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The Man, The Myth, The Furry
Making the highest grossing film of all time once might be called luck, but twice though?



James Cameron is the creator of the #1 furry film of all time, Avatar. Worshipped on /tv/ as the second coming of Jesus for beating the Jews at their own game while simultaneously saving the Earth in his submarine. He has gained widespread love and hatred across the internet for being the ultimate director and also a whiny environmentalist vegan.


Cameron's greatest creation

Cameron wrote, directed, and produced, Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time that changed cinema forever. Initially hated by 4chan's television and film board it has since become loved after gaining wide spread hatred on reddit. The levels of butthurt from people over Avatar becoming the most successful film of all time has reached levels never before seen on the internet.


Cameron is also famous for his exploration of the ocean in his submarine. He uses this to get away from humanity, which as a liberal he hates. Down there he hopes to find Cthulhu and set up the future he predicted in the Terminator.

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