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apparently, this passes as cover art

Jak and Daxter is about some kid and his wisecracking ottsel faggot saving the world from god knows what. It was made by Naughty Dog, you know, the same furfags behind Crash Bandicoot. It was a success spanning a grand total of 6 games, each with moar edginess than the last. Now it lays in in its dormant state until the fuckers at Naughty Dog choose to get off their asses and bring it back as they said in 2014 as they said here

The Games[edit]

The Original Trilogy[edit]

  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy: The beginning of the shit trilogy. After Naughty Dog lost the license to create any more Crash Bandicoot games, they decided to move to a new project and that's when Jak and Daxter was born. Jak must save his friend, Daxter after he falls in some Dark Eco and gets converted into a furfag. The game is mostly platforming along with punching anything that moves and having to listen to Daxter being the biggest Timon ripoff you will ever see. The two villains of the game, Gol and Maia plan to use the dark eco to power a huge ancient robot to unleash dark eco over the world and kill everyone. The game ends with the duo destroying the robot and killing them both and Daxter accepts his life as a furry. If for some reason you didn't decide to refund this game and got all 100 power cells, you get a secret ending where the duo jump into a rift gate sending them to Haven City where Jak gets fucking pwnd by the guards and separated from Daxter for roughly 2 years.

tl;dr a boy and his now furry friend have to stop 2 evil fucks from recreating Chernobyl.

  • JAK II:Renegade: The sequel of the Trilogy. After the events of the first game, 2 years pass and Jak after being experimented to the point where he should've died, he becomes infused with the Dark Eco and as a result turns emo and Daxter finally comes back and saves him. Throughout the game, Jak becomes a rebel and stops at nothing to get revenge on the guy that started this shit, Baron Praxis. Jak 2's gameplay is a big change from the first cause NOW WE HAVE FUCKING GUNS. Yeah, the main selling points of this game were the edgy story, the morph gun that transforms into 4 different guns, and Dark Jak, a roid rage form of Jak that wants to kill everyone in Sight. The main villain of the game, Kor becomes robocop and plans to kill everyone, Daxter stops a world ending bomb, and Kor gets decapitated. At the end, Daxter becomes the owner of a Saloon and Jak claims "Oh no, I am done with adventures!". Look how long that lasted.
After realizing that punching shit to death was ineffective, Jak relies on his next best friend

  • JAK 3: The last game in the trilogy. A year after Jak 2 with the deaths of Kor and Baron Praxis, a huge civil war breaks out between the Metalheads from Jak 2 and the newcomer KG Death Bots. Everyone blames Jak and Daxter and they get thrown in the wastelands to die. After getting rescued by Damas, most of the story is Jak going from point A to point B doing missions Across the Wastelands, Haven City, and Spargus. The main villain is a cybernetic guy from Jak 2 who got injured in a huge rocket-car crash thanks to Jak. Errol uses a Dark Maker ship which he plans to crash into the earth (ripped straight from Majora's Mask.) After that fails, he goes to his backup plans and unleashes a giant spider robot to kill the duo. Jak kills Errol and gets some registered milf pussy. Every Jak elitist accepts that Jak 3 is the last good Jak game and considering what the series becomes after this, they're right. Jak 3's gameplay changes includes ZOMG MORE GUN MODS, more vehicles, and a new recolor form of Jak called Light Jak in which taps into the avatar state. He gains wings, the ability to slow down time, the ability to regen, and a shield.
  • JAK X: COMBAT RACING: The shitstorm begins. Take Crash Team Racing, Cel Damage, and the vehicles from Jak 3 and turn it into a shitty racing game. What a surprise that after this game, Naughty Dog stopped making J&D games and moved on to Uncharted decreasing the chances for Jak 4. Taking place a year after Jak 3, Jak and crew get poisoned by the deceased Krew and they now have to race for their lives. Nobody gives a shit about the story and the gameplay is just Jak 3's cars combined with Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and its exact concept of Cars.
  • Daxter: Daxter's side of the story after the first game's secret ending. A prequel to the sequel. It's been almost 2 years since Jak got captured and Daxter finally gets off his lazy ass and plans to rescue Jak by joining an extermination company. The game involves Daxter killing shit using a electric fly swatter and a spray gun that shoots gas and fire and ultrasonic waves. I highly doubt anyone remembered or played this.
  • JAK AND DAXTER: THE LAST FRONTIER: The final nail in the coffin and the death of the franchise along with all hope for Jak 4. Set who the fuck knows how long ago after Jak 3, Jak and Daxter have to save the world from a huge eco shortage that could send the world into fucking chaos. I'm not going to go over the game because it's universally claimed to be the worst Jak game in the series and was practically the Sonic 06 of the franchise.


Eco is the lifestream of the Jak Universe and Jak uses it among most of the games. Here's all the eco.

Red Eco: Gives you a healthy amount of steroids to kill people stronger than you.

Blue Eco: Makes you fast. You can also activate shit like platforms and vents.

Yellow Eco: Now you can become a embodiment of anime and fire Ki blasts.

Dark Emo Eco: The main eco in Jak 2. Turns Jak into his darkness roid rage self. Dark Jak can

Shoot dark eco waves from his body killing everyone in its radius.
Can unleash a shockwave of Dark Eco killing everyone in its radius
Can fire a kamehameha of Dark eco
Can turn into a fucking giant
Can Turn Invincible and Invisible 

Light Eco: The new eco of Jak 3 where he turns into Jesus.

Can slow down time
Can gain wings
Can fly with his wings
Can regenerate
Can pull up a shield
Can use said shield and his wings to gain infinite flight


Jak: A pretty cool guy and not afraid of anything but because Naughty Dog's didn't know what the fuck pacing was, Jak becomes a stereotypical emo.

Daxter Jak's sidekick who was turned into a furry by dark eco. Manages to get laid in Jak 3 by a human who gets turned into a furry after getting fucking pants.

Damas Leader of the Wastelands who ZOMG PLOT TWIST is actually Jak's dad.

Precursors: The guys who were portrayed as powerful beings and gods in the first 2 games are actually fucking furries just like Daxter. There is no fucking hope.

Jak 4[edit]

Despite what people think, Jak 4 isn't gonna happen. Naughty Dog clearly has a better chance milking the fuck out of Uncharted and The Last Of Us than milking something dead but they almost did. In 2010 during a interview, they wanted to turn J&D into something realistic. However, they realized that if they changed their format and aesthetic, the fans wouldn't like it so they decided to make the right choice and pussy out from Jak 4. People are still filled with denial that Jak 4 and Sly Cooper 5 are gonna happen.

What could have happened

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