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Just because you like jailbait, which makes you a pedophile, doesn't mean you are not awesome
An obvious jailbait is obvious.
All your gas moneys go to fund Saudi pedos. Allah is generous beyond measure.
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Jailbait or JB, is the term used for an underage whore who is fully developed and fully asking for it. 99% of the time these pictures are taken by the individual in the photo who usually suffers from a bad case of internet disease such as the internet celebrity and /b/tard cracky-chan.

Depending on the age of consent for your area the age defining jailbait is usually one year below that. While "illegal" one could argue its socially acceptable despite being generally frowned upon. It's generally a gamble but any lower and you are pedo, bro. Unless of course you've obtained a permission slip first.


Unfortunately for pedobear attraction to anyone under the age of eighteen makes you a raging sick fuck pedo and you will be immediately sent to jail for goatseation by Bubba, hence the name jailbait. This impending threat forces most of these freaks to go to *chan.


Having problems letting your 16 year old girlfriend show her love to you? No problems. Provided you are the age or 16 older yourself, you have legal and full access to her vagina as much as you like. Alternative means of access are prohibited until you're 18, which shouldn't matter anyway provided you are not a faggot. The only obstacle now is getting a job, moving out of mom and dad's and getting into a not-community college.

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