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With Spics,
Do not mix!
Javi Shitzumiya.jpg
Born: December 20th 1998
Nationality: Mexicoon
Education: Mexicunt Bastard Skool
Occupation: Drawing shitty pictures
Aliases: Spearchucker, Pedophile, Pervert, Spic, Illegal Immigrant, Retard, Crack Ship Spammer, Smelly Dumb Beaner Scum, Mexicunt Weeaboo, Coon, Banana War Fighter

Everyone hates Samcoln and Javisuzumiya

Javi Suzumiya (AKA: Javier) is a Mexican pedophile, weeaboo and faggot that has become infamous after drawing tons of The Loud House Rule 34, ESPECIALLY that ship, Samcoln which is a terrible ship as Sam is 15 years old and Lincoln is only 11. JaviSuzumiya, also better said as Javicunt Shitzumiya is an up-and-coming lolcow and porn artist, though he may focus on ragebait, just like Shadman, Evalion and Nicole Arbour.

It should be known that Javi is a bastard hybrid of a Spaniard and his primitive spearchucker wives, well he is the descendant of many of these unions as well as having a few Negro ancestors. Because of hiding in his mom's basement all day long while browsing CP, he is likely to be morbidly obese and caked in several layers of oil, grease and whatever comes of a Mexican nigger; and having dozens of pus-filled acne and blackheads. Disgusting! Javi Shitzumi- I MEAN Javier Martinez Rodrigo Gonzalez Sanchez teh Third is a sick fuck, but he is a filthy pedophile who masturbates 3 times a day to children having orgies, using anal lube and sticking multiple dildos up their asses.

Regardless of his "charming" and "satirical" personality, he is a pedophile, and you guys all know that a leopard never changes its spots, except that this very leopard is not a leopard and is a spearchucking animal covered in acne supervolcanos which will NEVER EVER GO AWAY.

In your truly shitty rollercoaster of emotions you are feeling right now, take a step back, relax and try to think of all the good things that has happened today. Hopefully you will feel better after searching up this truly, nauseatingly sick fuck unless your Javier, and you don't even need to listen to my motherfucking advice cause' you are a dirty pedophile. You will go to hell you fat disgusting failure!!!

Happy Birthday Javier![edit]

Who is Javi (Javier)!?[edit]

You Disgusting, Pathetic, Eating Poop, Stupid Words, Terrible Name, Garbage Pictures, And Face Is Ugly! Only Cartoons Characters Can Laughs At You! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


—payton009, a DeviantArt loser mocking Javi Shitzumiya

Surprise sex is always appreciated
And BDSM for free

JaviSuzumiya is a lolcow on DeviantArt who is infamous for spamming his horrible ships such as Linka x Boy Lynn, Lincoln x Sam and Luna x Sam’s Brother, Simon. He started his DeviantArt career by making badly colored pictures of Boy Lynn fucking Linka in the ass, and its freaking ugly. No matter how "charming" or "intelligent" he is, he is a pedophile who must be avoided and bullied at all costs!

Javier shot out of his mother's vagina on December 20th, 1998 in a rat-infested Tijuana shithole flooding with rapists and drug smugglers. She decided against aborting him in hopes he'd be a successful adult, but she was wrong when she discovered his obsession with The Loud House, pedophilic antics and female teens fucking little boys. This day will live in infamy.

Javier was diagnosed with Ass Burgers at an early age. Because of exposure to the Asplergia-Mushroom Cloud fallout that spread all over the world and caused a global plague of autism, he became autistic (its very rare for niggers to become autistic,its but possible and they are usually 10 times worse than an autistic human). This led to his extremely unhealthy obsession with the Electric Jew and Digital Nip, turning him into a pedophilic weeaboo with OVER 9000 fetishes. Javi has zero social skills, which is why he always hides behind is computer and creates shitty porn, just like a basement dweller.

At the tender age of 10, Javier was brutally gang-raped by a bunch of teenage bitches. As a result he has turned into a psychotic fetishist who fantasizes about little kids having harems of big booty older women and MILFs. The bitches probably regretted their decision as they have inadvertently created a small, but fast-growing shitstain that will forever plague the internet for years to come.

As Javier grew older, his sexuality begun to grow at an exponential rate and he began to dress like a little faggot boy and masturbate to Japanese Hentai while his fetishes for incest, surprise sex and dildo-pegging grew. His morbid corpulence increased from a lack of exercise and spending all day browsing Rule 34 of cartoons.

Now he has become 18 and is now fucking illegal. Because he can draw his own porn now, he has become a full-time porn artist funded by many other basement-dwelling perverts and the socially retarded on Patreon (e-begging).

Lina Loud[edit]

Javi's godawful OC, the daughter of Lincoln and Sam.

JaviSuzumiya's Loud House OC is 'Lina Loud

Javi fails at satire[edit]

Lol wut? You hate it when pedophiles do their thing yet you have a massive emporium of porn!
Some loser could make better satire than Javi

In order to look like a decent fucking human being, Javi decided to make some crappy satirical pics of what he feels are wrong.

Atomic.gif Warning!

Pasture Cumtime Porn Comic[edit]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Some of Javi’s cool art[edit]


Here is an (in)complete list of Javi’s art. I bet you would love it, YES YOU, YOU SICK FUCK! FAP ALL YOU WANT!

  • Lincoln x Sam
  • Lincoln and his friends, except for Clyde fucking 5 girls after a pool party.
  • Lincoln gives Sam some surprise sex.
  • More Lincoln x Sam
  • An intense foursome, Leni x Lincoln x Lucy x Lola.
  • Becky and Lori using Lola Loud as a sex toy
  • Even more Lincoln x Sam
  • Lori’s kids with Bobby fucking each other, especially Amanda Santiago Loud
  • Lincoln fucking Luna and her friend
  • Ms. DiMartino teasing Lincoln till he cums.
  • Even, even more Lincoln x Sam
  • Lincoln, Girl Jordan and Brown QT having an intense threesome.
  • Lucy Loud whoring herself
  • Lisa getting brutally fucked by Lincoln. Who would draw porn of toddlers!?
  • A dozen page> comic involving Lincoln fucking the Casagrande women except for the old one.
  • Lincoln raping Margo in the ass.
  • MOAR Lincoln x Sam
  • Lulu Loud telling Luna that she is better.
  • Lina Loud interacting with all her aunts and Lily is only 1 year older than her
  • Sam and Lincoln fucking in secret in their room.
  • Lincoln and Sam having a romantic evening and than FUCKING IN THE ALLEY.
  • Lincoln and Sam fucking in the shower
  • Literally loads more not mentioned here.

Lincoln x Casagrande Porn Comic[edit]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Fan Video[edit]

Some faggot made a shitty video that is a compilation of Javi’s Beautiful drawings, you can watch it yourself right here.

Brutally true facts[edit]

His shitty art surrounding his shitty OC.
  • He says hes thin, but its very likely he is just a fat manchild.
  • Despite hating pedophiles, he is one. What a hypocrite!
  • He said he does not give 2 shits about Samcoln haters, but he is most probably crying alone in his Mexican shack.
  • He is autistic. He can deny all he wants, but his obsession with crappy ships says otherwise.
  • Javier will die alone, and no one would give a fuck.
  • He probably not only lacks a fully functioning brain, but may have no gallbladder
  • Everyone hates Samcoln and the ship will NEVER! EVER! BE! CANON!
  • He was probably raped as a kid, thus the fetish of little boys getting fucked by adult women/bitchy teens.
  • A fat loser, Maddie-Dite 13 is one of his white knights. In case you didn't know, Maddie L. is extremely stupid and lives in a basement in New Hampshire and for the record, she is not a MIT student but a museum volunteer.
  • Javier is probably going to draw Lincoln, Luna, Sam and Simon having 4 hours of hardcore sex.
  • He loves watching little girls and bitchy teens getting pegged by dildos in both holes.
  • Javier said that Lincoln impregnated Sam when he was 12 while Sam was 16! A minor fucking a minor, that's illegal!
  • Hopefully, he will get arrested for drawing child porn. He is most probably too stupid to use a VPN.

Is Javi going to jail!?![edit]

Considering the amount of child porn he makes, the Tijuana Police Force will track him down and send him to prison.

Remember, Javier... keep your fat nasty ass to the wall and bend with the knees! (But we all know he's going to drop the soap on purpose.)

Javier's Very Litty Shitty Birthday in Mexico City[edit]


A wyatt mann mexicans.jpg

His dream come true

Javi's Music[edit]

If Javi's art had a music theme, it would be this godawful song.

Javier's newest OC![edit]

On this very day, thousands of Suna shippers cried.

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