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There are other qualified people, and quite frankily, we've had enough Bushes.


—Jebbie should have listened to his mother, Barbara.

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush or Jebbie, Jebito, ¡Yeb!, The Guac Man, Bush #3, or Cuck is the younger, low energy brother of George W Bush. He is the fucktard that rigged his idiot brother in office during the 2000 Elections, in effect causing 9/11 and the grueling waste of cash known as the War On Terror.

This guacamole merchant ran for President in 2016, but was stumped by The Donald. He is a proud cuckservative, and is married to a low-IQ wetback midget.


Political career[edit]

Jeb was Governor of Florida while his brother was embezzling on a national scale. While Americans are literally dying in the streets of Miami because they cannot afford healthcare, Jeb!'s Mexican wife spends 150 billion dollars entirely in guacamole.

2016 presidential campaign[edit]

Yeb! Announced on June 15, 2015. He got in a lot of fights with The Donald which resulted in sending him to the bottom of the polls.


He doesn't have any. The multi-billionaire Jews just alter the polls to make it look like he has some supporters.

Political positions[edit]




Opposes Recreational and Medical Use of Marijuana Even though he has admitted to being a pot head in the past.

Minimum wage[edit]

At least Jeb understands that flipping burgers isn't Worth $15 an hour.


Jeb Bush thinks Immigration is an "act of love". He is sympathetic towards spics because as The Donald pointed out, his wife is a Mexican named Kolymba, and he registered to vote in Florida as a hispanic.




Like his brother, Jeb is a neocon and a warmonger.


Jeb has openly called for bringing in Refugees from Syria.


Dear Jeb


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