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Not taking any Philly bullshit.
This franchise never gets tired.
The original.

JROD, also known as Jason Rodriguez, is a Mexican terrorist that walked in to some large business building in Orlando and started shooting. His victims include one dead and five wounded. JROD is a former transportation engineer for Reynolds, Smith & Hills, an architectural and engineering firm with an office in Orlando. He was let go in June of 2007 for "performance issues". The police sergeant working on the investigation is a woman named Barbara Jones. Her womanly inferiority is one of the reasons the shooter was able to escape. The shooting is believed to be a retaliation for the Phillie's Fort Hood shooting of the previous day.His score,however,is 1/5.The Yankees may win the series,but the Phillies win mass shootings.

So far, though the kill count isn't very high, he's notable due to the incident closing down a major highway for more than twoTHREE hours and closing down Orlando Regional Hospital's Emergency Room.

JROD has since been apprehended-----(UPDATE: HE DIED IN PRISON 2 YEARS AGO LOL), after being found fapping to hentai at his mother's house.

JROD, the Yankees fan[edit]

JROD, his nickname, is an obvious homage to his idol, AROD, who is a shitty baseball playing homosexual. The day before the events in Orlando, a disgruntled Phillies fan went in to an army base in Texas and decided to start shooting. As a retaliation he decided to block traffic in his former employer's area. His other motive may have been to ruin the lunch breaks of his old co workers. In any case, his troll was successful, but his score did not match his adversary's.

Graded Score:[edit]

Graded Score
Kill count: 1/20 5 injured
Accuracy: 2/20 Holy fuck how does a shotgun user end up doing this bad
Style: 1/20 Unfunny and unoriginal Fort Hood copycat
Butthurt: 1/20 Forgotten and unknown shooting, and rightfully so.
Bonus: 4/20 Shooting caused so much panic it managed to close down a fucking highway
Total Score: 9/100 (F-)
LOSER! LOL! Thank God this faggot's dead.
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