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Jasonafex is an Australian popufur who is infamous for making cuck and incest comics with his girlfriend, Kabier, and amassing a giant following of the furry fandom's most special members, who are jealous of how much money he makes and that he has a successful life with a girlfriend, a life which none of them are able to have.

While profiting off autistic furfags is quite shameful in itself, it is not enough to warrant an ED article. What's noteworthy about Jason instead is how much butthurt he inflicts with his projects, a single tweet, and just about anything he posts. Indeed, there have been many rumors and memes made just to get back at him, but all of them rolled off him like water off a duck's back.

The lulz covered here include the gospel-of-all-anti-Jasonafex-retards Jason traces image, the notorious Cuck Shack story, the Servants of the Serpent comic (i.e. what happens when fags don't get their porn), and Jasonafex's personal visit to that laughing stock of a troll site, Kiwi Farms. None of these show Jasonafex in a bad light and only prove—yet again—how fucking sad and pathetic furries are.

Who Jasonafex Is[edit]

Jasonafex is a 27 year old furry from the land down under who has been creating porn games and comics as a living since 2014. Jason targets both straight and gay furfags with flash games and comics that involve cuckoldry and incest. Jason's girlfriend, Kabier, does all the hard work of actually drawing the smut while jason works on writing the stories (because people play furry porn games for the story) while also working on making the smut appealing for his rather sketchy audience. Note that their products are technically free to access by everyone, so the only income they get from them comes from donations.


The comics helped the two reach popularity by featuring Jasonafex's raptor fursona, Vergence, in various cuckoldry and incest settings, which are mainly gay. Since furfags are known to waste a lot of money on cartoon animal porn, Jasonafex profited a lot off them. Sometimes other themes, such as bestiality, are also thrown into the mix to sucker in more horny virgins.

Although being a cuck and drawing furry porn is shameful, those who get butthurt over Jasonfex are more shameful. Unlike other popufurs, Jasonafex doesn't pander to furfags and self-moderate. Thus, he regularly inflicts butthurt. It is not uncommon that he and Kabier get attacked for everything they do by aspies and flaming homos desperate for 5 minutes of fame. These losers nitpick at Jasonafex's animating skills, writing skills, whatever controversial thing he posts, and the content of their works too. Those not man enough to face Jason, send shit towards Kabier instead. The most notable of their failed call outs is that Jason traced with a shitty Team Fortress 2 re-skin.

Jasonafex Traces[edit]

Police.gif It's a nothing burger. Move along!

The gospel of every anti-Jasonafex

Faggots who call out Jason religiously reference this image every time. The true story behind it is that Jasonafex was making shitty re-skins of Team Fortress 2 characters a very long time ago and Maxofs2d—known for commissioning a lot of people to edit hyper boobs onto his female pyro model, even by tracing—commissioned him to do just that.

All the hyper pics are traced, or atleast heavily referenced anyway, thats how he wanted them to match the source material as close as possible. I never tried to hide this or claim it to be my work. Nor do I even like hyper


Jasonafex describing he was asked to trace

Let this pathetic attempt at smearing Jasonafex foreshadow the faggotry to come.

The Cuck Shack[edit]

The cuck shack is an absolutely pathetic meme made by desperate retards to ridicule Jasonafex, but he hijacked and turned it into profit instead. It started with a fucked up comic, then some real life shit came up, which forced Jasonafex and Kabier to live like hobos in Kabier's father's shack, and they needed e-donations to move out. Because they are successful, they bought a dog after finding a new home and having stable Internet again, which caused severe butthurt among autistic furfags, who thought they were still living in the shack. Rather than getting upset by the cuck shack meme, Jasonafex showed his cult of butthurt followers just how pathetic they are by starting a series named The Cuckshack to milk for E-fame.

Cuck Comic[edit]

A long time ago Jasonfex and Kabier created a series of 2 comics. Rough Upbringing, the first comic, featured Vergence (Jasonafex's fursona) bum fucking his childhood friend, Genesis (Kabier's fursona), during one of their wrestling sessions. In case Rough Upbringing wasn't fucked up enough, a horrible abomination of a sequel was made in January, 2014, titled A Lesson Learnt. In it, Vergence is first ass raped by Genesis' dad for fucking Genesis and her mom—Vergence enjoys every moment of the rape—, then the mom forces Vergence to fuck the dad after she finds them out.


Not too long after the release of the comics, shit hit the fan at home, forcing Jason to move from Australia to Canada to be with his girlfriend. However, Kabier's family turned out to be more fucked up—her dad being an unemployed bipolar alcoholic and mom having a hoarding problem—, which prompted Jason to start a GoFundMe page in October, 2015. He described that they were thrown out and lived in Kabier's father's shack, and begged the Internet for $3,000 to move out.

This shack has no heating, no bathroom beyond a toilet, no kitchen or outlets for things such as our stove to use it even temporarily, no connections for laundry, no beds or closet-space.


—Jason describes their living conditions.

I have been desperately trying to fix issues with the internet, we are cutting out entirely every few minutes. We purchased expensive bridge-boosters to improve the signal from one building to the other to no avail. I have now resorted to 6 heavy duty extension cords to run along the grass outside across the entire property, up unto the roof to reset the router and connection frequently from the shack, as a recently purchased wifi power device didn't work. We are looking to get a new service provider asap, options are severely limited due to her parents living on a road on the outskirts of society with next to zero neighbours.


—No internetz.

It has begun to effect [sic] our ability to work, we can no longer bring up references, contact commissioners or even upload our content with ease anymore. Kate recently had to forgo an $800 comic page payment as we couldn't upload it to Patreon in time after trying for three days before the end of the month.


—Kabier can't make money off furry porn.

Cuck Shack Meme and the Shiba[edit]

OMFG! Jasonafex bought a puppy! Cue the butthurt autism.

Many of the furfags upset by Jason like to draw a parallel between the comics and Jasonafex and Kabier's living conditions at the time, hoping to troll Jason. They speculate that what happens in the comics is part of Jason's cuck fantasies.

What especially made these losers severely butthurt is when Jason announced he bought a cute puppy. To them, Jason and Kabier were still living in the shack, so they would post text walls upon text walls about how Jason spent the donation money on an overpriced dog. Notably, they can't agree on how much the dog actually costed. It was $800 at first, then $2000, $3000... Nobody knows what it actually costed and nobody in his right mind should obsess over it.

There are several things wrong with the theory that Jason would spend all his money on a dog instead of moving out. Going into all of them is utterly pointless, so we'll address the most important points. For once, what these retards fail to pay attention to is that there was no heating in the shack. So how would Jason and Kabier have survived the winter if they blew all their money on a dog? Another oversight, why would they need doggy steps if they sleep on the fucking floor like hobos? (FYI, Patreon donations are not Jason's and Kabier's only income.)

Spin-off Series[edit]

Way to give Jasonafex ideas, you colossal faggots! Instead of crying in a corner, he made a successful YouTube series just to troll you losers. The series provides a platform for all the autistic furfags to publicly make fools out of themselves.


Here is a list of sources, because we know you use ED as "evidence" against Jasonafex.

Servants of the Serpent comic[edit]

All the straight pages were down voted by raging homosexuals.

Servants of the Serpent is a typical furfag yiff comic with shitty writing. (It is about some snake mistress who hypnotizes kobolds to be gay or some shit.) What sets it apart from other such comics is the lulz it generated.

Because Jasonafex and Kabier listen to their fans, they tried to create a comic for everyone in their audience. One obsessive fan in particular was dying to see Vergence fucked by his dad. So they made a comic which had just that along with the usual gay stuff.

e621 admins are too pussies to allow Jasonafex/Kabier art back.

Problems arose when the latest pages started featuring straight scenes. Despite being clearly implied on the cover page, this caught the manchildren who fap to this shit by so much surprise. Cockblocked, they became so furious that they immediately shifted gears into tard rage mode, campaigning to down vote every single page without gay sex, sperging non-stop about the writing, showing their envy for how much money the comic makes for Jason (note that this is a free comic and the money they get comes from donations), and—of course—shit talking Kabier.

Jasonafex paid a visit to one of the sites where the comic was re-posted, e621. Eventually the mods had to step in and ban Jason before every retard's brain would explode. Jasonafex had all his and Kabier's art deleted from e621 because they were the top most liked and hated and he didn't want the sperging to continue. Some time later he removed the DNP, but the e621 admins were afraid of basement dwellers calling them mean words.

I want to enjoy this comic but it's rather hard too [sic] since both the artist and writer (Kaiber [sic] and Jasonafex) are both homophobic, transphobic, moderately racist, and hypocritical asses. Also, Jasonafex was grooming Kaiber [sic] when she was only 16.


—A typical comment on anything Jasonafex does

They upvoted the pointless Verges dad subplot to the heavens

And then downvoted any actual A plot narrative with the female

So the conclusion is they want bottom feeder gay porn with no context. IE all other e621 content

Despite complaining, the pointless gay incest was their favorite part.


—How Jasonafex describes it

Gallery of Tard Rage About missing Pics
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Harassing Kabier for Incest About missing Pics
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Advertising on Kiwifags[edit]

Jasonafex and Kabier have their Kiwi Farms Favicon.png own thread at Kiwi Farms, where typical kiwifags with no argument and butthurt furfags constantly obsess over them. The thread is heavily tl;dr because kiwifags archive literally everything Jason and Kabier post. None of those posts show Jason and his girlfriend in a bad light, however.


Jasonafex's popularity significantly increased after visiting Kiwi Farms.

On 21 March, 2019, Jason visited Kiwi Farms to advertise himself. Joining on page 110, he responded to kiwifags who desperately tried to call him out for rumors. Because the average kiwifag is brain dead and all they can manage are ad hominem attacks, Jason had to put in zero effort to own them. They shitposted for 10 pages that day. Another 28 pages were filled with massive sperging in the following 9 days, with Jason making only 1 post per page on average. So, 38 pages were filled in a mere 10 days, proving once again that Kiwi Farms users are sad losers.

As we know, Kiwi Farms exists for "ridiculing cows." ...and what better way is there to do that then by giving the "cow" in question free traffic? Indeed, after the visit to the safe space of the people who "trolled" Chris-chan by giving him money, Jasonafex's Twitch traffic increased. Additionally, the views of his YouTube videos soared after this adventure to Kiwi Farms.

Kiwi Farms being Kiwi Farms About missing Pics
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How to Identify Anti-Jasonafex Morons[edit]


There is a myriad of losers Jasonafex made butthurt over the years. We collected a list of their talking points so you can easily recognize them.

  • Jasonafex groomed Kabier since she was 16.
  • Jasonafex traces art.
  • Jasonafex sucks at animation.
  • Jasonafex rips off people.
  • Jasonafex stole donation money to buy a fucking purebred Shiba Inu.
  • Jasonafex quit the fandom.
  • Jasonafex and Kabier live in a cuck shack.
  • Making furry comics is Jasonafex and Kabier's paid job.

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