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Proof that Rev. Falwell was not human
Falwell protected Christian children by exposing Tinky Winky as a purse carrying fag
Falwell's ad for Campari, soon after he became a TV preacher
Jerry Falwell as seen today

Jerry Falwell was a famous TV preacher who made a fortune complaining to audiences of borderline-retarded followers about how much God hates fags and teletubbies. Jerry showed much Jew admiration before he died in 2007 from heart failure. Jerry Falwell was mostly notorious for masturbating during his Rapture sermons and supporting the Jewish cause.

Falwell was a renown troll for 40 years as a televangelist, which brought attention by the liberal media and inspired great news sources for more than 10 years. His most famous act was revealing that one of the teletubbie characters was an irresponsible faggot. However Falwell nobly blamed all gays and wrongness in the world for what the was clearly the fault of the Jew. He was also known to organize with other cult leaders and was a long-time friend of W. Some of them later became well known themselves: in particular, Ted Haggard and Fred Phelps. His biggest success came when he established a "college" for brainwashing gullible young people in "Rapture" propaganda. Moar monies started flowing in for his cult and later this became another reason why you hate America?.

Falwell's teachings may have inspired an entire generation of Americans to follow the good word and further educate people with useless information on how to run your life while he is being eaten by worms. Lucky for us, great people like Jerry will be trolling for atleast over 9000 years.

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