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James L. Grant

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James L. Grant, known as Lj-favicon.png flemco on LiveJournal is a self-proclaimed writer, known for creating two shit webcomics known as FLEM and Two Lumps, the latter he makes with his non-existent wife.
Not only is he bald, but he is also pig-like in appearance.

Grant first came to prominence after posting a rant in his LiveJournal about how much he hates NaNoWriMo.

The Post[edit]

The original LJ post was a rant about how NaNoWriMo offends Grant as a Serious Writer due to NaNoWriMo's promotion of recreational writing by normal people. Naturally, it was populated with CAPSLOCK, bold text and several pictures of crying children that Grant had recently raped for what was apparently supposed to be humorous emphasis, but remained ultimately unfunny since Grant can't even troll properly (see below).
You'd be crying too if an Internet Tough Guy was using your image on the internet for unfunny purposes.

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The Response[edit]

Some upstanding Intarwebz denizen was butthurt by Grant's rant, and responded in turn with a daring rebuttal. Some other defender of the glory that is NaNoWriMo thought this comment was filled with epic win, and then came to ED to tell the internets all about how cool it was for pwning some guy who does shitty webcomics. Obviously James L. Grant is a bad bad man.
James L. Grant, Internet Tough Guy.

The Drama[edit]

After Grant realized that his black person was being soiled, he attempted to alleviate his butthurt by pseudo-trolling anyone who dared to cross him, not to mention banning anyone who commented on this on his OWN JOURNAL GOD FORBID!!!11!! Lulz ensued. In turn, noble NaNoWriMo participants from far and wide flocked to ED to mock and flame Grant for treating their harmless recreation as SRS BZNS.

The Central Question[edit]

Who will win in the epic contest of mutual butthurt between pro- and anti-NaNoWriMo factions?

Possible Outcome[edit]

Both factions continue to act like idiots until they both disappear in the wake of a huge shitstorm. Alternatively, they cease giving a shit and return to their normal lives.

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