safe space, fellow warriors of social justice might think them too privileged and assign them to tampon duty.

Because a sane person would have either seen through the trolling instantly or would have simply ignored the message, SJWs in contrast expose their true colors ‒ the colors of a bunch of intolerant, overreacting attention whores.

The media's response[edit]

So gullible that they not only swallowed the hook whole, but leapt into the boat, gutted and scaled themselves and made recipe suggestions for their cooking...

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