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This nigger is real mayo
Also I don't know how to satisfy a woman


—Jean-Francois Gariepy

Jean-Francois Gariepy aka The French Pervert aka captain frog legs is the aging, psychotic dirty leaf co-host of the "low IQ" youtube stream "Warski Live" and is one of the most mentally delusional fucks to have ever graced the planet. During college, JF did brain research where he hit himself in the head one too many times while fucking monkeys, transforming into the psyco-cuck you see today. This idiot somehow got a degree from Duke University, which just goes to prove that anyone with a degree is useless. He then fucked an underaged student of his, got fired from his job and now pretends to work at a school that doesn't know who he is. All this before creampieing some dumb broad to get inside America, only for the babymomma to kick his pasty white ass to the curb, resulting in him never getting to see his son, because JF Gariepy is a verified sociopath.

His other antics include: Being sued for sexual assault by several different women, running multiple crowdfunding scams, trying to kidnap and impregnate a mentally retarded 19 year old and trying to sue Destiny for making fun of him for it.

Yes, he does manifest mental health symptoms


—A doctor

Jean's Brilliant Political Theory[edit]

JF first rose to prominence in his fight with Kraut and Tea, when he used his basic-ass understanding of science to debunk the delusional ramblings of two dozen first year college students that aren't studying biology, as explained by one high school dropout who didn't actually understand what he was saying. And while, at first, this made JF seem like he might be an actual scientist, it was later discovered he was kicked out of the school he was teaching at for an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his underaged students, and the university he currently claims to work at has never heard of him.

However, it was not until he delved into his "alt right" views that people truly realized what a lunatic he is ("alt right" is in quotation marks because nobody in the alt right understands what Jean is talking about). It would take an army of detectives, code breakers and cryptologists to figure out JF's psychotic world view, expressed in broken English, but it essentially boils down to this:

JF believes that one US state should secede from the union to form a multi-racial ethnostate where all races are treated equally but no non whites are allowed in.

Jfg what.jpg


Most relationships JF had was used to advance his agenda of getting in Merica, which he believes is a white ethnostate. But instead of signing up and getting in line like model immigrants, JF had the autistic idea of trying to get a green card by sleeping with women and producing anchor babies. Despite him claiming to get a lots of pussy, JF has exotic standards for women ranging from retards to land whales. But evne with these low standards, every women he has been in with has kicked him to the curb for being delusional and not being able to keep his little baguette in his pants. After that he throws up the white flag and play the victim and whines about everything being false.

2:07:48 JF compensating for his dirty little baguette

Saving The White Race By Fucking A Chink Who Happens To Be Your Employee[edit]

Because JF likes race-mixing, he had to find the only chink dumb enough to enough to fuck him. Of course he couldn't do this the proper way, so he had to use his power as a mentor to seduce a dumb ASN named Diana Xie. Totally ethical. The slant-eyed whore moved in with JF, which she describes as "highly emotional and volatile relationship". JF wanted to use Xie to buy a gun, but bitch said no, because

[Jean-Francois Gariepy might] shoot somebody


—JF's then GF - Diana Xie

In a report it is stated that JF saw himself as the victim in the relationship and that Jean-Francois Gariepy was abusive.

JFGariepy and Diana.jpg
JF thinking about raping and beating Diana again

Saving The White Race: Fuck A Blue-Haired Landwhale[edit]

How JF tries to get in to America


You would think it would be easy for a guy with a degree to get into the United States. But apparently not JF, his autistic thinking lead him to believe the only way to get into the states, was to stick his dirty little baguette in some dumb bitch, knocked her up, and she later decided that he just wasn't worth it. He moved in with the woman, Ms. Newton, a blue haired landwhale.. And then..

From January to April - there were several yeast infections and herpes she contracted... JF was unconcerned for these health problems and inattentive with regard to pursuit of medical treatment.



Because Newton used some regular harmless drugs as 5 HTP, that is probably safer than painkillers.

 5-HTP has been used safely in doses up to 400 mg daily for up to one year. However, some people who have taken it have developed a condition called eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), a serious condition involving extreme muscle tenderness (myalgia) and blood abnormalities (eosinophilia). Some people think EMS might be caused by an accidental ingredient or contaminant in some 5-HTP products. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to know if EMS is caused by 5-HTP, a contaminant, or some other factor. Until more is known, 5-HTP should be used cautiously.

During the pregnancy JF wanted to deliver the baby at home, because of his experience with monkeys. No, really. That's what he believes. Later in June Newton left to move back to her parents, leaving JF alone in the apartment, with all her things, which he refused to let her get to. JF somehow got the green card he wanted, but was so paranoid he didn't take it, because he thought Newton and her lawyer were up to some Jewish tricks. In late July, a neighbor saw weapons being moved from the apartment Newton and JF shared. Despite no longer being on the lease, or even having a lease, the dirty french man squatted in the apartment like a bum on welfare, making it difficult for Newton to get her stuff. So she threatened JF with criminal trespass, then in an autistic fashion JF went on to offer her to live with him and wanting to go on family vacations with Newton and her family. Clearly the signs of a mentally stable person.

Getting Fired And Claiming It's To Be A Father[edit]

Now finally his relationship with Diana was catching up to him, as JF was asked not to return to his post kicked out by Duke Nukem himself after it had been found out that he had a sexually inappropriate relationship with a lab assistant. JF's facebook of course just claimed it to be because he wanted to be a stay-at-home deadbeat dad. At this time JF also tried to claim he was the victim of gender-based discrimination, because the hospital and every doctor refused to accept him to care for the child. It had nothing to with JF being fucking nuts.

Dr. Phail, lurking in IRL, and loosing the baby[edit]

Because JF is a moron, he wanted to settle this on the dumbest way possible: IRL bloodsports on the Dr. Phil show. Really. He wanted to "publicly address the campaign of false allegations" which no sane person would agree to. When the baby was about to be born nurses at the hospital where Newton was to give birth also became scared of JF, as he was seen obsessively lurking around the child wards because of this law enforcement and security at the hospital recommended Newton used an alias when giving birth, and the hospital would increase the security around her, and would even follow her out of the building, when being discharged. On the November 29th the child was born and Newton was given emergency custody and later given sole custody. JF was such a creeper that Newton's family supervised her during 2 weeks after the birth alongside various security details at the hospital.

Facebook shrine of junk

Saving The White Race By Raping A Retarded Mexican Potato[edit]

The Potato
Cognitive testing was done and reportedly she was functioning in the borderline to low intelligence range.


—[Rose C Gonzalez, MD Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry]

After dealing with these hoes you would think JF learned from his mistake but nope, JF also put his dick inside a literal retard and every time you bring it up, he becomes really defensive. JF met an this spic spud online and lured her to come to North Carolina from Texas and had a relationship for 6 months. This potato was unable to form sentences or every day tasks, but JF loved her like a waifu, as he finally figured out how to get a green card to sneak into the US. Imagine the combined genes of a autistic retard and the retard girl he fucked.

JF Gariepy's Retarded Ethnostate.jpg

And keeping in with saving the white ethnostate this girl was of course a Spic.

Jacqueline "Jackie" is a 19 year old Hispanic female..

Jacqueline is diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder and Low Average Intellectual Functioning... She was able to subtract 7 from 100, but did it very slowly as if counting her fingers.. She also seemed upset when I asked her to subtract 7 from the answer she would get. I asked her to spell Houston for me and she was able to do it forward but had difficulty doing it backwards. Later during the interview she suddenly tried to spell Houston backwards for me again.. I asked her how she was planning to take care of herself in North Carolina and she responded that she and Jean Francois were going to work on a cooking show... Jacqueline was diagnosed with a speech impediment


—[Exhibit A]

What a great cooking show. One can't speak a word of English, and the other is a speech impeded certified retard with the mental capacity of a 10- or 11-year-old according to psychologist. Who wouldn't want to watch that trainwreck? On a 27 October 2017 JF revealed on a Drunken Peasants podcast he was engaged to a high functioning potato from Mexico(who he is "engaged" to him despite him already being married) is a fan of the show, which was already obvious when he said she was retarded. Several times on Andy Warski live, JF further described the girl as being 19 years old and even debated the incident with a midget. In North Carolina where JF was living under state statue § 14-27.27 Second-degree forcible sexual offense. JF fucking the retard girl count as rape and is a Class C felony. But JF dodged a partyvan by running to Canada, abandoning his plan. The girls parents grew concern with JF trying to kidnap and marry their daughter to fuck her and get another green card so they took custody over their daughter and took her away from JF. After failing to get into the US multiple times JF expired and he was kicked out of America back into Soviet Canuckistan.

The Names[edit]

JF relationship

Use scrollbar to see the full text

  • JF “Supreme Spud Seducer” Gariepy
  • JF “If she ain’t a tater, I won’t put a baby in her” Gariepy
  • JF “Mashed potatoes? No thanks, I prefer to smash potatoes” Gariepy
  • When you're a key part of the intellectual back-bone of the alt-right, but you fuck a girl with a metal age of 10 & get savagely banted on by a lewd half-asian trans girl.
  • JF "If She Doesn't Drool, She Doesn't Get the Tool" Gariepy
  • JF "If She Stares At Walls, She Gets to See My Balls" Gariepy
  • JF "If She Is on The Spectrum, She Gets It In The Rectum" Gariepy
  • JF "If She Ain't a Vegetable She Ain't Eligible" Gariepy
  • it's JF "If she ain't a tater, I won't impregnate 'er" Gariepy
  • JF "Veggie serial creamer" Gariepy
  • JF "If she ain't GCS 8 I ain't taking the bait" Gariepy
  • JF "I like my bed like I like my food: Creamy with a side of potatoes" Gariepy
  • Gariepy apparently likes the eyes on his girls...and for them to have a lot.
  • JF "if she ain't mentally prepubescent, she can get bent" Gariepy
  • JF "I won't touch her snatch, if she ain't from the vegetable patch" Gariepy
  • JF "I like to edge by molesting a veg" Gariepy
  • JF "A spud is the best thot" Gariepy
  • JF "If it ain't a spud, it's a dud" Garipey
  • JF "If she needs feeding with a spoon, she'll be pregnant soon" Gariepy
  • JF "IQ is just a number" Gariepy

JF Retard fucker.jpg

Fucking a Spic Spud to save the white race About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The Potato Jew[edit]

On August 30th 2018 JF's newest low iq potato revealed herself. A big nosed 40year old Jew. Surely this one will be the one that JF impregnates to save the huwite race.

JF potato girlfriend part 5.png

Who let the crazy homeless aunt inside?

JF Sexually Assaulted 7 Women[edit]

JF's Court strategy against women accusers
I have experience with false allegations myself. So this is a very personal subject for me, as I have faced very recently multiple false allegations by women in courts. And so I've developed some knowledge of how the courts can be used as instruments of abuse by women. Just to give you an idea, and I cannot believe that I am stating this, while I'm not a millionaire nor running for presidency, I've been facing more false accusations in court this year than Trump in his entire life.


JF announced himself that he won the lawsuit jackpot, where has admitted to being sued for at least seven "false" allegations of sexually assaulting seven individual women.


Kickstarter Scam 1[edit]

JF hanging out on Andy Warski's New show

Together with his Asian GF, JF started a Kickstarter where they asked for $25,000 in order to interview other scientists, using Google Hangouts. The money were supposedly going to go to better equipment, but that is questionable.

$12,000 - Creating this awesome show is a full-time job. This covers the very minimal cost for hiring a professional production assistant. This year's production assistant and host will be rockstar neuroscientist Diana L. Xie who works on how oxytocin modifies social interactions. This amount will cover the production of 14 brand-new, hour-long episodes in 2014, with essential components such as pop-ups and cutscenes that will explain basic concepts in neuroscience for those who have little or no background in biology....

$3,400 - Quality microphones and webcams to allow for professional sound and video quality during each episode. Those will be sent to's most regular guests and panelists, to facilitate interactions that will be of studio quality.



Such high quality audio. Just listen to this. Like a slice of heaven for audiophiles.

Beginning from 31:17 proves it was worth every penny

Kickstarter Scam 2: Electrical Boogaloo[edit]

Where in the prequel it could at least be argued that shit was created, not so in season 2.

Most of our equipment was funded through the Season 1 Kickstarter campaign, which allowed us to produce episodes 5 to 19. These episodes will be published progressively up to January 2015. Next year, we are aiming to make a more documentary-style show with comments from JF and VelaSusan separate from the main discussion with our guests. The trailer above shows some examples of cut-scenes that will be added to complement the intellectual content of the show. The Kickstarter funds will be used to support the production of 12 new episodes as well as perform some improvements on video editing and filming.


JF Kickstarter Scam.PNG

More than 15,000 American oildollars where given to this project, and where is season 2? Nowhere. It just doesn't exist, as JF took the money and ran.

Defending Anita Sarkeesian[edit]

The short Manlet known as JF

Whether it be because he wants to be a contrarian or just because he's stupid as fuck, one will never know, but on June 30th 2017 JF uploaded a 2-hour video trying to explain why Anita Sarkeesian is not a liar. The F in JF probably stands for Fat Failure Fuck because JF utterly failed and just showed his idiocy. Here are a few comments:

TL;DR.... Wow, looks like thunderf00t was right, she just lied, again.

I’m not even going to go through the remainder of your video, given that this was only at the 16minute marker. Clearly, you’ve engaged in motivated reasoning and know nothing about language.


—Psychology Of Everything - Who quite literally wrote down what was said by Anita.

JF, she is cherry-picking scenes from games implying that your only purpose in that game is to kill women and drag their bodies.




okay "she did not claim that THE POINT SYSTEM is encouraging these acts". No, she didnt. She didnt specify at all what aspect of the game supposedly encourages these acts. Because it doesnt. The point system discourages it. Its so supposed to be an even stronger argument than "there is no encouragement". its "there is DIScouragement". Cmon man, at this point youre just fooling yourself. This highly, HIGHLY disingenuous at best, when giving Anita a lot of slack (by assuming shes a total idiot). Also, you talk plently about what Anita intends when using the word "meant". Arent you supposing some insight into her mind yourself there? I get that you need to be as charitable as possible, but, i think at some point it does become ridicoulus.


—hugobertram wasenloge

So your interpretation is that she became a fan of gaming during the 2010-2014 period. Yet she also gave a TED talk to demonstrate how much of a fan of video games she is (and by extension, always has been) by showing a picture of her playing video games at 10 years old.

Hmm, yeah, something isn't adding up.



The main argument of her series has no evidence (video games promote violence/misogyny in a way that has a negative impact on humanity).

Her individual points are shallow and treat people like pavlovian dogs that will act out anything they see on screen in real life. Her evidence that "all/many games are like this" is just cherry-picked examples, and are often misrepresented or just wrong, showing she didn't actually play the games or intentionally misrepresented them.

Using her methodology I could prove that the film industry considers all men as "garbage humans" because whenever waste collectors show up in film, they're always men and referred to as "garbage men."


—Eric Dykstra

First, I disagree with your interpretation of "I would play video games if...". This can only mean "I don't play video games but I would if...." Not "I would play more than I do now".

Also, you seem to have a misunderstanding of how games are made. Just because it is possible to do something does not mean that the developers expect you to do it. Anita did not prove that the developers expect you to play the game this way.


—Jonathan Rodriguez

Andy Warski Live[edit]

After huffing his own farts in academia and getting the boot, JF's main source of income since then being an attention whore and ethnodaddy to stuttering Andy "Low IQ" Warski on his show, where pre-teen girls bickering for several hours. JF currently works on boring the audience and belittling Warsiki with his autistic rage.

Skip to 1:14 to see JF start sucking up
Skip to 2:36 to see JF support for the Nazi salute

Andy I am not interested in your low IQ interventions so you SHUT THE FUCK UP for one minute


—-JF raging out

Another incident where JF acted as a fucktard was when Mr Metokur gave a brief description of Karen Strang trashing JF and Warski. So JF then started sucking on Karen's cock stating "I have super high respect for Karen Strang and I consider her the best MRA in human civilization..." afterward realizing it was a fucking mistake.

JF's and Andy's relationship is currently on the ropes since JF treats Andy like little bitch girlfriend and they're now on the verge of a divorce after JF told Andy on one of the streams "Nobody wants to hear your low IQ opinions" (seemingly mistaking Andy for his previous potato wife), which deeply hurt Andy's feelings.

The Nazi salute is kind of cool ok I actually like it


—-JF showing his white pride

JF later got into an argument with some guest who claimed someone was a CP pedo by refusing to play audio and getting in an argument with Andy, he then got angry when the guest disagreed with him and ejected them for insulting him and then he got confronted by Andy for being a pussy. Later JF rage quit and cried like a bitch on Warski live when confronted by low IQ Andy about talking shit behind his back and not allowing Andy to respond or communicating with him.

Cartoon Version Of JF[edit]

JF's relationship with women (1973, colorized)

JF & Free Speech[edit]

Count Dankula Made Fun Of Me - Take Away His Free Speech[edit]

Because Count Dankula memed on JF and his lust for underage under-iq non-white pussy, JF thinks that Dankula should receive the harshest sentence for his Nazi Pug video. This cowardly scam-artist is against free speech if the person says something they don't like. All this does is prove that the alt-right is exactly like the SJWs.
A video of him being really really butthurt.

JF Butthurt 1.png JF Butthurt 2.png
Jf principals.JPG

JF Blocked Dankula.PNG

The Midget Swordfight[edit]

This is going to be a literal retard fight

In recent weeks, JF has threatened legal action against an internet liberal midget pedophile named Steven Bonnell II, aka "Destiny", as well as "The Daily Beast" for propagating the "lies" about him in live-streams as well this article. JF eventually settled on just going after the midget, after he read out the court documents about JF adventures of fucking a mexican potato to save the ethnostate on Twitch and then humiliated him in a live debate by insisting he answer for it.

In response, JF sent Destiny legal notice a bunch of tweets that he thought count as legal notice, informing him that he is taking him to court for either $51,000 or (at a later date) $150,000, but can't find a lawyer. With him being a low IQ lolcow that doesn't know when to shut up, JF continues to tweet things that can sink his case (like admitting he's only suing to be vexatious and extort money from Destiny to start his cooking show) and not finding a way to properly contact Steve, who JF got banned from twitter before realizing he has no way of sending him his empty threats anymore.

So far, JF has only managed to send out a Cease & Desist notice that he copied off of a template he found in the first resault on google.

Jfg lawsuit.jpg

Some speculate that JF may be suing Destiny, at least in part, because he hate him for being a jew... Except Destiny actually isn't a jew and JF is unable to understand it no matter how many people explain it to him.

DMCA'ing videos he doesn't like anymore[edit]

In a fit of butthurt, because the pussy didn't like the video any longer, he decides to DMCA a stream featuring him and some white trash whore.

For everyone.....confused:

JF deleted the stream from his channel Emily uploaded/mirrored it to hers JF copyright struck Emily's upload Suit Yourself went through a ton of work to change JF so this could be mirrored and everyone could see what JF is like without getting into trouble by JF copyrighting the video


—naylte_fa explaining the situation

A remastered version of a stream that made potato fucker butthurt


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